Fakenews Sites

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here's most extreme fakenews sites.

warmongering oriented fakenews:

sjw oriented faknews:

other fakenews:

fakenews sites 2023-01 2sgxh
fakenews sites 2023-01 2sgxh

fake news sites from the sjw

it's a study that report what's fake news. But itself is actually fake news.

This is Why The Oxford Study on "Junk News" is Fake news / Oxford Responds.

besides CNN, and other big sjw propaganda sites i learned are: Mic, Vox, Splinter, FMG, AJ+. watch the video for detail.

news site bias 2019-04-30 7h9jx
news site bias 2019-04-30

from timcast. so, he said the Hill and Politico are pretty fair news sites. Take note of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqVLwr6mA-E

nyt fakenews 2023-07-06 6vXt
nyt fakenews 2023-07-06 6vXt

Fakenews and Censorship in USA