Periodic Dosage

Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things.

Cuteness, Noeteny, and PEDOMORPHOSIS!

the is getting on my nerves. in less than a year it began, it amassed 1M followers. what it do, is post cute animal overload. each one makes u drool. It encroaches and tampers our nerves, in a artificially inflated way.

cute animals is nice, but in nature, you don't get it every day. when you get it everyday artificially such as by twitter, it changes your brain. i've been thinking, to start research on who's behind todo. i am guessing it's nasty.

but then am thinking, prn is also unnatural. so, maybe am thinking too much abut kitten overload. however, the org behind pn r typically large corps, plenty r nasty. (and used to be run by criminal orgs) so, don't think am wrong about looking who's behind dodo.

there are lots folks who are for animals. i despise the big mouthers. you love animals, don't want to eat them, yet you want your neighbor who disagree to dai. and war's still going all over. you cant even look at the ded bodies

you know why cute animals are cute? because they cannot do harm to you. that is the number 1 reason. Cuteness, Noeteny, and PEDOMORPHOSIS!

save books for your kid, their eyes will catch wonder on those underline

Very interesting idea. Makes sense. This is what history is made of, in small scale. History, that one can see and touch. Unfortunately, i threw away most of my paper books in 2000s, in a very progressive forward looking elegant catching mind!

Why We Oppose Votes for Men

why we oppose votes for men d718b
Why We Oppose Votes for Men, Alice Duer Miller [image source]

this is what the gender faks feed on. the consequences are, trump got elected, more gender anger, Nz hunting, trans ascendance, bathroom drama, wimp men, nutty women, fake news, big corps sweeping money on heit.

by the way, actually, that page, was intened as a mockery of men's argument againts women voting, back in 1915.

thanks to the image source Jasmine05687787 for correcting me.

reddit's new ui trying to stop ad blocker

reddit new ui ad blocker 2018-08-15 cc531
this is what reddit's new ui is doing. trying to stop ad blocker.

antifa, and big rich org lies

there it is, antifa, and big rich org lies. i try not to post pol, but most my feed is pol now, accrued since 2017. i used to follow 100% programing stuff. but, they, typically spam. like, this new lib, that great new version, or another hackernews idiocy.


i follow anti sj people, because at this point, i think it's critical to fight sj. these, elite, comfy lives, the things they say, gender, women, white heit, and strangely sing islam songs. in nowhere in history or other culture, they can be considered sane.

i was actually late to the party. in 1990s, feminism began he/she clamor, stewardess → flight attendant. i thought it's silly. but that's all. it subsided. but since 2017, it erupted big time. in fact since about early 2010s, but i didn't notice.

daily, there are lots heitful people on twitter like this. a lot of them are women. and they are typically white, elite.

fuck white people tweet  2018-08-14 a3b00
fuck white people tweet 2018-08-14 a3b00

most predators have their eyes in front, what about eagle?

the other day i was thinking, most predators have their eyes in front, so they have stereoscopic sight that can best judge distance. e.g. owl, tiger, human. but then, i was thinking, eagle and snakes are exceptions.

redefine racism

the left skums have new def for raicism. it was, behavior based on kinship. Now, they want it to mean situational upperhand. Well, if u in china, then chinese is, or russian, or african etc.

The left also redefined raip. Was by force. Now broken condom or drunk date.

i don't even consider raisism the American way as proper. let's say equal opportunity law. you see, u should look at all human history. in my view, diff groups should be allowed to grow their group. What we should have is concept of fairness, instead. That way, the whole prosper.

raisism, is particularly a American thing. And obsession about Justice, is a Western thought. Each country has their own things. China has its own hot buttons, diff from usa, and Taiwan has its own. for example, by American standard, china japan is raicism extreme.

Most things, do not have 1 proper resolution. you can never have perfect law. e.g. equal opportunity employment law. That's just one perspective. Same for things like age of sex, stopping unborn baby, drug law, gun control law, etc. best recourse depends on the region, culture, philosophy.

immigration law, also has no perfect answer. totally closed, usually result in the country/region to fail. complete open fails even faster. You can usually see the effect by scale it down to your family.

today's left is stupid. they usually talk about protecting illegal immigrant, even criminals. what's the diff of legal and illegal then? what's law for? and they talk about abolish immigration office. That's like, why don't you remove the door to your home? try it.

the left talking about harboring illegal immigrant, is not due to stupidity, of course. It happens, as a result of political power struggle. that's how hot buttons issues arose, peculiar to each country. it's not solution we are seeking, rather, which way to win and gain power.

How the English language is taking over the planet. propaganda from Guardian

“How the English language is taking over the planet.” from the Guardian. jesus mother fkig god. i click n expect interesting linguistic article, but instead got veiled anti trump propaganda

rice dries up and not eatable if you leave it out

rice's interesting. if u leave it out, it becomes dry, hard, not eatable. well, but bread also becomes dry, but one can still crunch it. Now, somebody needs to explain the science of this.

