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Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things.

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Acceptance and sex are the main reasons humans fight

this said it. it's common knowledge, even instinctive knowledge. But is denied by modern elites and those in power who wage war.

University diversity initiatives 002cd
University diversity initiatives
twitter pop result 2018-10-17 d05f4
twitter pop result 2018-10-17 d05f4

this is what happens when you tweet a pop sound bite in pol

a thought just occurred to me. How much of the sj stuff has penetrated the Spanish speaking people in usa? does the sj gang distribute info, like trans/gender-spectrum/patriarchy etc in Spanish of Mexican sites, radio, youtube?

it's interesting to observe the political jargons and names. feminism, black live matters (as opposed to, doesn't matter). men's rights (not: anti stupid feminism), women's march, and we have now March For Life!

take “black lives matter” for example. it implies, black lives doesn't matter but should. but also, shouldn't it be African American Lives Matters? lol. But that doesn't sound right, as if it implies African Lives didn't matter or any other's lives don't matter.

just deleted my previous tweet. i no want twitter ban yet. though, i do want a public record of it, of what i said. lol. what a paradox. u c, sometimes it's tricky with political games. let's just say, if u want my full pol opinions, it's not on twitter.

comment on political stuff, needs not necessarily be about politics. For example, there are very interesting linguistic aspect about names like feminism, lgbt, lgbtq, blacklivesmatters, men's rights. From etymology perspective, effectiveness, and logical dissection.

you no want schizophrenia

of all personality disorders (which am a expert of), the one u no wanna get is schizophrenia. You see things, and hear things, with that.

context: cannabis and schizo

a famous schizo is mathematician John Nash , depicted in movie A Beautiful Mind buy on amazon

anonymous cowards

there r lots people who post reddit then delete account. extremely annoying, and coward. not talking about sensitive topic even. e.g. on #emacs.

young people, use your real name on social media. and, stand for what you say. don't sheeetpost. that's how you respect yourself and earn respect.

there r certainly situations anonymity apply, e.g. the work wikileaks is doing. but mostly (i'd say 99.99% posts), the nameless account behavior on the internet is just cowardice and irresponsibility.

a look at the Proud Boys

this is what happened 〈Proud Boys Leaving Republican Club After Gavin McInnes Event and Brutal Assault 10/12/18 〉

from what i've seen, thru-out 2017 to now, all the violence, are started by the left group antifa. the antifa group has explicit public message, about how to dress in black with mask, how to hit and run and hide, how to derail train, etc. The Proud Boys, is a rater late reaction.

13 Oct 2018 Patriot Prayer vs. Antifa in “Flash March”

ACLU has fallen

your sj friend

a friend, keyboard expert, just tweeted this “Why Great Success Can Bring Out the Worst Parts of Our Personalities”

by the title, i thought he were self-reflecting. turns out, that's a hit piece on @elonmusk , cuz he didn't buy into left ideology.

i was writing the reply to him directly. then, have second thoughts.

we'd be great friends except he turns out to be sj. he's rich and elite. i think he's a good person. somehow, he do not see himself as mfkgs rich and elite. there's possibility maybe its a pretense, to keep his rank. But i rather think, unconscious self-interest bias did it.

Harvard University Do Bad Things to Asians

harvard no like asians. if it fair, 43% would be asians. harvard is a private. but i guess it's also taking $ from gov. In free economy, some other private U that is based on excellence would've kick harvard to oblivion. the regulations of democratic party probably is stopping it

china rocket crashes into village


now tim pool's videos is like, 5% actual reporting, 95% repetitive mini shallow no-brain lecture on none issues. now i find myself cannot stand it after 3 minutes. So i just watch the first 3 minutes.

world map of us military presence

sense and sensibility. But, is this true? you be the judge.

world map of us military presence

antifa flying hammer and sickle flag

portland antifa 2018-10-13 3318e
portland antifa 2018-10-13 [image source]

behold n lol. i wonder what does Russians think.

