the Saving of Private Lynch

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21st century Anglo-Saxon massacre of the Islam

1k American dead + 7k wounded versus about ~37k Islamic civilian dead + perhaps 7 times wounded + perhaps Islamic 4k military dead. (as of 2004-09).

iraq war: injured girl
Injured girl holding up a children's drawing with message “No War”. (Photo Source:, as of 2004-04.)
iraq boy totting a gun
An Iraqi Shi'ite boy carries a rifle in Kufa May 28, 2004. Five Iraqis were killed and 14 wounded in clashes between U.S. troops and Shi'ite militiamen in the holy city of Najaf and in nearby Kufa on Friday, hospital sources said. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra..

Courageous child fighting for his family and clan. He should have a couple of Purple Heart . On the other hand, his fathers and uncles, dies daily kamikaze-style. Their military rank should be raised posthumously.

News: Iraqis Drag US Corpses Through Streets

(by Associated Press news writer Sameer N Yacoub). 2004 March 31s. Source: (local copy )

When a group of human animals kill another group of human animals, in our case 600 hundred plus versus some ten thousands dead, the stronger group sometimes calls it liberation where the weaker group is to welcome it with both arms. Sometimes, the weaker group expressed their happiness by killing and dragging of the corpses of their “liberators” in the streets.

iraq war: injured iraq girl
A young girl rests in a Fallujah, Iraq, hospital after an attack by U.S. troops on two cars at a checkpoint in Fallujah, in this image made from television Saturday, Sept 27, 2003. At least four Iraqis were killed and three others injured according to local residents and Arab satellite television. The condition of the girl was not available. (AP Photo/APTN)

Bloody Georgy W Bush's doings. Kill enemies, by US, for US, rich n powerful, United Nations notwithstanding. Saving Private Lynch, episode umpteen.

Let us pray that this nameless little girl will also make a million dollar book deal like her sister Jessica Lynch.

Saving Private Lynch

private Lynch
Look at this beautiful shot by the United States film crew. A beautiful girl in pain. Made to suffer by villains.

Private Lynch is worthy of saving, because we all have seen the movie Saving Private Ryan, and the chauvinistic Americans loves every minute of it.

The Jessica Lynch princess is writing a million dollar book now. Check it out from RADOK News by Jake Easton :; local copy

Sweetest Jessica, i understand your quandary, and predicament. By ways of fortuity you are made into a hero of mass murdering called war. Like it or not, fate has seized thee. Now a million dollar book in our capitalist world isn't too bad. Just remember to tell the truth. They say, what they say, let them say. You, tell the truth.

Will you be a heroine of truth? The world is looking at you, dear.

2006-08, Addendum: It appears to me, that Jessica Lynch is indeed a respectable person. For more about Jessica, see Wikipedia: Jessica Lynch

Saddam Hussein Is Dead

Saddam Hussein is dead. Here's some excerpt from wikipedia: Execution of Saddam Hussein:

Saddam's lawyers have stated that they believe that the trial was unfair, calling the trial “political assassination,” and will continue to “[use] all legal paths available locally and internationally until public opinion gets the truth…”[81]

Human Rights Watch issued a statement claiming the “execution follows a flawed trial and marks a significant step away from the rule of law in Iraq.”[78] Amnesty International also released a statement saying it “opposed the death penalty in all circumstances but it was especially egregious when this ultimate punishment is imposed after an unfair trial.”[82] The International Federation of Human Rights released a statement on December 27, two days before Saddam's death, calling “upon Iraq's Head of State to ensure a moratorium on the death sentence pronounced against Saddam Hussein.” The organization also claimed Saddam should be treated as a prisoner of war and receive the rights of one, according to the Geneva conventions. [83]

Note that George W Bush, caused the death of Iraqi people from about 50 thousand to 250 thousand (counting only civilians), and this is done without the sanction of most other races, and USA's military power is far beyond the rest of the world. (US military spending is about equal to the sum of all the rest of the world's countries.)

Chinese has a saying: “胜者为王,败者为寇”, meaning “the winner is the king, the loser is the bandit”. The roughly equivalent English idiom is “Winner takes all”. It is simply a matter of natural law, that the most powerful decides what is right and wrong. (presuming here that there is such a thing as “Right and Wrong”.)

When a cat toys with a mouse before rending it to pieces, one don't say “hey, that's unfair”. It is unfortunate, that the cat has claws, and the mouse doesn't. Now, we US has nuclear weapons, and Saddam Hussein doesn't. This is the fundamental priciple of politics.

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[Selected Death Tolls for Wars, Massacres and Atrocities Before the 20th Century By Matthew White. At , accessed on 2015-03-23 ]

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