Well, actually if you leave out pasta, it also becomes dry and not eatable, even worse than rice. Cuz u can dump hot water to rice then eat. Pasta too, but watered pasta kinda wastes it, while rice is often eaten with other dish.

medium is desperately trying to extract money

medium is desperately trying to extract money from all the free writer's work. Note that it's one of the main principle of all starts up in sillicon valley. hackernews talk about it all the time for 10 years.

the startup principle is to create a site where people contribute and only you make money. and u want to make this so justified that nobody even think about it. typically, you chalk it up to open source, and helping humanity.

The Nature Of Mass Movements

The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements is a 1951 social psychology book by American writer Eric Hoffer, in which the author discusses the psychological causes of fanaticism.

Hoffer analyzes and attempts to explain the motives of the various types of personalities that give rise to mass movements; why and how mass movements start, progress and end; and the similarities between them, whether religious, political, radical or reactionary. He argues that even when their stated goals or values differ, mass movements are interchangeable, that adherents will often flip from one movement to another, and that the motivations for mass movements are interchangeable. Thus, religious, nationalist and social movements, whether radical or reactionary, tend to attract the same type of followers, behave in the same way and use the same tactics and rhetorical tools. As examples, he often refers to Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, Christianity, Protestantism, and Islam.

The first and best-known of Hoffer's books, The True Believer has been published in 23 editions between 1951 and 2002.

The True Believer

The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements 1951, by Eric Hoffer. Buy at amazon

i don't know what the older programers who are pro js (not counting the millennials) are thinking when they see this map. To me, it's pretty on the spot.


Chinese civil war

politics. (i haven't verified.) The Chinese civil war, like the American one, is big topic, frequently discussed, or movies made. The fandom is even bigger than usa civil war, because it's more recent, and the conflict is still ongoing.


Execution of suspected Communists on May 11, 1949 in Shanghai. 16 days before PLA marched in. By American photographer Harrison Forman. The smiling man is Zhu Datong, a Communist mole inside Nationalists (KMT) Intelligence, caught trying to encourage KMT Wuxi garrison to defect


my dad, had 1 sister. She died at 1 years old in Shanghai, under Japanese bombing. my grand parents, along with Kuomintang force, moved to Taiwan. I was born in Taiwan.

there are lots movies made of Chinese Civil War. The ones made in Taiwan, depict the Communists in bad light, like, with nose rings n inhuman. And vice versa of China ones. China still makes them, but not Taiwan, because since 1990s Taiwan had new conflict, KMT vs Progressives.

chinese civil war videos on youtube 2018-08-09 bc250
for example of movies, tv drama, or videos of Chinese Civil War, youtube search 国共战争. In the screenshot, the one with red letter at bottom, is a TV drama series from China.

Sarah Jeong racist

Tim Pool reports on Sarah Jeong

Sarah Jeong racist posts, episode 3

“maybe the problem is white ~ladies~ regardless of whether they call themselves feminists”, from Sarah Jeong, February 2015.

A very disturbing character. She's posting hateful stuff like a obsession for years.

sarah jeong racist 2018-08-03 3e90a
Sarah Jeong racist posts 2018-08-03 3e90a juicy. she just got hired by New York Times as lead writer on tech. Born in Korea. Grew up in USA. Went to Havard.

this is a story from the controversial Naomi Wu @RealSexyCyborg about how Sarah Joeon dogged her. (Naomi is famous for dressed like a stripteaser in public and do tech hardware stuff) , (i haven't verified who “translated” it or who owns the account.)

the story of Naomi Wu is itself interesting. I haven't researched, but at least this seems to be true: 1, she likes to dress in g-string like attire in public. 2. she does some hardware engineering stuff. (e.g. build/design drones, etc.)

chinese girl liking to be naked in public and do tech stuff is rare. I think for this reason, she got popular. But the controversy seems to burst out 2 years ago, when she's contacted by USA publications. This is when stuff exploded. e.g. gender, feminism, culture, js stuff.

also peculiar, is that, from her writings, she seems also to hold a particular view. e.g. she talks about helping girls do STEM, and she's been "fighting" stereotypes. (g-string in public or girl doing tech) This is strange cuz typical native Chinese would never thought of.

writing perfect English, expert knowledge of USA sjwlgbtq culture, while never been outside of China, is all still possible. But the combination of things, does seem strange.

she g-string in public, and in business district skyscraper offices... i don't have a issue myself, and can't stop looking at her feet, but still i think it's a social issue to be discussed. e.g. if we allow public sex on the street. fine by ME, but there may be consequences.

here's a reddit article about how naomi is fake.

i haven't done research on how true in what it says.

