Wikipedia ban on Editing Tibet

By Xah Lee. Date:

Recently i was banned in editing Wikipedia for a month, on , for editing articles related to Tibet.

I tried to add a link to the External Link section on 2 articles, and modifies another article with references to the link, all related to the issues of Tibet.

The link is this: Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama. It is a collection of youtube videos of Li Ao's talk show, with summary in English.

The 3 Wikipedia articles i added this links are:

My exact edits are here:

Their reason is that i should not add links to my own website, and that my additions are propaganda from Taiwan Government.

They not only ban'd me from editing Wikipedia for a month, but also banned me on my own talk page, and one of the guy deleted the reason i gave for my edits.

My user talk page is here: User talk:P0lyglut. My reasoning on my edit, that got deleted by DaGizza, is here: index.php?title=User talk:P0lyglut&diff=prev&oldid=215672906. For the record, in case Wikipedia completely erase these pages from database, here's the saved archived of the above pages:

If you feel what Li Ao said is important enough, please add to the Wikipedia articles. Thanks.

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