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Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things. Search 🔍

my story of todo

The story of my todo list was that, started to use org mode sometimes in 2010 or so thinking maybe i too, will adopt it and become productive. Result is, the list just get accumulated for 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, then i renamed it todo-tomorrow. There's always tomorrow. lol. And my todo list just becomes, something i might want to do in the future, and each fresh restart, become a accumulation list after a few months.

lol this is my current public tech todo

xahtodo 2023-01-28 vPDHk
xahtodo 2023-01-28 vPDHk

which started fresh from about 2 years ago, after getting tired of trying to clean up previous public tech todo for 5 or more years... and before that, another set of todo files rotting in archive.

year of artificial intelligence

self driving car revolution

about self driving car, i thought, when is it gonna be actually legalized? now i realized, it's already happening, eg tesla, with people behind the wheel pretending they are driving. The revolution of self driving is happening this way, not push of a law button by the gov.

got a copyright infrigement claim. see Paris Hilton Sculpture

memes on china

Twitter Files w/Matt Taibbi, Lab Leak Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff
Kim Iversen
Streamed live on Jan 6, 2023
SAT score asian penalty 2023-01-02 fnkwV
SAT score asian penalty 2023-01-02

Ending of 2022, an era of dark usa. Bright 2023 coming. I want to thank you guys, many of my supporters. All over the globe, in usa, canada, brazil, also uk, germany, whole europe, and China, Africa, Middle East, Russia, and many other countries. Some i came to know, most are quite and i don't know. Thank you.

major lying skums.

i got these thot bots following me, about one per week, this year.

cc .


restarting webfeed/rss

In past 2 years, i have been slacking in updating the webfeed (aka rss/atom). Now, i try to start it again. you can goto Periodic Dosage to read past stuff. has been censored by google since about 2005. [see Google AdSense Ban on]

in past year or two, i've been trying to clean up the blog. putting random notes into coherent whole. not a dedicated effort, but i do some whenever i have time.

this blog, going forward, would be something like pol related or personal or non-tech related.

also, writing a blog takes tremendous time. it's much easier, for example, just to twitter, because there you can just blab whatever in your mind. but in a blog, it requires context, explanation, and much better writting.

xahlee new twitter tagline 2022-12-05 dkwm4
xahlee new twitter tagline 2022-12-05 dkwm4 “thy years wants wit, thy wits wants edge, and manners” from Titus Andronicus, Act 2 Scene 1
openAI generated xah lee 2022-12-06 WkhGq
openAI generated xah lee 2022-12-06 WkhGq

elon musk's twitter, now also removed the blocking that prevent you from reading twitter after a few pages if you don't have a account.

Who is Moon Alabama? Bernhard Horstmann?

to dig

Nathan Law 羅冠聰, this skum, escaped to UK.

Age sex location! The foremost fundamental desire of human inquiry.

Elon Musk ftx meme 2022-11-18 ddC32
Elon Musk ftx meme 2022-11-18 ddC32
Elon Musk unban jordan peterson 2022-11-18 ytKrj
Elon Musk Unban, Kathie Griffin, Jordan Peterson, Babylon Bee 2022-11-18
Elon Musk Alex Jones 2022-11-18 kGrSt
Elon Musk Alex Jones 2022-11-18 kGrSt
xah lee elon musk 2022-11-18 kPDbq
xah lee elon musk 2022-11-18 kPDbq

Periodic Dosage Archive 2009-06

now, xah's programing field crackpot list

elon musk bought twitter, and fired half of employees.

basically, fired the fakenewers.

elon musk fire twitter 2022-11-05
elon musk fire twitter 2022-11-05 []
joker 2022-10-21 46R3g
joker 2022-10-21 46R3g

origin of reddit

never click YouTube shorts

never click YouTube shorts 2022-09-30 vM2d8
never click YouTube shorts 2022-09-30 vM2d8

now i notice, as far as pitch goes, my voice is actually not higher, compared to others. currently thinking it's more bass than average!