gif response posters

on twitter, there's a gaggle of folks, look at this thread, who do nothing but post gif responses. that's been going on for a few years, i guess began with imgur. i suppose, all these r millen gen and teens? do older people do that?

a most wonderful book review. if you are into the culture war that's going on, check this out.

the book is

SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice) 2017 by Vox Day. Buy at amazon

The infighting of fem and trans. the misery the left created

Tim Pool reports. The infighting of fem and trans. the misery the left created on the other note, Tim is now riding fakenews and stoopid news and clickbait news. $ is good.

the character of Glenn Greenwald, and did number of gays increase?

i don't think i like Glenn Greenwald. From the few i read of him over the past few years, i think he's one of those who have a fanatical attachment about “democracy”. afaik, he's not the sj gang member, but he's old old school progressive fanatics i think.

context. (Gleen's latest report about some rise of tyrant in brazil)

also, i learned that Glenn Greenwald is stinking rich. millions. and he's gay. what's his story? what's your impression of him?

here's one video of Glenn Greenwald. first result on my youtube search of his name seems a reasonable guy

one question i have since the lgbtq fak is, did the number of gays n trans actually increased since say y2k? i don't mean coming out, but men actually into sex with other men, even in secret. did they increase?

off hand, i think the number of men interested only in other men, stayed constant as perhaps in ancient Greece. which is, not many. maybe ≺ 1% of population. But, with recent news about sperm count decreasing in recent decade, maybe there's something going on.

here's Glenn, Glenn Greenwald on Donald Trump, NSA Surveillance, Facebook, Russiagate, Syria, Israel, Gaza, Yemen watch the first 5 min. This guy i can trust.

the flag of human animals, waving (video of flying skirt of princess of united kingdom)

Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris on religion

i wanted to like Sam Harris, but never did. i think he tries to push his little rational mind to much. He wanted to be the god of everything but is a bit short. I find Peterson, Paglia, much more intellectually rich.

the thing with Sam Harris is like, he's 1 trick pony. The reasons against god has been laid out flat by 1900s, particularly Bertrand Russell. Sam is more like a activist. While, you read or watch Jordan Peterson, Camille Paglia, you get more rich ideas.

i've actually just watched the first 90 min of this video. Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson debate on religion. if you've never studied philosophy of religion, this might be good wedge in

in this video, Jordan is actually bogged down by his painstaking obsession with precision of his utterances. on the surface seems extremely precise but really are just verbiage. Normally, of his other video i've seen, he's not this wasted. but maybe because the subject matter and context of debate with another academic.

the 2nd video, seems much better. but i only watched the 1st 10 min yet.

google censorship. it tries to explain its censorship as good censorship

free trade, Trump's china tax seems hurting china

Trump's china tax is clearly hurting china. US news don't report it, but there are several from official chinese channels complaining about it in recent weeks


in general, free trade is best. Nationalism or restrictions generally hurt both countries. but there are some details. you can understand it, by scale down the world to just your neighborhood. Who u you gonna get bread, meat, gas, employment, etc, for what you have or skill.

suppose joe has cow. u get milk from him. u r a comp whiz. He get his windows fixed from you. 1 day, u two had a fight. u no want joe milk anymore. Mary has milk, but mary lives far, and not as good. if u refuse joe's milk, it costs u more. he likely retaliates. hurt both ways.

how much it hurts depends on the detail. Maybe you don't need milk. But maybe he's switching to linux, so it hurts you more than it hurts him. However, when these kinda things happens a lot among neighbors, all suffers.

but also note, in real world, those Free Trade Agreement, or organizations, packs, etc, may not be what they seem.

the point here is, free trade, is a fundamentally good thing. You want it.

life expectancy history c39f6
life expectancy history, in 1800, 1950, 2015


Sun Yat-sen wife Kaoru Otsuki, at 13

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Japanese wife Kaoru Otsuki around the time he asked her father for her hand in marriage. She was 13, Sun was 37.

if u dont know, Doctor Sun Yat-sen is considered the father of China, from empire to republic. Both mainland china and nationalist taiwan considers him the dad.

