Prussian Blue Documentary

By Xah Lee. Date:

You know about Prussian Blue? You know, the 2 cute twin pubescent blonde girls, who sing White Supremacy songs? If you don't know, see: Victory Day.

Prussian Blue Lynx Gaede and Lamb Gaede 95395
Fraternal twin Lamb Gaede (left) and Lynx Gaede (born 1992). Note the cute Der Führer smilies on their shirts.

That was few years ago. So, what's new with them? It turns out, a British guy James Quinn went to see them and produced a documentary, named Nazi Pop Twins, first aired in 2007. The full vid can be seen here:

The documentary is great, in giving us a glimpse of their daily lives. However, i find the guy failing journalism ethics. In a documentary of controversy, you are supposed to remain in the background and let the viewers interpret what we see. However, this guy is rather intrusive, with his eyes, telling us what's going on, and actually got himself into meddling with the family's affairs. He has the gall to ask a mother, what she'd choose between her daughters and beliefs.

Just from Watching the video, i feel sorry for the family. They, in my view, are victim of society, rather, victim of USA mindset society. The daughters, of course suffer from the family they were born with such non-standard views. But also their mom, April Gaede, is a victim of modern leftism. Without the modern leftism, she might not have developed such rather silly views such as White Supremacy.

In a way, we can say that the guy is persecuting the family, betrayed their trust, even though he probably thinks of himself as doing all the good for the world, just like most “good” people in USA, George W Bush.

(For some background of modern leftism in America, see: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MODERN LEFTISM (Industrial Society and its Future))

Power Struggle Point Of View

The best index to a person's character is (a) how he treats people who can't do him any good, and (b) how he treats people who can't fight back.
-- Abigail Van Buren

Looking from the power play point of view, when you encounter a White Supremacist, you are in the upper hand. Because, under current social norms, you can fuck them, and you will win. You are, in essence, the majority, the one with power. Whatever you say or do, you will be judged as the right, just as in Hitler's times whatever the Germans do to the Jews is considered right.

When you encounter such group with views like Hitler is great or holocaust is exaggerated, what you gonna do? You can try to teach them, persuade them, argue with them, or you can distance yourself from them. But one thing you should not do, is to dog them, harass them. If these White Supremacy people actually incited violence, there's law that can properly deal with it. Unfortunately, most US Americans or modern societies, with current century's fashionable thinking of egalitarian and universal human rights, is to persecute and harass them, with righteousness, and thinking that they are doing justice (just as Hitler's Germany people have done). Driving these people into defensive positions and more extreme views. If you ask me, of course holocaust is exaggerated. Note that the USA Americans, EXTERMINATED, biologically speaking, some human lineage on earth, yet if you ask a average US American about the most severe cases of genocide, the European genocide of native North Americans never comes to their mind.

See also: [Selected Death Tolls for Wars, Massacres and Atrocities Before the 20th Century By Matthew White. At , accessed on 2011-07-01 ]

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