The story of Fat Francis (aka Steven Williams, Boogie2988)

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Steven Williams (aka Francis, Boogie2988), is a fat, ugly, man, weighing 240 kilograms, abused in childhood, in destitution and pain, and started to post hopelessness videos of himself in mockery. Then, became a YouTube star, comedian by trade, making more money than you.

Francis HATES Google Plus.

boogie tells about her mom's abuse. hit him with hammer one time…

and here's one of boogie's comedy

… extremely talented. u wonder, how much preparation and work to create this? a lot.

the world is a big place. most things, u dunno. people like boogie, could as well be ceo of big corp (observe his acumen). but, his nurture fkkt him, but, also made him. on the other hand, if u grew up comfy like the millennials, chances r, u amount to nothing.

The Story of Boogie

Steven Williams, aka boogie2988

over the years, boogie has solved his obese problem.

“Welcome to Boogie2988 ! Boogie2988 New Channel Trailer!” boogie's 2018 channel intro. uploaded 2018-06-17

Boogie on Mom's Abuse

“hit me with hammer”

Boogie On mom's abuse

Boogie On Anita Sarkeesian

Boogie On Anita Sarkeesian

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