Sun Yat-sen wife Kaoru Otsuki 751d4
Sun Yat-sen wife Kaoru Otsuki [image source]

history that we don't see

also note, before 1900, you lucky if you lived up to age 30. Girls marrying at 13, is the norm, world wide.

this drama. grandpa carrying his mom. such a tale is no longer seen in America, due to sj.

antifa at portland, taking over road, directing traffic

quite amazing that North Korea is now opened up. We are seeing regular visits.

look at human animal corruption, as statistical chemistry

the thing about human animals is that, when u rich n powerful, u get fat n sloppy. This is true for basically all human animals. The exception, is if u have strong discipline, like a monk, which is abnormal. The rot behavior does not occur to most, cuz most r not rich n powerful.

context: #Israeli Prime Minister's wife, Sara Netanyahu, went on trial on Sunday for alleged crimes including fraud over misuse of public funds to pay for hundreds of gourmet meals.

the drivels of Eric Weinstein

Bret Weinstein said

My position on the #Kavanaugh confirmation: Both outcomes are completely unacceptable.


Eric Weinstein Said

This position is held in varying forms by nearly everyone thoughtful with whom I'm speaking. What divides these folks is which way to break the symmetry. But honest people see deep reasons that both outcomes are not healthy or workable. We need a genius healer we just don't have.


this is a typical utterance of Eric Weinstein. Am on his pol side, but, he likes to make incomprehensible statements. Maybe he's a mathematician that's why. But i'd think he's incapable of making clear statements. Some nerds can't public speak. and this is his defect.

now let's see how soon this gets censored on hackernews. get your stopwatch out.

looks like it's going to stay, as there are already 2 previous posts of the same article.

Young Hillary Clinton

Young Hillary Clinton 548bf.mp4

racism in south africa

this guy “serpentza”, white guy, born in South Africa, went to live in china, discuss the situation. you get to hear the story of racm 1st hand i first saw this guy's YouTube in 2017. since, i've watched maybe 20. he's now a YouTube star.

Christine Ford's testimony questioned after ex boyfriend says she helped a friend prep for polygraph

Christine Ford prep polygraph 2018-10-03 2f3d7
Christine Ford prep polygraph 2018-10-03

glass panel teleprompter

what are those panels for?

panels 2018-10-03 8745a
panels 2018-10-03

answer: they are modern teleprompters. That is, those glass panes, show text, from the speaker's side view. teleprompters are like cue cards.

heard from the grapevine

girl cosmonaut of china! hot!

girl cosmonaut of china bf1be
girl cosmonaut of china [image source]

hum, i think chinese have been in outer space for few year now. i've seen lots pics n vids of nasa in space. why haven't i seen any chinese floating? ah, right, i live in USA. and Chinese programers on twitter only post anti china stuff.

humm, i don't recall seeing black girl floating in space. O, SJ gang, u got more work to do!

Mae Jemison in space 54251
Mae Jemison in space

ah, there she is, Mae Jemison

esr, Linux Code of Conduct, telos and ethos

esr wrote a piece about the recent Linux Code of Conduct fiasco titled “On holy wars, and a plea for peace” or at #linuxgate

in esr usual pompous manner, he invokes telos and ethos. I, am not as pompous in his devious manner. If you see any Code Of Conduct, withdraw, lawsuit. If you think you'll just hunker down and let pol take its course, remember, the world is what we make of it. #linuxgate

linus's yearly salary seems to be 10 million. and here's his daughter, Patricia Torvalds 18 years old, who seems to be part of the sj stuff