Hong Kong People Psychological Scar

The Bryan Lunduke Interview
May 15, 2021
Chris Titus Tech

great. Bryan Lunduke seems a fun guy. and seems, Locals, and Odysee, are great.

i support the current thing 2022 pb2mW
i support the current thing 2022

bodyweight exercise

the swastika

Chinese Technology, The Needham Question

xah ranking of girls race.

euro russian blonde blue eyes ≻ northern euro elves ≻ american white girls ≻ brazilian girls / latina / german girls ≻ chinese/korean ≻ south east asian ≻ japan / indian / perhaps mid east ≻ african girls

Brazillian r amazing. Lots of mixed races. often you have this pale blue eyed girl exceedingly beautiful with brown skin. And hybrid tends to be extremely beautiful. There's a phrase, hybrid vigor. In a similar way, the most attractive cat, the tabby cat, which is street cat, is more beautiful, healthy, than those pure breds.

great website [ ]

human phenotypes 2022-02-02
human phenotypes 2022-02-02

woke from 3h sleep dreamed a great dream.

somewhere in taiwan on a street i know when i was 10 or so, but current at my page, there's a street, taiwan style full of vendors and colorful misc small shops but the street is not rich town...mixed with somewhat vienna or masquerade kinda street, full of wonders, antique stores, or selling fancy exotic decorative or art craft stuff...

[i cant remember it well although i just woke...]

There's intrique, involving me... I was sleeping with a girl, in a room, i think white girl with blue hair maybe, and something, there's 2 guys showed up, one is bald i think, and something. Those guys are her friends or bodyguards something. I was wondering who these guys are and was gonna question her.

later, i found out and she is a prostitute, working for or down at the restauraunt or bar place i know (know in the dream)

then i was chasin her, for truth.

something. that's one part i remember.

Then, on the same street / location, i was wandering about and going home. Then i got lost.

Suddenly i walked into a place and the place is more desolate, no longer a street of shops. Some construction or seems lots construction and the place does not feel safe. And am like oh shit how do i get back, and i think i don't have a phone and don't recogize the street.

then suddenly i walked into somewhat natural or open area, natural like out in a small mountain with rivers and lakes...

and then, this place seems to be some kinda artificial wonderland sorta thing, i realized, it's some entertainment build like those disney would build. And there's a coffee shop, for patreons who can sit and have coffee for rest while viewing the great scenery.

the place, is build like half natural, full of trees and lakes, but half some sorta palace, with green and french metropolican as theme, as like the wizard of oz.

but am still pressing in my mind how to get back.

The place is closed or near closing. There's a service maid walking around cleaning coffee tables.

I found a bottle or something, and maybe inside, there's a brochure, apparently, it sorta advertisement brocure for this place, that's when i realized it's a entertainment place, and from the broschure, i realized where it is, how it relates to the street i was on, my home town street. It turns out, this place, is behind a dead end street and dropped down. Something like, on that dead end street, there's a shop selling tickets or as the entrance to this entertainment palace (think of San Francisco Pier 49 or so), and however, i wondered to the palace from behind by accident. (the geology is like this: at end of that dead end street, the ground level dropped down sharply like 4 stories high or such, and also, the end of that dead end street is actually un developed natural ground, like mountains and rivers)

the place is beautiful. greenish palace, with paris metropolitan 1940 or 1800 something style, and the whole floor is water, deep, u can swim in it.

i was rejoiced ,and plus now i know how to get back home.

so i started to put my backpack tighten it up and somewhat raise it up on my back so it doesn't get wet (silly, because am gonna swim, the whole thing gonna be wet no matter what), and i was thinking, it's alright cuz i don't have laptop inside which i usually carry, and don't have cellphone with me. (that's why i'd be lost)

walked into the water, very cool and nice, and walk few steps and started to swim

fantastic beautiful place, and i was looking up. the 'palace' is grand, like those giant catholic church with 3 stories ceilings... actually it's not fully covered...because half of it is natural, view opening into the trees or jungle, but on the left side is windows and stairs in metalic green...

after wading into water and swim less than a min, i walked back to the coffee shop. and fund the bottle. i don't remember which occured first.

there's like 2 or 3 other patreons in the 'pool'.

ok, but i found the bottle and brochure, and now i can go back. so i went back to the water, to find which way to go or which stair to go to to the top where the entrance that shop was.

i think that's it. there's a bit more. but can't remember.