YouTube censorship, banning anything containing the word heit

YouTube censorship, banning anything containing the word heit. note, neknomination is a online drinking game. u video urself drinking, nominate next one to do so.


screenshot 2018-08-05 0a156
this is typical of how powerful corp responds. If you are able to get the wrong in a limelight, you get nice pleasing words for the public record. The rest 99.9999% of people are buried. This repeats every year. The wheel churns on.

do not accept passive info

weirdo advice: never accept info that comes readily to you. eg google doodle, hacker news, or basically anything that's popular. Never accept emotion based info. e.g. angry stuff. Never accept instinctive info. cute overlord cat pics etc. of course, never watch tv.

for example, if u run into a google doodle. Do not click it. Even if u know it probably is educational. Do not click/spread cat pics. do not click on emotional/angry stuff. Get info, only when you actively seek for X. This gets u independent thinking.

for example, when you see a google doodle. Think, of all historical figures, how many are there? probably 10s of thousands? then, on my mind is, of them all, who are the say top 100 i should know about? by what criteria? then you go off researching THAT, for the time you might have spent clicking the doodle.

Jordan Peterson's Personality Test

this seems a better personality test, than the other popular ones on the net such as Myers-Briggs. though, it's not free.

classic heavy-weight thinkers, old

classic heavy-weight thinkers, such as Thomas Sowell, Camille Paglia, Noam Chomsky, r all very old now. u watch them , u see that they've got dotage problems. Sometimes can't make a point. I can't readily think of a young thinker i respect. Prob because i didn't look for it.

A great thinker is such that, when you see them, you are overwhelmed by their knowledge and depth. it's not random joe professors can do. it's not a matter of charisma, or glib talking, but the weight and depth, the scope. offhand, i can think Jordan Peterson qualify.

still, i think there are a lot great thinkers out there. The thing is, we live in a money based info/sites. So, our brain is filled with clickbait stuff. and google search due to money, you can't even find deep stuff anymore. you just get pop, celebrities, drama, clickbaits.

used to be, say before 2010, there is word of mouth. Good articles, or weighty persons, get spread by people. But that is also rotted out by Google Facebook Twitter with their like buttons and algorithms to control what you see and max $.

similarly, other sites, reddit, hackernews, went the same way. reddit is all teen drivels + pxrn. hackernews is now heavy handed social justice censorship. and the millennial idiots are explicitly against those able. They shove mediocre women n “minorities” down ya throat.

though,there r niche communities that u can still see intelligence。I see some of that on mastodon。where,like 1990s or 2000s,there r lots discussions,truly lots diverse replies,&some,very deep。from programing stuff 2 history or other。these groups r basically “underground” today.

by comparison, on twitter today, you lucky if you get 1 reply. chances are, it's drivel type, like, lol, thx, etc. and with idiotic char limit, discussion's like turtle in a bottle. and people dare not to say things outside meanstream view. you get mobbed, fired, beaten.

[The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture By Heather Mac Donald. At buy on amazon ]

Heather Mac Donald at

Facebook Twitter, the Cause of Usa Divide

of all the causes of the usa divide, the single most responsible is facebook twitter. They, in order to grow their user/activity, created heit echo holes. Starting with the 👍 button, and later, algorithms to manipulate what you see.

The 1st voice of such concern is about ~2000, when web just began, there were articles talking about what if internet just showed what people liked. Other issues discussed were, whether brick colleges would go away, and if news org would be replaced by mob onsite report.

after 20 years, today, we are seeing the effect of websites showing just what you liked. Colleges didn't go away, but becomes few times more expensive. Online teaching didn't really happen. Mob news didn't happen, but instead, we got fake news, and small independent reporters on youtube.

it's really trivial to fix the problem. Facebook twitter kll the like button. Stop controlling what u see. Just show all by order of time. but they won't do that. because they'll lose money. Instead, years after year, they lie with their eagerness to help humanity.

California are banning straws

so apparently, California are banning straws. And since this video, i've learned now, it's just for show. No impact on environment. When u pass sweeping law just for show, it does actual damage. The sj left truly fk'dup California in recent years.

do not like stuff on twitter

friends, do not like stuff on twitter, especially pol stuff. if u want, retweet it. We can turn off retweet, but not like. For political stuff, really, if someone wants to read them, they can find lots easily. don't need you to like them for their spread.

history is written by the winners?

history is written by the winners. We heared it a thousand times, it doesn't mean much. but now i think, it is quite significant. if you get into a fight, and you got killed, your story goes with you. but maybe your friends will tell? yes, but nobody knows your story more than urself. and you are dead.

now in larger scale, e.g. nations, the story of the losers, also are wiped. the question is, to what degree? even just 10%, would mean, the history historians know, are quite far from truth.

social media thumb up/down circus

1. the thumb up/down circus. from tech point, it's interesting prob. am sure thoughtful article/experience has been written up in past 20+ years of forum sites. but google/twitter/fb etc makes them impossible to find. (continued)

facebook start to experiment with thumb down

2. in current era, the millennial idiots mindset no like thumb down. their mentality is that we should emote on positive things only. That aside, 👎 no rly work. What you get is, masses 👍 cat pics, and 👎 what they disagree with. thoughtful/long article be damned.

