Women with Nose Cut Off

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .

Time Mag in its issue is running a cover with a lurid image of a woman with nose cut off.

time mag cover 20100809
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The image comes with a big caption: “What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan”. The logic of the juxtaposed caption is clear: if US doesn't meddle with other's affairs, then the world would all cut off women's noses.

The mag tries to justify the image on cover, but i didn't see any justfication for the caption.

girl nose cutoff
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“Behold, the peace of Islam - Nazia, a 17-year old girl from Afghanistan, who suffered a similar fate in 2007” image source

What is Taliban?

After writing this blog, due to the lurid photos, i looked up on Taliban. Here's Wikipedia article: Taliban.

Taliban is a extremely fucked up religion based military sect. In a sense, it is similar to WASP and George W Bush of USA, Tibet under Dalai Lama, Scientology and Falun Gong.