Southern Poverty Law Center

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Southern Poverty Law Center Surpasse Half Billion an Assets

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Southern Poverty 2019-03-14

Southern Poverty Law Center, Hate Inc

SPLC Faces Wave of Potential Lawsuits After Legal Defeat Tim Pool
Jun 21, 2018

heit inc, indeed. note that it receives millions from Apple n Google. Note the sinister camp always have virtuoso names. PovertyLawCenter. How could 1 not like it? It is HELPING! like, a better world for all. when you look into, it just helps the rich richer.

btw, controversy about it isn't new. it's on twitter sphere like war. n i've posted comment/detail before, big n small incident every week in 2017. but, twitter has cave system, keeping u see what u like while it makes more $.

so what can 1 do? either u drop ya keyboard n go into activist/politician, or, i try to post now n then on twitter ball. hoping, some coder of the sinister camp, might get a glimpse of the other side things if u haven't before.

by the way, why's my diction weird? cuz, u may or may not know, twitter google started explicit cen ship in 2018, and r tightening the rope. e.g. any 4 letter words are banished into a villiage of the damned, in the name of ya safety.

Southern Poverty Law Center = scam

the “Southern Poverty Law Center” is one of the biggest money scam cult now. Am surprised that Apple and Google putting millions into it.

[Why Is the Southern Poverty Law Center Targeting Liberals? By Ayaan Hirsi Ali. At , accessed on 2017-08-26 ] (local copy i/splc_targeting_liberals_2017-08-24_Ayaan_Hirsi_Ali.png)

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