3. i think what might work better, is limit the number of votes u have. u earn it by e.g. each 10 min on twitter gets u 1 ticket to vote. AND, implement algorithm so that vote must be based on content, not faction. if u 👎 things u disagree, u get punished by removing 10 votes.

currently thinking, one day, phone will be required by gov to have. embedded in your body. Google and Apple and Facebook will help you with that.

fuck hip programing fucks. what's tap and cask in macos brew? these mom fuckers no speak english.

each person have diff probs

each person have diff probs. so i recently read boogie had depression. But it seems, he kicked obesity, is now rich, have friends, gazillion followers, and is not hit by youtube ban. and even can afford surgery n psy doc! if i no have worry about food, i think am happy. i think!

thru out my life, i had various doubts or supposed mental issues. n reading stuff, u read that x psy doc said something. i wondered, jesus, they r so rich to the point to have a psy doc?? n still bitching? with my acumen n obsession of knowl, i know more psy than psy docs. lol.

Rick n Morty creator Dan Harmon is hit.

Rick n Morty creator Dan Harmon is hit. https:/ apparently, Dan did rap baby comedy. The right dug it up. Dan went to apoloize, but, didn't get fired. I like Rick n Morty a lot, and don't know Dan is a Trump heiter.

social justice, cult, sacrilege

the sj types, have lost their brain faculty. It's similar with cult members. Note this is similar to rise of Nz n Red Guards. When u talk to programers of SF NY on such, basically, ANYTHING you say that's not 80% in agreement, u sound like Nz to them.

note, this video, those people r still quite nice. and they r being silly too. If sitting down in office, they'd prob have same def of rasism as Lauren. But also note, this is the origin of mass violence. That's how it's possible. When the masses believed all others r pure evil.

the sj today, they want to ban/censor the word hat & fk etc, already happened on YouTube twitter. and even begin to argue about feminism is considered a crime by many of them. Note, similar exist in Christianity, called sacrilege. If you dare to ARGUE against god in 80s, goto jail.

Note, in Islam, there's also law of sacrilege. If you do, your head woud be gone. The diff with Christianity's is, the later isn't in effect anymore. While, the leftist Americans are singing Islam's law of sacrilege.

on twitter, when u followed diverse, sometimes u see retweet n u go what's this? like, i follow some women, and out of the blue saw women sphere things, like grooming, house work, or relationship. I scratch my head, wtf is this? though, women usually have gentler kinda humor.


Clairlemon of Quillette

support @clairlemon . Incredible woman from Australia that i watched her taking off since 2017 April.

The Young Turks is being sued for racism

so the @TheYoungTurks is being sued. lol, the race war circus created by the left. Before 2017, i watched many TYT shows, and like them. Actually, i liked all the left things, since am rather the left. and didn't know/watch any right shows. jesus, how things turned around.

before 2017, i think that guy Cenk is reasonably a good guy. sometimes in 2017, there's a event where the infowa fkhead disrupted with Roger something guy. I had good impression the latters r skums. But, now, really, not so sure about Cent. Still, that infowar alex is skum.

these things, if u not full time into it, it's hard to know. but slowly, during 2017, while antifa n sj r getting wild act of eating themselfs, i learned bits here there about TYT. e.g. @RubinReport , i trust very much by now, worked for TYT and had issue. n also the TYT name.

me, spending most of my day on the web, find it hard and slow to learn political truths, took me whole 2017 to build up who to follow of the right, then now i can imagine, why most programers still live in left sj bubble.

atheism and the social justice gang

today's sj situation, has a lot to do with new atheism beginning in 2000s. I sure am on the atheist side, but still. Things have complex causes n consequences.

i couldn't have imagined, how, Christianity would fall out of favor in USA main stream. But it is now, alone with cries of anti free speech, pro Islam, and pro communism. It's said, the sj left, rose up to fill a psychological void — A new religion.

here's Camile Paglia on Christopher Hitchens. I don't know much about Hitchens, but whatever Paglia says, influences me.

Camile Paglia on Christopher Hitchens

Hip-Hop Rap and the Quagmire of Blacks

teen white girl communities, and in-group style of language

look at this. Girl Things, i have a obsession with. I can't help but see their beautiful body and faces. Meanwhile, they also make me puke, with extreme aversion. e.g. cosmo mag, or the thousand youtube hollywood gossip vids. usually with billion views.