I just posted on esr's blog. Esr is a sly fkhd. He started the open source for his gain, and his unix philosophy n hacker logo fk. Now, he wrote a devious article to fight the sj. Now, thinking bout it, sj is backlash of open source fanaticism he created. it all began with the “helping” mentality

insanity Terry A Davis, and TempleOS

learned about Terry A. Davis (1969, died Aug 2018), who wrote a weird TempleOS lots weird guys out there. here's video of him just before he died. he got run down by a train, possibly of his own will.

here's a demo of TempleOS. It's only 2 mega bytes, but contains a compiler, editor, a 3d graphics with UI. quite amazing. It's long. skip around. at the video description, here's detail of his story.

here's a intro to this Terry Davis TempleOS guy. quite a whacko. insane is the word.

feeling uneasy as i see some of the tech acquaintances tweet more sj stuff

feeling uneasy as i see some of the tech acquaintances tweet more sj stuff. wonder if i should unfollow. they fakheads, still think they r doing good thing. pretty soon, it's gonna be sticking kf among ur friends, sans choice. it's called, civil war.

these js proramrs fakheads, they are always elite, always white. they make tons of money, lives very comfortably. typically they in SF or NY area. part of their js mind is i assume subconscious guilt. their deeds n propensities, has effect of increasing their power.

am at a point of writing where i cannot distinguish sj and js. lol. the warrior part is omitted intentionally, of course, as poor man's anti censureship measures.

sometimes i wonder, those i knew who tweet sj stuff sometimes, maybe they just getting by. because, 1 of the tactics of sjgang is, u HAVE TO DO SOMETHING, else, u enemy. This mantra's used by orgs 2: st gang, scientology, islm, n was Xtian to (wherefrom we have the word heretic)

Map of the World's Corruption and Bribery

Kavanagh vs Christine Ford

spent some 3 hours watching the #KavanaghHearing . I think #ChristineBlaseyFord has no case. Either lying, prep'd by the demo org, or, got the wrong guy. No evidence whatsoever. While, Kav character has strong background support.

it should be, when this case is over, either Kav goes to jail, or, Ford goes to jail. One of these must happen.

ok. Russ Cox is tweets CNN. A notch down in my book. Let's see how he goes.

ok. he not only tweets CNN, but tweets lots sj gang stuff. unfollowed.

here's a vid interviewing Kav and his wife, before today's hearing.

What does his wife do? apparently, she's not a very out spoken person. e.g. in this situation, u have to be very careful of what u say.

the point here is that you observe people. here, his wife. what's her job, personality, her mannerism. and you can compare, get a sense, how truthful or natural she is in this case. From only this vid, i think she's not outspoken and probably have been coached a bit.

note that, many wife of presidents are like that. They, typically are just house wifes, who never gave a speech in their lives, never cared or knew any bits of politics. Suddenly, they are First Lady in lime light, expected to give great speeches for humanity.

Trump's wife Melania is like that. Worse, is when 1st Lady tried to become by forcing herself into humanity issues. Michelle Obama is like that. Typically, what they do or stand for is similar to movie stars. On any issue, they are always on the side that sounds nice on the surface.

now note, in Kav's response. He carefully focus on issue only, not touching anything else. When asked ~“WHY u think all this's happening [implied false accusation]”, he repeats: “just want a fair hearing”. Completely avoiding the question, not even “no comment on that”.

here's Kav's opening statement of today's hearing. 45 mins long. wife, is conspicuously on the left, looking sad, the whole time.

here's Ford, in her opening statement. I have no good thing to say about her. My first impression is, aged 51, a professor of psychology, she semi cries the whole time and acts like a school girl. Not a strong woman. #KavanaghHearing

here's body language analysis (BLA) of Christine Ford it's done by this popular youtuber, who, are pro right side.

i've watched maybe over 10 videos of this body language analysis (BLA) lady, mostly in 2017. I can't tell if she truly possess accurate BLA, or even BLA is sound. I find that her remarks is often plain to careful observer. #KavanaghHearing

find ur sweet cherry 2018-09-26 1ec0d-2
when Google caught me watching porn.

capitalism at work. Buy now! lots open source fanatic programers, are eager! remember, there's a million patents, cut throat non open source, and lawyers to make sure it slows down next year.

