The World's Most Dangerous Ideas and Absurdism

By Xah Lee. Date: .

The World's Most Dangerous Ideas is a September/October 2004 special report published in the bimonthly American magazine Foreign Policy. Eight notable intellectuals were asked to issue an early warning on the ideas or ideologies that will be most destructive in the coming years.

[ The World's Most Dangerous Ideas ] [ 2016-05-12's_Most_Dangerous_Ideas ]

read some of them. visit the Wikipedia page to get links at reference at the bottom. For example:

[Spreading Democracy By Eric J Hobsbawm. At , accessed on 2016-05-12 ]

[ Eric Hobsbawm ] [ 2016-05-12 ] (1917 to 2012), historian, died in 2012, aged 95.

read some of them. When you do, you also need to spend sometimes to check author's background. Wikipedia is convenient.

read some of them. Just by these opinion's title, I can quickly point out, which guy i agree, which i think is your moralist scumbag. Here's my quick reflexive labeling:

you see that, the world of people, even smart ones, they don't agree. in fact, diametrically opposite is not unusual.

you see, life is a eternal struggle. A fight to be on top, power, and even opinions. (majority of opinion is a underpinning of power.) in the school of philosophy of absurdism, we are just making pretense, kidding ourselfs, that there's a meaning, a goal.