Like, everytime am in grocery checkout, i stare at the gossip map covers, their headlines, and somehow wonder about humanity and sociology. What is it, in human animals, make these topics popular. And, in particular, among women.

note, these girl things, when they talk, they have a particular intonation n diction. omg, like, totally. also, in Japan n taiwan, girls in TV or public sometimes speak in a fake high-pitched baby voice. Supposed to be cute and sexy.

the white nubile girls specific intonation and diction, am not sure there's in-group or linguistic term other than valley girl. but note, in math communities, or programing communities, or black ghetto/rap community, you'll also find particular in-group dictions.

in-group words, e.g. slut, bitch, whore, fab, are used frequently in teen girl group. Note, it's not just words, but whole style of sentences, subject matters. Basically, it all stem from certain attitude, interest, needs, of the group. may it be mathematicians, programers, gamers, ghetto, etc.

for examples of black community, their manner of speech, diction, intonation, etc, you can find in rap music. e.g. • Hip-Hop Rap and the Quagmire of Blacks when you listen/read something, 50% info came from content, 50% from the style, tone, and what they didn't say out of all possible subjects

for examples of mathematician's in-group speech/lang, you see it when you read lots graduate math text books, papers, or online e.g. mathoverflow. Note, it's not due to precision. rather, of all possible ways to say x, they have a particular way, a mindset.

for examples of programers in-group style of using language, you can see for example, many articles at or e.g. python doc, unix man page. Note here, it's easy to see, mathematician wouldn't write it that way. that's why it's in-group.

note also, among programers, they have diff sub-style. e.g. python, perl, unix/linux, js community, lisp/clojure community, or Microsoft C sharp. it's not simply different jargons duo to diff langs, but a particular view point towards common things e.g. algorithm, comp sci stuff.

when war comes, the 1st to suffer will be young n poor. Like, those antifa, n me. The rich left elite sj fks w their gated homes, who ferment this war, may be immune. But can never be sure. Like French Revolution, things r not predicable. King's head ends in guillotine.

mobbing, witch hunt

[The Academic Mob and Its Fatal Toll By Brad Cran. At ]

a horror story.

here's a book, on what to do if you are mobbed

[Mobbed!: What to Do When They Really Are Out to Get You Kindle Edition By Janice Harper. At Buy at amazon ]

read some of the reviews there. might come handy.

the mobbing situation, is described in Lord Of The Flies. amazon I think, it happens to independent, non-conformist personalities most often.

the author of the Mobbed book is Dr she's got interesting story. Apparently, she got mobbed out of academia ~2009 because she filed a sexual harassment complain against her colleague.

after 20 min research of Janice Harper, i think am disappointed.

am uneasy about the validity of the mob/bully idea. On one hand, certainly it exist, that in alway-on power struggle, someone successfully get others against you. But on other, it's a normal process when there's a group of people, in any country, time frame, of humanity.

the mobbing/bully target, may actually be doing good, with respect to larger group. e.g. any taboo issue in history: gay, age of sex, feminism, slavy, etc. or ideas, e.g. pro/anti communism, depending on where you are or time period.

but also note, mob can happen also because you are stupid, weak, ugly, doesn't fit in the group. As simple as that. It's human animal's way to kick you out, and advance the group interest as a whole.

so the validity of mobbing/bully is complex. It does not have simple answers. e.g. What defines mobbing/bully. (the popularity of the subject becomes especially bad around 2010, where everything is bullying, that began our sj victim-hood era.)

Research in anthropology and social sciences, are easily corrupt, especially after maybe 1990s in USA. Much of finding depends fundamentally on point of view of the researcher.

twitter threat

twitter threat 2018-07-18 88649
twitter threat 2018-07-18 88649

Steven Galloway affair

today i learned, this man Steven Galloway been rap'd, by rap culture.

[A Literary Inquisition: How Novelist Steven Galloway Was Smeared as a Rapist, Even as the Case Against Him Collapsed By Brad Cran. At ]

summary: he n her had sex for ~3 years. both were married. Years later, she accused him of rap. He got fired. twitter storm. In the end, University of British Columbia is ordered to pay him $163k.

that quilette article is long and covers lots things. Shorter and narrower in scope is

[Steven Galloway in his own words: I'm not a monster. I won't let false allegations define me By Steven Galloway. At ]

but, the whole thing is fairly complicated. but Galloway commited his first mistake, is to apologize. He was apologizing for the outside marriage sex. But was taken to be for rap.

lazy question, what are the motivation of MC and Rooney? I can possibly see Rooney being a bad train wreck. But what about MC? what made her turn ex relationship into this? must be very very bad breakup?

as for pop stars, why do they advocate leftist virtue stuff? i think, ① they get paid. ② it sounds good. but of their rich lives, why won't they spend some time to research? but also, it's usually only these stars we hear. those who chose not, we don't see.

as for pop stars, why do they advocate leftist virtue stuff? i think, ① they get paid. ② it sounds good, make them look good. but of their rich lives, why won't they spend some time to research? but also, it's usually only these stars we hear. those who chose not, we don't see.