CNN calls up Yale 87 grads to dig dirt on Kavanaugh

lol. CNN trying to dig up dirt.

CNN Bronstein Phone Call Brett Kavanaugh 2018-09-25 209f5.mp4 [source] [source ]
amy dryden facebook ban 2018-09-25
amy dryden post call facebook ban 0f8c7 [image source]

linus: “respect is earned not given”

this is linus, few years ago. “respect is earned not given”

Linus Torvalds on his insults: respect should be earned.

now with Linus putting in the persecuting Code Of Conduct and apologizing, something's wrong. I doubt he suddenly changed and saw the light, for person of his age and severity at extreme swearing. (note, there's big diff, from swearing and actual cruelty. Linus is 0 of the latter.) He is prob under overt or covert pressure.

facial expression tech, and tech advancement from entertainment industry

tyra banks yells at a girl on America's Next Top Model. [source]

what's this? oh, it's “tyra banks yells at a girl on America's Next Top Model.”. some sorta drama show on TV. But note, the fantastic facial expressions. Understand, understanding facial expression to the degree to animate it from scratch, came from 3d animations of movie houses.

i learned from my general studies, that a significant portion of computing tech, algorithms, came from creating video games for entertainment. (e.g. in particular, computational geometry, path finding, lots AI, massive networking tech.)

creating realistic facial expressions, e.g. say by a 3d cartoon dog face, is not trivial. And, we humans will detect any micro detail wrong immediately. but, the movie industry e.g. Pixar Disney etc, did most of that. As opposed to some scientific research org.

note that pn has driven lots tech advancement. from video tape of yore to all sorta virtual reality tech from screen to goggle to real time video streaming to phone controlled vibs. Much of video tech is driven by pn in past 10 years.

note that Second Life's economy, is driven by mostly pn. see

it's a interesting phenomena, that tech advances are driven by entertainment industry, not some scientific research org, as we might think. i think the reason is that, in capitalistic countries, things are driven by money. Therefore. And in developed countries, entertainment is the #1 business.

much of today's tech, even not specifically entertainment, are leisure. e.g. the entire iphone business and its features. the entire Facebook twitter.

your slim chance to be a respected mathematician

is it possible i'll be respected by the moniker of a mathematician, someday? Yes. i still got a chance. still got a chance!

but seriously, for the slim chance, i'll need to stop doing trivial things like keyboard geeking, twitter fak, and reading about the sj fak, and writing bout programer idiocies and open source fanatic faks. though, i can still work towards comp lang research and compilers.

Second Lawsuit from Jordan B Peterson

second lawsuit from @jordanbpeterson , report by @Timcast yay.

if you have a day job, put your money to @jordanbpeterson . i may die doing this, that's ok. the sj needs to be wiped out.

now i learned, TDS = Trump Derangement Syndrome. Unhappiness caused by the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States. Sufferers display an inordinate loathing for and preoccupation with Donald Trump. The grief and distress they suffer is real.

mooncake ration ticket, from China, 1964

moon cake ration china 1964 c5b1e
moon cake ration china 1964 [image source]

It does not look too happy.

“Vox Media On Pace to Miss Revenue Target as Digital Advertising Disappoints.” skumbag sites: vox, the verge. Others they run: SB Nation, Eater, Polygon, Racked, Curbed, Recode.

Beverly Hills 90210. pretty, elite, normal, skums

Beverly Hills 90210

the show i watched when young. Each of them, the character in such show, are fakfaces. Typically, it's these kinda people, beautiful, elite, normal, i have problem with. Their attitude n demeanor, became today's sj s.

