Curtis Yarvin (aka Mencius Moldbug)

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Mencius Moldbug vs Social Justice Warriors

discovered this curious character. Curtis Yarvin, aka Mencius Moldbug.

his rise to fame was that, he was going to give a talk at Strange Loop (a clojure conference), but people notified the organizer Alex Miller about Curtis Yarvin's alt ego Mencius Moldbug blog, which is a political theory blog with ideas and nuances that the social justic warriors cannot take.

thus, he's ban'd from the talk.

then, next year, he submitted a talk to LambdaConf. Again, someone told the organizer his writings. The organizer took pains to consider the issue, eventually granted the talk. Then, the sjw, tried to tell the conference sponsors to back off. Then, someone, raised a issue, a donation, and got some thousands of dollars to sponsor the LambdaConf, with, Curtis Yarwin giving his presentation about programing (which has nothing to do with his political blog.)

And, the Curtis Yarvis, turns out to be quite a interesting character. He's a computer scientist. He created the Urbit, some kinda radical software (i don't know what it is.). Urbit is the subject of his talks. And, as Mencius Moldbug (a great name!), he wrote quite a lot about political theories, the type of writing that you need to have a degree in history or political science or philosophy to understand. (most social justice warriors do not understand. They just see the word Slavery, and they got angry.)

Here's several random links. I spent 2 days reading them.

[A FORMALIST MANIFESTO By Mencius Moldbug. At ]

[A formalist manifesto Kindle Edition By Mencius Moldbug. At Buy at amazon ]

[The Curious Case of Mencius Moldbug By David Auerbach. At “A software engineer's odious political writing got him booted from a tech conference. It shouldn't have.”]

[Wrestling With Inclusion at LambdaConf By John A De Goes. At , accessed on 2016-07-07 ]

[Why We're Sponsoring LambdaConf 2016 By Argumatronic. At , accessed on 2016-07-03 ]

spent 3 hours reading Mencius Moldbug. First of all, what a name.

his writing is, incomprehensible, or, caters to a clique. Opaque, elitist, and holier than thou. Lots assumptions. It assumes, for example, you are acquainted with the literature of the history of western politics.

1 article of his, will take you 2 hours to read. and that's only superficially. Instead, you skim and scan, not for understanding, but feel where he's going.

i was, lying in bed, unassuming, trying to do my daily routine of googling who mentioned me. Then, there it is, , a classic, old, common lisper, who has me listed in his blog roll, for years. And, just above my name, there it is: Unqualified Reservations [ ] , the blog of Mencius Moldbug.

but wait. This loper guy, i don't know who he is, but he seems to be a classic hacker. “Hacker” here means, real programer who knows his stuff, in depth, from programing language down to the cpu. Anyway, he's got some interesting writing. go check it out sometimes.

the Mencius Moldbug guy, is inventor of some obscure tech called urbit, which i have no idea what it is. I first heard about a year ago, over a controversy where he is invited to a clojure conference to talk about his tech, but got thrown out by sjw. Then, months later, at another conference lambda something, the sjw are doing it again, but the good people saw the injustice, and donated money to sponsor him and made the conference live.

i recall, last year i spend half a day reading his stuff. Totally Incomprehended. But i went to Wikipedia instead, on article Dark Enlightenment. And there, you readily learn things and what he's about.

today i did the same. Turns out, he knew Peter Thiel and in fact spend the election night at Peter's house. That's nice to know.

About Dark Enlightenment (aka neoreaction), is quite interesting. You might go read Wikipedia yourself. Be warned, parts i see are sjw smear.

Curtis Yarvin: Urbit- A Clean Slate Functional Operating Stack - λC 2016
Sep 28, 2016
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Drifter's Escape

In The Machiavellians, he developed his theory that the emerging new élite would prosper better if it retained some democratic trappings -- political opposition, a free press, and a controlled “circulation of the élites.”

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Historian Howard Zinn argues that during the Gilded Age in the United States, the U.S. government was acting exactly as Karl Marx described capitalist states: “pretending neutrality to maintain order, but serving the interests of the rich”.[6]

Curtis Yarvin 2022-07-05 SsJpC
Curtis Yarvin 2022-07-05 SsJpC

now, let's begin to dive into what yarvin believes. quote from wikip

dark enlightenment 2022-07-05 hH4jg
dark enlightenment 2022-07-05 hH4jg

Evaluating Dark Enlightenment and Curtis Yarvin

Curtis Yarvin