Philisp DeFranco, millennial YouTube star, empty content

Philisp DeFranco, is another YouTube Star. He's also an anti sjw. Despite me wanting to like, the few times i tried to, i find it zero content, like most produces of millennials. Talk show radio hosts are funny. U just need to be able to talk a lot. That's what you really need.


hackernews run by social justice gang

this site is great.

it's an alt front end to hacker news. It also shows censored posts, those will be marked with dead

it looks like, hacker news is now full of sjw gang.

hackernews censorship 2018-07-16 31044
hackernews censorship 2018-07-16 31044
hackernews censorship 2018-07-16 47481
hackernews censorship 2018-07-16 47481


hackernews censorship: we are living under a diversity dictatorship

this, was posted to hackernews. now it's censored. this is the second post i found censored since i started watching 2 months ago.

hackernews indian don censored 2018-07-04 4f377
hackernews indian don censored 2018-07-04 4f377

here's the censored page

here's the censored article

[Make no mistake, we are living under a diversity dictatorship By Zoe Strimpel. At ]


it used to be, when hackernews censor a site, it still show the censored domain or url. e.g. if u want, u can chose and decide yourself. Now, it's complete blank. like youtube is doing

reports like this in usa are common. used to be by conservatives in 90s, when free speech and pro capitalism are sacred. now by democrats, pretty much anti-American. USA today have enough of its problem and censorship to worry about.

I was born and raised in Taiwan. The politics of Taiwan is chaotic, like many other nations. But to American (i am), there's only one side: China is evil, Taiwan is good. Why? because, Taiwan was an friend of USA with benefits up 1978 officially. Before that, this flag 🇨🇳 did not exist.

Why News Sites Propagate Angry Feminism

good report. Why News Sites Propagate Angry Feminism, report by Tim Pool

facebook twitter billion $ psychology

facebook twitter etc, r billion $ psychology research to make you addicted. Such report's been going around every few months since 10 years ago (e.g. World of Warcraft). But these greedy tech kept going. Behind them is the white ceo and social justice gang, saying “help” stuff daily.

[The Tech Industry's War on Kids, How psychology is being used as a weapon against children By Richard Freed. At ]

according to the info on the page, the author Richard Freed is Child and adolescent psychologist, and the author of “Wired Child: Reclaiming Childhood in a Digital Age”

Twitter Likes, Google SEO, Millennials

fking roaming millennial liking random shit on twitter. just unfollowed. xah tip: if you want to be popular or run business on twitter, don't like things not very on topic for your readers.

twitter has this nasty thing, of showing tweets someone liked. you can't turn off, other than on each post click “i don't like this tweet” on each. twitter does that to gather personal data about you, so twitter can sell it.

Roaming Millennial is a pretty chick. she rose slowly of as one of those anti sjw. They, typically have 0 content. They get followers due to incessant anti sj posts. Also, since RM is a pretty girl, she gets followers for free.

similar youngsters anti sj stars includes @gogreen18 n @shoe0nhead . They typically don't have much knowledge (e.g. professors of subjects). but lacy green is at least “sex expert” in the mass edu sense, and shoe0nhead is actually quite funny, as comedian.

note, that in general these youngsters try to etch out a living doing their things. It's usually unsaid, but like everybody else, they try to grow their audience, e.g. on twitter. and then there's the problem of strategy. e.g. should you click ♥ of other's posts, etc.

the topic of growing an audience on so-called social media, is a billion dollar business, usually termed SEO. There are countless books, businesses, gurus, all trying or supposedly teach. It's all centered around $, just as every twitter ui or action is about $

the SEO business, began with Google some 10 years ago, when Google for selfish reasons tried to get the masses to promote its search engine with that concept, in the name of public participation. Creating a tech war escalation centered around GOOGLE's search engine and tech.

in particular, Google began with the non-standard html attribute ref="nofollow" that has no benefit to the public but itself and ad businesses. This was 2004, when Google was still considered do-no-evil.

but back to the millennials YouTube stars, either sj or anti sj. Seems, they r all wanting. u look at some of them, they have no real content, philosophy, knowledge, nor are they geniuses. all it takes is webcam and talkative, and not an imbecile

of course, the situation came from the era of Wikipedia that began in 2000s, where, expertise and authority is sneered, plus the postmodern idea that nobody is better, nothing is beautiful.

on the left side, you have these empty nutjobs verbiaging about help empathy victum phobia Nz stuff. unable to formulate argument or express on paper any ideas properly. Chant is the new way. on the right side, you have these anon churning out 4chan memes.

black woman beat a 92 years old man bludy. and mainstream news sites lie

black woman (and bunch of guys) beat a 92 years old man bludy. This in LA.

[Grandfather, 92, beaten with brick and told to 'go back to your country,' reports say By Katherine Lam. At ]

[Man, 92, Hit With Brick In Brutal July 4 Attack By Cbs Los Angeles. At ]

twitter posted the news with a sj twist.

old men beaten july 4th 2018-07-10 a42a7
this is twitter's “moments” post, as of 2018-07-10T14:37:50-07:00 (San Fran local time). for the record. Note, it does not mention the beater is black and woman. But is it intentional? likely, because they mentioned the other beaters who are men.


and there is social justice gang Amy Siskind, also posted the news, saying a white woman did it, and later deleted her post.

HuffPost put out a video saying the attacker (the black woman in photo) is someone trying to help the man from attackers.

who was the real hero in Watchman?

