Mencius Moldbug vs Social Justice Warriors

By Xah Lee. Date: .

discovered this curious character. Curtis Yarvin, aka Mencius Moldbug.

his rise to fame was that, he was going to give a talk at Strange Loop (a clojure conference), but people notified the organizer Alex Miller about Curtis Yarvin's alt ego Mencius Moldbug blog, which is a political theory blog with ideas and nuances that the social justic warriors cannot take.

thus, he's ban'd from the talk.

then, next year, he submitted a talk to LambdaConf. Again, someone told the organizer his writings. The organizer took pains to consider the issue, eventually granted the talk. Then, the sjw, tried to tell the conference sponsors to back off. Then, someone, raised a issue, a donation, and got some thousands of dollars to sponsor the LambdaConf, with, Curtis Yarwin giving his presentation about programing (which has nothing to do with his political blog.)

And, the Curtis Yarvis, turns out to be quite a interesting character. He's a computer scientist. He created the Urbit, some kinda radical software (i don't know what it is.). Urbit is the subject of his talks. And, as Mencius Moldbug (a great name!), he wrote quite a lot about political theories, the type of writing that you need to have a degree in history or political science or philosophy to understand. (most social justice warriors do not understand. They just see the word Slavery, and they got angry.)

Here's several random links. I spent 2 days reading them.

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Mencius Moldbug and Dark Enlightenment