Beverly Hills 90210 Cast Members Then And Now 2018

unsolved murders and missing persons

ran across this site

apparently there's a tv show of unsolved missing persons. and this site list them, link to latest news articles on status. quite spooky. many murder cases. and, you see so many local news websites. spent 1 hour reading it.

two hot sjw killers

“data society” Propaganda Targeting Conservatives

left lie tim pool 2018-09-20 18dea
left lie tim pool 2018-09-20 18dea

at a point, the left is targeting anyone who disagree or harmful to their lies

watch Tim Pool's detailed report

Media Is Smearing Me And People Like Joe Rogan as Far-Right

I knew half of the people since 2017. Here i'll post each person and my impressions. I order the list starting with those i like the most, or watched the most. (the folks are quite diverse in their personalities and what they do.)

data social hit targets 2018-09-20 740e0
data social hit targets 2018-09-20 740e0

for more about this data social stuff, see

China launch rocket news

the commencement of being brainwashed by Chinese propaganda in retaliation to sj war n anti communist chinese programers on twitter.

context “【又是#一箭雙星#!我國成功發射第37、38顆北斗導航衛星[威武]】9月19日22時07分,我國在西昌衛星發射中心用長征三號乙運載火箭,以“一箭雙星”方式成功發射第37、38顆北斗導航衛星。在這兩顆衛星上,首次裝載了國際搜救組織標準設備,將為全球使用者提供遇險報警及定位服務。給力!”

twitter pol thread circus

twitter pol engagement 2018-09-18 74f80
twitter pol engagement 2018-09-18 74f80

this is what happens when u engage in twitter political thread. lol. it's like that since yesterday. due to the idiocy of char limit, nobody r rly serious, nobody can be. plus, the milen gen is dunno howto write! n fak twtr!

Sordid Tales of Code of Conduct

linux is fak'd. read the whole thread.

On its new Code Of Conduct


Richard Stallman on Code of Conduct 2018-09-18 6f60f
Richard Stallman on Code of Conduct 2018-09-18 6f60f

the poster implied that it's a personal email communication.


language and code of conduct

Matz the Ruby creator giving opinion about the master/slave terminology that the sj gang wanna change. As the sj gang do things, it cross borders, but basically stops at countries that don't speak English. This is a advantage of lang barrier. If 1 part corrupt at times, not whole world.

context: “master / slave を parent / child に置き換えるのは、政治的に正しくなくて(子供は親の従属ではない)、leader / follower とでも呼ぶべきなのでは。”

i used to think, that china should learn more English, so that the world can move towards 1 universal language, from efficiency point of view. But didn't realize, there are indeed advantages that the whole world does not speak 1 lang.

India, due to United Kingdom imperialism, English became basically their native language for all science and tech. I thought that's progress, until i saw, how today, the top websites Indians use are all US sites, and they are also infested with sj stuff.

here's ranking of most spoken languages, counting “as second language” speakers. L1 in the chart means 1st lang. L1 means 2nd lang. English and Chinese are roughly the same. Followed by Hindi, Spanish, Arabic.

most spoken language 2018-09-18 1ffbb
most spoken language 2018-09-18 1ffbb
code of conduct by matz ruby a381e
code of conduct by matz ruby a381e

race age sex ism obsession in usa

i am 50. but in my opinion, laws about age race religion sex discrimination should be abolished. They simply hide the problem. And by circumstances, today get us a totalitarian discrimination by the left, using law as its weapon.

context: news. 2018-09-17 IBM Is Being Sued for Age Discrimination After Firing Thousands

Race is a problem that can never be solved. Similarly the sex war. But actually, they are not problems. They are problem as human animal's nature of aggression is a problem. you look at today's violent left, or your own unyielding nature in arg with boss coworker neighbor. you know.

the interesting thing about race sex etc is that, due to USA history, American has a obsession about race. ( and due to Western roots, obsession about justice) So, news daily on it 30+ years. But US is #1 aggressor in the world, and its “racism” “sexism” haven't been better than natural progress.

