A Encompassing Travelog on the City of Sin

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
las vegas
Las Vegas boulevard, looking towards south. Mega-Hotel-Casinos are aligned alongside.

Due to circumstances, i'm visiting and staying at Las Vegas for about 10 days. It is a city of capitalistic entertainment, with of course sordid tales by the standards of righteous men. This report contains over 220 photos plus a focus on ethology, Greek mythology, and a encounter with a prostitute.

las vegas
Las Vegas is located at 36.1941 N° 115.2220° W, or, Clark County at the southern tip of Nevada state of USA, if you go by politics, near the boarder of: California, Nevada, Arizona.

The big hotels, mega-resorts are congregated along the Las Vegas boulevard, also known as “The Strip”.

Before coming to Vegas, my imagery of Vegas is depicted from these wondrous movies:

(I find the entertainment value of Showgirls quite good, contrary to popular belief. For one, it shows lots of rumps and teats of human female without social ado, and probably gives a good portrait of the staged girly shows one'd see in Las Vegas.)

Mega and Giga Resorts

These are exuberant hotel and casinos, although none of them are called hotels. Calling them hotels would be so drab. They start from the cross roads of Tropicana avenue with Manladay Bay, Luxor, MGM Grand, New York New York, to the Sahara avenue of Sahara suite and Stratosphere. They are not just hotels or expensive hotels, because they are elaborately decorated with billions of dollars landscaping, scenaries, playgrounds, entertainment systems, from park-sized fountain to underground colosseum to shark aquarium to baroque palace to edifice-winding roller-coaster to soaring belvedere, all built to please.

Here's a detailed map mapping out the locations of megaresorts. (consult it as you read below as i will have photos of each mega-resort.). The strip (from Sahara to Russell) is about 5.7 kilometers, or, 1 to 2 hours of walk.

las vegas the strip map16
las vegas the strip map16