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Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things.

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so, William Blum died.

i learned of William Blum when i started to look into human animals, politics, futurism in 2004. (before that, i have 0 idea. my mind was just math, psychology, linguistics, computing, philosophy academic stuff)

xah's log, 2004-03-18 Terrorism from USA: Misery US Americans Have Done to the World Terrorism from USA: Misery US Americans Have Done to the World

it's said, that tech advance makes people more ignorant, from observation of history. it's been 18 years since y2k. we have phone in pocket now. it does seem, people are more brainlessness, easier to be manipulated, or distracted.

it seems, the general tactic is to make people happy in small things, while do grand scale things they no like nor see. In other words, produce yuppies, consumers, TV, let people win bikeshed war. though, instead of conspiracy, think of it as how things work.

there is no lizard-men at the top that controls all. but, there are top politicians and businessmen that do control much. So how do you get to that top? i think it more has to do with your personality. you are inherently interested in gaining power, is tact, smart, work hard on it.

look at your pet cat dog. how docile they are, and you love them, they love you. Companion for life. How do you know they won't like natural freedom? Did you know pets are bred via latest science for hundreds of years just to have the right temperament and fur color for you?

to read term thinking dooms us anti china strategy.html

i read this one and learned that china born American Shoucheng Zhang (quatum et al physicst) Shoucheng Zhang fell to his death in USA, perhaps by cloak and dagger murder. that was disturbing.

currently drinking latte of Italian origin. the composition is 1 cup of cow teats juice + 1 spoon of coffee powder prepared by electromagnetic radiation with 915Mhz frequency. This life form has become such that its central nervous system depends on this simulation to function optimally.

train goes into building in china


Nanjin massacre

china twitter are posting this all days today. Nanjin massacre.

apparently, there's 1 min alarm howling in whole city Nanjing today video

ho! china employs hologram at airport

China Boxer Rebels (義和團)

the Boxer Rebels (義和團) is to Chinese as Pearl Harbor to American. Movies are made to make sure you know it that way. Boxers, are those who got tired of Brit, France, Germany, American et al eating China, and they believed kungfu can kick barbarians out.

Japan, China, Show Girls

Japan, like China, have car girls. That don't exist in USA anymore. you go to car show, game show, or tech expo, there is lots of them, pretty and smiling for the brand. image search China show girls to see. what if you are pretty and need to make a buck in USA? you open the doors of camgirl.

White Man Twitter CEO Jack Went for Meditation

speaking of Burma, and burma is in the news. and lol, twitter ceo Jack says burma is a wonderful country.

Twitter CEO Caused More Regressive Outrage, You Cant Win Jack

See also: Burma Girls 缅甸 小哥哥们,她们俩姐妹,种香蕉🍌养你们

here's twitter CEO Jack. He did a “10-day silent vipassana meditation”. lol. the super rich r alway into that. u know? Rich, too rich, so rich, rich to the bore with pleasure. now, u need a dosage of eastern meditation. A 10 day exotic dosage.

this is Jack's bunk at Burma. Consider that the luxury hotel of burma.

and here's twitter's Jack at a Burma banquet. I assume, it's specially prepared for him. this reminds me of Hollywood stars, or rich white men in general. They seek atonement.

jesus. at day 11, when twitter Jack is out of 10-day meditation, he reconnect his mind by tuning into rap, “DAMN” album by Kendrick Lamar. He calls it his favorite poet. here's one of the song on that album note the interpretation of DNA

twitter CEO Jack Dorsey 2018-12-09 5e06e-2
twitter CEO Jack Dorsey 2018-12-09 5e06e

it's curious, twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a very white white man. Yet, he sports a profile photo that looked like a black slave in a gladiator pit.

French revolution in action

always watch the real thing, instead of from big corps spin'd clips 4 u

sheet is going on in France. just click #YellowVests on twitter

Patreon Banned Sargon

watch the first 4 min to know what's going on. “Patreon Called Me To Explain Why They Banned Sargon” by @timcast aka timpool He is a independent journalist with few hundred thousand followers

when patreon ban you, do you get the money already in the account?

western propaganda. #china #Islam

turns out, its funded by good old CIA.

“Chinese gov are shipping bus load of HIV infected Han Chinese sex workers to provide cheap sex to the young Uyghur farmers”

what i was doing in 2007. Periodic Dosage Archive 2007-06

and 2011. Periodic Dosage Archive 2011-12

have you seen jet fighters of China?

it's pretty weird seeing this of China. I guess i lived in US for too long. But, other countries, say France, must also have jet fighter videos? why am not seeing them. Oh, i live in US. Normally, ur country no show other country's jet fighters.

2018 chinese net slang in English!