History of Judaism Christianity Islam

currently, considering consolidating my 10 blogs back into 1 or just 2. Xah Lee Feeds need to fix that page. since i merged my sites now back into just 2 few months ago.

Guys, don't post anti trans stuff. Discuss lgbtq, yess, and criticize it if u want. But don't just post anti trans or making fun of trans stuff. We have quite a few trans here btw. Trans is a phenomenon of this decade. Like it or not, lots people are trans, and it so happens, disproportionate of them are programers. Not the i-wanna-be, but actual great programers. And as it happens, it turns out, i think the trans in programing, real professional programers, tend to be very best programers. I know trans programers, my friends, back in 2000s, before the rise of the sjw gang in 2016 or so.

xah opposite of ASMR 2022-01-08
xah opposite of ASMR 2022-01-08
opposite of ASMR Xah Talk Show 2019-10-20, why AI neural networks are nasty, AlphaGo AlphaZero, atom webfeed, ASMR

Celebrity vs Fan Problem

xah thanks Benjamin Rood 2022-01-05
xah thanks Benjamin Rood 2022-01-05 Xah Talk Show 2020-12-02 emacs Sentence Lines, my RSI, Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard, Function Keys
xah decespugliatore nucleare youtube 2022-01-01 SdV66
xah decespugliatore nucleare youtube 2022-01-01 SdV66

Xah log, stardate 20211224124934. I learned yester the exercise called plank. The milengen, their brain went limp, and their exercises sissified.

china ghost cities

Easter Worshippers

xahlee 4chan fan collection

Language Barrier and Politics

Belle Delphine Thot

bitcoin centralization problem

xahlee body building 2021-11-08 9ykKt
xahlee body building 2021-11-08 9ykKt

am no into body building. but if i do, it'd be practice how to give girls a fly ride

how much a girl weight? 50kg? yeah, so i need to practice how to swing 50kg around my body not the bench press idiocy lol

Haven't run for about 13 years ☹. Used to, somewhat regularly. For 40+ min. But usually run is not my thing. Roller blade or biking or swimming was. Have injured my ankles when teen, riding uncycle doing flatland tricks, and also in 2003 or so, running, sprain big time. Once ankle is injured, it perm. It became weak. So i can't run much now, but also old 50+. Been thinking of getting back to roller blade. Wanted to buy that one $300. Posted here 2 or 3 months ago, roller blade research. But discord can't faking search a thing. Https:// 10k i used to run. In my 20s and 30s. 10 kilometers that is. In my 20s, i used to rollerblade, from mountain view to san jose. Everyday, for 2 years. To work and back

13 miles twice per day, by roller blade. Am in competitive athlete condition most of my life. On roller blade, i have grabbed onto cars on street. That's back around 1992.

xahlee inline skate map 1992 2021-11-08
xahlee inline skate map 1992 2021-11-08
xahlee inline skate 2021-11-08 qNY6h
xahlee inline skate 2021-11-08 qNY6h

Reminder to everyone. We are now living in AI and Quantum age. The tech advance are catapulting us, into the unknow, faster than we can understand. The changes are going at a speed never happened in human history. We don't know, what will happen in next 10 years. It's looking at us, 2020 to 2030. And looking at you guys, you young guys out there. I sometimes got into rude quarrel with people here. But, it's insignificant. It's like highschool boys fight, happens daily, especially in old days. Me no matter, u, no matter neither. We are just lil ants among the currently 7 billion on this earth. 7.9 billion. That's billion human animals. A number we cannot fathom, beyond few hundred real friends. I have maybe 10 more years in coding. By 2030, i'd be 60. And for you twenties something, in your prime, ten years will be passed soon when u look back. So, try to create your life, do things u enjoy, don't waste time. What is waste time or not is up to you. You decide, and trust yourself, that's the gist.

ai age 2021-11-07 Sz9kk
ai age 2021-11-07
xahlee Wikipedia bio 2005 2021-11-07
xahlee Wikipedia bio 2005 2021-11-07


