new twitter interface 2019-07

By Xah Lee. Date: .

the new Twitter does more control of info. it shows you posts you never followed nor liked by people you follow. here's a example. #NewTwitter

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new twitter now has this info control. Note, it says “you'll be switched back Home after you've been away for a while.”

twitter info control 2019-07-29 27nwt
twitter info control 2019-07-29 27nwt #NewTwitter info control

another thing with #NewTwitter is that it now hides number of replies. You still see number of likes and retweet. This is sinister, because ratio of reply/(like+retweet) is a indication how bad the post is.

with #NewTwitter , when you have a thread and you @ people. Any reply to it will also be cc'd to those people. you cannot tell easily, and no option to remove the cc.

another problem with #NewTwitter is that on a tablet (Microsoft surface pro ), holding down backspace ⌫ on virtual touch keyboard does not work. Holding any key won't repeat. This is a major problem.

A good thing about #NewTwitter is that if you pick “latest tweet” at the top, it actually shows chronological order. I haven't verified if every post from your following shows, but at least it seems to show lots posts, ordered by time posted.

twitter bell

Kim Iversen 2019-08-08 s7q44-2
Kim Iversen 2019-08-08 s7q44-2

one thing great about new twitter is the bell button 🔔. click it on people you don't want to miss out. Go thru your twitter list, mark those important you.