2018 chinese net slang in English! lol, the fake news New York Times et al skum do propaganda with Chinese versions of their pub since ~10 yrs ago. Now, apparently, these chinese pubs, also sports English version. You englisher, eat it.

one common style of online propaganda is pleasing stories. u know, a teen girl invented a breakthru. A pretty girl with missing leg survived cancer. Or, some villager saved a puppy against all odds. Usually with background music. always pleasant, touching, or morally right.

propaganda r usually emotion based, n is nasty. often, ur friends tweet them, n u r like, don't believe it! Well, u can't stop the force of saving cute puppies. but, what could possibly go wrong with sympathy for a girl or two? well, we got censorship, brexit, antifa, french revolution.

so, who is CGTN?

CGTN (China Global Television Network), formerly known as CCTV-9 and CCTV News, is a Chinese international English-language news channel of the State-owned China Global Television Network group, part of the China Central Television (CCTV).


Apple's Tim Cook, one skumbag, want to censor freespeech

Tim Cook, one skumbag

Ratbuger is a free blog platform

Ratbuger is a free blog platform, classic online forum, started by AutoCAD founder. If u tired of the medium dot com n other bait n switch.

France in riot. #YellowVests

modern society created a loneliness problem

modern society created a loneliness problem. you don't know or care about your neighbors. your online acquaintances, are just skin deep passerby. The root cause, is independence. Before, we care, cuz we need to, cuz it helps your livelihood and survival.

This article, interesting

[Designing cities to counter loneliness? Let's explore the possibilities By Tanzil Shafique. At ]

got a common cold. burning eyes

got a common cold. burning eyes. this means, sleep most of the weekend. haven't had for 3 or 4 years. remember, it's a virus. wash your hands before touch mouth, eyes, or other body holes.

NewsGuard, check news site bias

mentioned is NewsGuard a browser plugin that rates news website left/right bias

Google LEAKS Show Staff Colluding To Stop Trump in 2020 Google LEAKS Show Staff Colluding To Stop Trump in 2020 by Timcast Published on Nov 30, 2018

gun must flow in usa

gun must flow in usa. UK ban'd knife.

women's march. money scam

Breaking News: Top 10 Nuggets from Women’s March 2017 IRS Filing How much money did Women’s March Inc. make in 2017? How much did its controversial co-chairs Tamika Mallary, Carmen Perez, Linda Sarsour and Bob Bland make?

Guardian fake news on Julian Assange 2018-11

Guardian fake news on Julian Assange 2018-11 9d176
Guardian fake news on Julian Assange 2018-11 9d176

[Guardian ups its vilification of Julian Assange By Jonathan Cook. At ]

twitter accounts from china

my twitter used to be filled with chinese home made pn. Now it's filled with china propaganda, from

the ① CGTNOfficial is most interesting.

PDChinese is most propaganda like. simlar to, say, CNN.

caravan storm us border

the problem is easily solved. Take the 5 thousand richest in usa. put one in each's home. Guarantee for 1 year living. it'd be peanuts for them, and solves all the sympathy problem. If more people storm, do same, starting with 5001 richest.

caravan storm us border 9f516
caravan storm us border 9f516

by the way, vast majority of them are male. and some 500 are criminals. They put women and children in front, of course, for the show.

antifa violence at Portland

“In recent months, [antifa] has become very prominent in Portland. The group has repeatedly promised to use violence to defend the city & has repeatedly lived up to that promise.” Fox News' @tracegallagher reports on what happened last Saturday.


Hannah McClintock, the woman in yellow with #antifa, repeatedly spit at a man & hurled punches at him. I had witnessed her trying to fight people over & over. She was one among six people who were arrested.

video [👏 must watch the end.]

biggest fire in California history

Camp Fire (2018)

dash cam video basically, entire city wiped out in a day #CampFire

ACLU Has Fallen, even from ggreenwald

The ACLU is rapidly becoming a standard liberal advocacy group, subordinatig its long-standing civil liberties principles to these more pedestrian partisan goals. Still some noble, admirable holdouts there, but the trend is as clear as it is tragic.

so well said, even coming from @ggreenwald

homeless man gave girl $20 for gas. She and her bf raised $400k. all fraud

homeless man gave girl $20 for gas. She and her boyfriend raised $400k. Then, few months ago it's reported the homeless didn't get any more. Turns out, all setup. they are: Mark D’Amico, Katelyn McClure, Johnny Bobbitt.

the help mentality. turns out, it's all fraud. and remember that blacklivematters on facebook, raised gazillion money, turns out fraud. and there are quite a few other incidents.

Burlington County prosecutors outlined the allegations against Mark D’Amico, Katelyn McClure and Johnny Bobbitt on Thursday. All three are charged with theft by deception and conspiracy to commit theft by deception.

Sharyl Attkisson, the FBI spied her home, even planted classified doc in her comp

donate to Sharyl for good journalism.

the FBI spied her home, even planted classified doc in her comp. Because she's doing investigation and reporting on gov.

i came to know Sharyl Attkisson when i watched her presentation on “fake news”, and learn how that term originates

where did sjgang ideology came from?

Lindsay Shepherd, goes over her graduate school master degree experience, in communication and sociology. From this, you learn, what the current leftsj came from.

