The Swastika, My Experience

By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: .
swastica 2022-06-01
[The Swastika, the Earliest Known Symbol, and Its Migrations; with Observations on the Migration of Certain Industries in Prehistoric Times By Thomas Wilson. At ]

When i was 12 or so, i discovered the symbol , and looked up chinese dictionary, learned it's pronounced wan, and means ten thousand. I don't think at the time i know about the nazi use.

But then, in usa american, i encounter the faaaking white men white wash this char, with obsession faak.

This symbol, is fascinating, because for one thing, it's symmetric. And it's totally different from most chinese chars.

And note, this is when i was around 12 or so, in taiwan. I dunno anything about pol or religion or whatnot or symbolism or math etc.

Now, in the 90s in usa, when i was twenty some', so i learned, ok, there's nazi, bad, and killing jews and stuff, and that's why the white men hates 卍... But of course during the 90s, i was a normie ish, climbing the ladder, read time mag and all mainstream "quality" papers, such as Time Mag. Was gonna become a professor or something.

Then in 2000s, more specifically about 2002 or 2004, i started to read things about humanity, futurism, and pol. For the first time, reading something that's not pure math or programing.

During the time, i read of shakespear's titus, well's time machine, swift's gullivar's travel, arabian nights of Burton, etc. And among is unabomber manifesto, among others.

Distrusted big corps like every nerd/hacker, and no like big bro. But still, dunno much about the deep state or much pol in usa. Just knew i hates george w bush and the american christians fucks.

Then, 2010... Got into dire poverty... Then 2016, the sudden rise of sjw and trump. Started to read a lot twitter about this strange sjw. That's when i learn a lot, a lot. The dark and deep of the usa deep state fuck, ever since.

To be fair, the era also changed. E.g. The social media era is new, and massive magnitude fakenews more than before, is also new. And also, long established trusted usa media, such as nyt, time mag, also took a drastic turn, infiltered and took over by the sjw gang. And the fall of ACLU, which i always trusted.