Now, i have watched a lot porn. Even now, massive. And with milengen's explosion of porn, i have new insight about humanity. Truly. Now note, in 90s, the feminism says, that women in porn is due to men forcing them to. But today, oh my faaking god, u have, one million 18 years olds, they, online live, spreading their legs. Young things. And none of the fake commercial porn script. These, teen girls, and tons of them extremely beautiful, they spread their legs, or bent over, or legs over head, in all manners. First of all, what u should say, is fuck feminism. And also, why r these young doing these denegrate things? Answer: fuck the sjw skums. 3rd, we see that, girls, are more than willing, to show use their body to make money. Which, is true since human kingdom come. So let me repeat. Fuck the moralists, the feminism of the 90s, bag of lies. And fuck the sjw, the milengen, and the sjw feminists, that pushed young girls to the porn. And also, fuck the christians of yore, who, spread lies about porn and women in porn. And put people in jail for porn. But also of interest, we learned, why the christian religion, and also islam, forbid women showing their body or other fornication? Well, because, if unrestrained, girl go naked and seduction go rampant, and men go crazy over them, which in turn, means, much chaos in society. Collapse of society. In particular islam, goes to the extreme forbidding women even showing their face. Why? Because truly, the force of sex of the biological imperative is perhaps the strongest force in humanity, second to hunger.

sjw fakenews site.

the verge black build pc gBmp
the verge black build pc gBmp
verge vox media 2021-10-29
verge vox media 2021-10-29
Screenshot 2021-10-27 145146 wYFh
( )

Google vs US Gov, Antitrust 2021-10

the psyop of AI era corps, 👍 🌟 and flashing ya brain. It conditioned the milengen.

discord emoji gif 2021-10-23 dKjP
discord emoji gif 2021-10-23 dKjP
uyghur tribunal NED 2021-10-18 SvSc8
[Behind the “Uyghur Tribunal”, US govt-backed separatist theater to escalate conflict with China By Brian Berletic. At ]
uyghur tribunal NED 2021-10-18
uyghur tribunal NED 2021-10-18

See also:

when i think of standup comedian, i think of

Most standup comedians r creepy. Especially, Conan, Ellen DeGeneres, jon steward. Bill mahler i used to like. I think he's too old and same old shit. Stephen colbert i used to like, during the george w bush faakhead era. Till he's chanting anti trump day n night in past few years. Ellen DeGeneres is just a creep fake skum. She got some sort of schizoid personality. Very cold and calculating. Conan o'brien is another creep fake. Typical of comedians. They actually cold and calculating, i think. Jon steward, is cringe. Not sure how to describe it. In particular he with women. I think a fitting word is coward. John oliver is blubing idiot of uk origin. Jay leno the square jaw, never liked. Not sure what he's about. Again, like typical comedians, insincere. David letterman, is always smooth, and not offensive. I liked him ok. Bill Mahler is mostly litetarian. I used to like. He is mostly political comedy. But truely, the same old shit gets tiring. He been doing almost exactly the same joke for 30 years. Jimmy fallon, seems mild, non-offensive, non-aggresive.

usa milk packaging 2021-10-03-s1600
usa milk packaging 2021-10-03

Carl Zha on China

What is Gaslighting

George Orwell  Spanish War
George Orwell, Looking Back on the Spanish War, chapter 4

Debt First 5 000 Years

flag girls 2021

Winston Sterzel (serpentZA) and Matthew Tye (laowhy86)

suppressed by Google for faaking 10 years for its pennies or hungry and die. Now, am free.

unhide fuck 2021-06-09
unhide fuck 2021-06-09
grep fuck 2021-06-09
grep fuck 2021-06-09

Basecamp DHH Skum

Why Xah Lee Use Multiple Domains?

2021-03-01 spacemacs Code of Conduct history pull request 3484 2015-10-20 (archived

Uyghur, Xinjiang, China

am now trying to find the mickey mouse cartoon opening scene around 1980 when i got fascinated with symmetric letters, when i was 10 years old, not knowing english nor alphabet nor what symmetry means The Origin of My Name XAH in Xah Lee

what's the technical term for a movie or cartoon opening? maybe opening credits

The Violent, Racist Content Twitter Won't Ban
Jan 14, 2021