[Exposing Grad School (My M.A. experience) By Lindsay Shepherd. At ]

my god. it's hard to believe what these people are doing in graduate school. Some are like feel good elementary stuff. When jordan peterson retweeted and said 〈Lindsay Shepherd on fraudulent higher “education”〉 i have reservation about retweeting that as is. but now, after watching the video, fraud, indeed.

San Francisco Is “Poop Town” And Had To hire “Poop Patrol”

online china men problem




我1968在台湾生,1982 出国(14岁)。巴拉圭,瓜地马拉,加拿大,最后1989,21岁到美国。 我在国外看,看到~2008年中国崛起。从吃香蕉🍌皮国变成太空火箭电脑大国。 (注意,我在台湾,1980s,小学五六年及课本上说共匪是吃香蕉皮的。) 米国给钱的台湾,从1990经济小国变成没人理国。 是不是大陆人现在活的太舒服了?可口可乐喝的太多了?

Dave Rubin interviews Tucker Carlson

i've seen several videos of Tucker Carlson off his show by now. Carlson on show is very biased, says the party line to keep $ flowing for his business. Off “camera” he's much more interesting.

Tucker Carlson have this quirk. He'd suddenly burst into a self-amusing talking-laughter, with the sound volume going thru the roof. When i first saw that, i thought it's a stage habit. But maybe it's his off camera habit too.

sjgang kept change def of r cism, rap, equality

the sjgang is such a skum. now they say asian is not color. they change definition to suite their needs. they change def of rap (from force to drunk/broken condom ), r ism (from race to “social structure”), sex to gender (depending on who u ask), from equal opportunity to “equity”.

Jim Acosta Is Not Doing Journalism, Has Access Revoked

latest culture war incident. Jim Acosta Is Not Doing Journalism, Has Access Revoked report by @timpool

omg, Jim Acosta incident. i just now looked, Washington Post, The NewYorker, USA Today, say the vid is doctored. Even bringing on “vid forensic expert”

Here's actual video from CNN

Acosta not only push her,so forcefully her body fell forward. Lie thru teeth.

and here's another video showing how basically all mainstream media are lying.

Thousand Oaks Shooting

am now literally getting US news from China first. #ThousandOaksShooting

Young Turks, Cenk Uygur say sheet about Women

young turks cenk uygur 2018-10-23 4f6a5-2
Young Turks, Cenk Uygur 2018-10-23

in normal times, this is not of concern. Men ridicule women, women ridicule men. It's common, when not malicious. but now, the sjleft circus fak, made things bad.

am posting this, because i think now the Young Turks Cenk Uygur is a fakfes

left vs right, who did violence?

sometimes i chat with programer acquaintances, n they blame T for violence. From my observation, at least 0.5 to 1 year before, the left r doing actual violence, and all major news media suppressed it, before any “inciting” from the right.

video collage at

remember, today lots phone cams. Any incident, back to 2017, there r lots vids u can see on youtube, if u just take time to look for yourself. instead of the spin'd version from cnn and New York Times futter

human animal vs human beings

i get asked on twitter, what's “human animal?” a phrase i use often.

the term is in opposition to “human beings”, but means the same thing. i think lots of evil is from loaded words. i try to not use them. “human” suffice, but i added animal to dramatize it and emphasize the scientific view.

Lauren Southern, Such a Pretty Face

[Sneak Peek: BORDERLESS By Lauren Southern. At ]

Lauren Southern is such a pretty face, and she know it. I think it effected the work she does. I don't mean public perception. I mean, her prettiness, and her self-aware vanity of it, damaged her work, via her behaviors and body language. She should stop wearing makeup

look at the way she touch her hair in the beginning. Am sure, it's aware of it, and semi-intentional. that's not good for the kinda work she's doing.

so, from what i see, her work is perpetually perceived as semi serious, like, a bimbo trying to do serious work.

i think it's something she cannot change. Grew up as a pretty girl, and pampered by it.

Haidt (@JonHaidt) on Bill Maher (@billmaher) show

here's 8 minutes clip.

[Jonathan Haidt The Coddling of the American Mind, By Real Time With Bill Maher. At ]

insight on how and difference the smartphone effect boys and girls. girls became more suicidal

Jonathan Haidt's new book is

[The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure By Jonathan Haidt. At amazon ]

global warming? give me freedom or dth

twitter debate.

global warming debate bartosz baez 2018-11-03 9566c
global warming debate bartosz baez 2018-11-03

i'll byte! would you rather evil (say Trump) n his clan run the world for 20 years (random genoc, rap, etc.), or would you rather earth perish? or put in another way: do u rather ur enemy win, or all perish? i read psy study show, most humans pick latters. give me freedom or dth.

modern libraries, more for the show

about modern libraries, am getting a sense it's more for show than anything.

someone tweets: beautiful new lib at Calgary

mozilla (firefox) donate $100k to antifa

[Mozilla Funding Antifa By Justin Trouble. At ]

mozilla give money to antifa 2017 f2f1a
mozilla give money to antifa 2017