Superhero Movies

Follow Tim Pool for Truth Based News Report

Tim is a independent journalist. Good to follow for more truth based news. He makes 1 vid per day about current events, esp those political events that get twitter crazy. Good to review 2017 vids and realize you been all spin'd.

tweeter new post is better than retweet

apparently, a retweet of your own tweet is not the same as posting the same thing anew. twitter algo does things to it, like, no show. Post again, gets higher chance of showing in followers's feed.

i know cuz i just retweeted a keyboard tweet. and on my other account (desktop), after refresh, i see that tweet shows up for half a second at top, then gone. This is reproducible.

twitter censorship

twitter censorship 890ce
twitter censorship

and here's twitter censorship. if you click on it, it shows.

the failure of utopian school in San Francisco

[How the Startup Mentality Failed Kids in San Francisco By Daniel Duane. At ]

cultural revolution wikipedia 2018-06-30 99ff8
cultural revolution Wikipedia 2018-06-30 99ff8

How to Combat Social Justice Gang

subscribe Feminism Perving

The story of Fat Francis

The story of Fat Francis

boogie tells about her mom's abuse. hit him with hammer one time…

and here's one of boogie's comedy

… extremely talented. u wonder, how much preparation and work to create this? a lot.

the world is a big place. most things, u dunno. people like boogie, could as well be ceo of big corp (observe his acumen). but, his nurture fkkt him, but, also made him. on the other hand, if u grew up comfy like the millennials, chances r, u amount to nothing.

the rise of the sj x and postmodernism

so, am greatly troubled by the rise of the sj x postmodernism (PM) in 2017. Since 2017, been spending ~1 hour each day studying it. White nations, us, canada, australia, and western europe, are falling apart. yet, so many white people, sing PM songs.

USA, currently still lead in military power. but in many aspects, commerce, tech, usa is no longer the leader. China is. and so strange that we sing anti-free-speech songs, and feminism singing islam songs, while ignore islam treatment of women.

lots millennials, but also quite a lot older white male, loving postmodernism: basically nothing is of a value/objective but pure power game. They do not seems to see, if this go on unchecked, in 10 years or so, they and their children gonna be slvs ruled by other race.

what's the cause? in no order: ① 30 yrs of leftism of professors. ② leftist majority in tech. ③ fall of Christianity by atheism ~2000s. ④ facebook twitter money making side effect helped ignorance. ⑤ corruption/opportunists at top. e.g. Hillary, SPLC.

but why are so many programers, 30ish, in this? and seems many women, writing fake news, singing sj songs. and most hollywood riches? ok, i think that's mostly because they are branwashed, basically. e.g. living in comfort, got bitten by empathy/guilt.

ok, i think that's a big reason. They, live in material comfort. daily, you have nothing soul touching to do. No more Christianity to guide u. You turn to guilt/help mentality. i think this explains how average male programers became pro sjx like.

as for younger people, they are sjx due to their leftist professors and the stronghold of PC culture. They are taught that way. As to the politicians and opportunists, they function out of $ and self interest. e.g. Hillary, SPLC, reporters from gender study degree, etc.

So it seems, usa at least, all these things meet, and we have the rise of sjx. It errupted in 2017, due to Trump, which is itself a reaction of the corrupt left/postmodernism/sjx stuff.

it bother me, these sjx things, are basically entirely nonsense to the utmost degree. microagre, safspes. obsess ILLEGAL immigran. manexplein, manspred, patriarc. Desperado in trying to find Nz. Everything is Nz. do you not see your country and people falling apart?

so suppose we let sjx have ultimate goal. everyone has equal outcome. but that's chaos! why don't u give me ur money? but let's not guess too much. Let's just say u get what u want in all current events/issues. do u actually think things will be better? for u? and for others?

today's feminism, is already doing big damage between male/female harmony. less cooperation. distrust. divorse. sex sans bond. porn (cam girls). feminized males. single parent family, which has big consequences on child, e.g. anti-social. you get dysdunctional nation.

Understanding Postmodernism with Professor Stephen Hicks

very good video. For those of you thinkers

Understanding Postmodernism with Professor Stephen Hicks

am so impressed by Dr Stephen Hicks.

here's his book

[Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault By Stephen R C Hicks. At Buy at amazon ]

Eyes Wide Shut Screenshots

Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigalo

everyday, there's tens of spam/scam articles from different domains bearing “By Xah Lee”. This has been going on since mid 2017

Time Mag = corrupt garbage

Time Mag, a weekly mag, i read every issue, cover to cover, word for word, from 1993 to 1995, and i truly loved it. [see How to Increase Your Vocabulary?] but now, it has become the social justice sheet.

S PovertyLawCenter, heit inc

SPLC Faces Wave of Potential Lawsuits After Legal Defeat

heit inc, indeed. note that it receives millions from Apple n Google. Note the sinister camp always have virtuoso names. PovertyLawCenter. How could 1 not like it? It is HELPING! like, a better world for all. when you look into, it just helps the rich richer.

btw, controversy about it isn't new. it's on twitter sphere like war. n i've posted comment/detail before, big n small incident every week in 2017. but, twitter has cave system, keeping u see what u like while it makes more $.

so what can 1 do? either u drop ya keyboard n go into activist/politician, or, i try to post now n then on twitter ball. hoping, some coder of the sinister camp, might get a glimpse of the other side things if u haven't before.

by the way, why's my diction weird? cuz, u may or may not know, twitter google started explicit cen ship in 2018, and r tightening the rope. e.g. any 4 letter words are banished into a villiage of the damned, in the name of ya safety.

Elon Musk's email sent yesterday. Internal sabotage

I was dismayed to learn this weekend about a Tesla employee who had conducted quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations. This included making direct code changes to the Tesla Manufacturing Operating System under false usernames and exporting large amounts of highly sensitive Tesla data to unknown third parties.

The full extent of his actions are not yet clear, but what he has admitted to so far is pretty bad. His stated motivation is that he wanted a promotion that he did not receive. In light of these actions, not promoting him was definitely the right move.

However, there may be considerably more to this situation than meets the eye, so the investigation will continue in depth this week. We need to figure out if he was acting alone or with others at Tesla and if he was working with any outside organizations.

As you know, there are a long list of organizations that want Tesla to die. These include Wall Street short-sellers, who have already lost billions of dollars and stand to lose a lot more. Then there are the oil & gas companies, the wealthiest industry in the world — they don't love the idea of Tesla advancing the progress of solar power & electric cars. Don't want to blow your mind, but rumor has it that those companies are sometimes not super nice. Then there are the multitude of big gas/diesel car company competitors. If they're willing to cheat so much about emissions, maybe they're willing to cheat in other ways?

Most of the time, when there is theft of goods, leaking of confidential information, dereliction of duty or outright sabotage, the reason really is something simple like wanting to get back at someone within the company or at the company as a whole. Occasionally, it is much more serious.

Please be extremely vigilant, particularly over the next few weeks as we ramp up the production rate to 5k/week. This is when outside forces have the strongest motivation to stop us.

If you know of, see or suspect anything suspicious, please send a note to [email address removed for privacy] with as much info as possible. This can be done in your name, which will be kept confidential, or completely anonymously.

Looking forward to having a great week with you as we charge up the super exciting ramp to 5000 Model 3 cars per week!

Will follow this up with emails every few days describing the progress and challenges of the Model 3 ramp.

Thanks for working so hard to make Tesla successful, Elon

75% of blacks in USA don't have a dad

watch the first 3 minutes, and you might see Owen's point.

Black Lives Matter, Racism: A Conservative Perspective (Larry Elder Interview)

Movie Oceans 8 Actresses Blame White Men Critics for Failure

movie Oceans 8 flopped. lol. It's all female cast, and some of them r blaming white men critics.

Ocean's 8 Actresses Are Blaming White Men For Bad Reviews (video by timcast)

i do wonder, of those actresses bitching, are they genuinely saying it, or sorta under pressure to publish such statement, or perhaps even getting benefits by saying it.

12 rules of life, summary

lol, on amazon, there is a bunch of “summary” of Jordan Peterson's best seller 12 rules of life book. and apparently, many people did not know and bought the fake version

you are reading fake news, no, you!

a spantaneous post on twitter related to politics, then a friend suggested reading this site as unbiased.

and here's its top headlines:

german news site 2018-06-15 229f6
german news site 2018-06-15

Omg, all click bait titles or patently outwardly painted headlines. How is it possible one see it as unbiased?

deleting political posts as a trap

when i make political posts here, usually i try to sway a handful leftish programers who r still following me. I often wonder, did they already saw the news?

if they already knew, then i'd write my opinion, and it's open to debate or argument. but if they haven't heard of it yet, i need to summary what happened. Else, people just see negative puffs.

most twitter angrish posts all assume reader already knew stuff. so, usually you get an inkling that something is going on, then you have to click hashtag or web search to find out the news.

on a separate note, sometimes i post something political and later thought it's silly, wanting to delete it. But i think it's better to make a habit of not deleting anything. This i try to stick to. If needed, post addendum/errata instead.

in a friendly world, e.g. among your friends, everyone could delete posts they thought were silly or mistake. From typo to nevermind trivial. But on twitter today, deleting political posts can become a trap. The point here is, our society today is not well.

[The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom in America By Leonard Peikoff. At Buy at amazon ]

Identifies the roots of N ism in the philosophical ideas of the worship of unreason, demand for self-sacrifice, and elevation of society over the individual, and argues that these ideas are present in America today

Lindsay Shepherd has filed a 3.6 Million dollar lawsuit against Wilfrid Laurier University

good for her.

Lindsay Shepherd Files Massive Lawsuit for Free Speech Abuse

twitter account follow

if you are a programer in Silicon Valley and have 2nd thoughts of the left ideology, here's few you might want to follow:

A Clockwork Orange