What Does Larry Page and Sergey Brin Think About sj?

google Larry Page Sergey Brin 2016-11.mp4

Google boss Larry Page and Sergey Brin, 2016 post election at Google. They are classic liberals, for sure. But I always wondered how they feel about the sj stuff. I thought, they couldn't possibly agree with it. Maybe i was wrong. Maybe the applause is a show.

they each has 52 giga $ worth. I thought about what's it's like. Start with, u make $10 a day. Then, $100 a day, $1k/day = 365k/year. at that point, u can live in expensive hotel daily, anywhere in the world. u can kill a man if u want.

what about girls? with $1k/day, millions of girls flock to your arms. sex slaves? please take me! 365k/year, after 3 years, you a millionaire. But they are billionaires. That's 1k times more.

Rich men, they spent their money or girls, cars, houses, islands, infinite quest for more power. There are lots of rich women in tech. what do they do with money? Am total blank here.

For comparison:

Linus adds a code of conduct, and apologizes.

Linus adds a code of conduct, and apologizes. this is sad. Linus been an asshole. But, not in the sj context. Looking at his wording, he may be pressured to do so.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Like Sarah Palin, Indeed

watch this idiot, no idea what she's talking about. If she knew, she wouldn't be politician. Possibly a professor instead. Different job have diff profiles of the characters. If you are good at X, you'll not hold job Y.

it seems, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is like Sarah Palin. Good at buzz words, saying things people like to hear. “American people”, “civilized democracy”. She's only 28. How did she rise up? i guess with the help of the left powers, as a chess piece.

context: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez babbling about economy and policies. “She has no idea where she's going to get the money... and she's going to be in congress, embarrassing the hell out of the Dem party, for the next 30 years.”

@Timcast has degenerated

lol. @Timcast has degenerated. Now, in his daily videos, he kept repeating his views, telling us what he think. Like, a mid man trying so hard to stay middle but can't anymore. Just like last year he criticized @Lauren_Southern for being a activist instead of journalist.

Rachel Maddow skum

in 2016, i watched some of her news clips on YouTube. (don't have tv since 2001) Didn't know who she is, but i liked it. Back then, i also watched lots Anderson Cooper. Not till late 2017, i learned, what skum they are. Especially Rachel Maddow.

back in 2016, i also heard from friends, that Foxnews is sheet. I kept that in mind. I KNEW NOTHING about cnn, foxnews, etc, except that they are news companies. Now, if i want news, breitbart, foxnews, is my 1st stop. I'll think about bias later. lol. fk u sj

am a nerd. i.e. a math comp scify type, social wallflower. big bro to girls. as depicted in movies of 80 or 90s. We, promoted and helped women in tech. Today, the left politics skum blame men, praise football stars, erase history, erase science, sing islam, anything to gain power.

13-year-old Marrisa Shen was murdered (by islamic nutjob again)

if you are programer and lefty, stop it. Am pretty sure you are not totally comfortable to sing left songs by now. Stop posting pro sj stuff, that's the least you can do.

13-year-old Marrisa Shen was murdered and activists want to turn this into a conversation about defending immigration? Show some respect to her family FFS.

Where are you @JustinTrudeau and where's your concern for the Chinese community

2018-09-15 from

ur brain, is done for. by the media corps

Federal data released Wednesday show that California has the highest poverty rate in the nation.

Evergreen College Is Collapsing, Enrollment down 70%. lol.

now, u have to look at body lang of human animals. i always wondered, that girls covering mouth thing. real? some do that during copulation. Surely it's not involuntary muscle movement, right? Answer: culture induced behavior. It makes them more attractive to males.

males, have too. eg chimp walk.

master and slave

the sj faks r at it again. r they actually gaining power by doing this? actually am not sure or if it's opposite. but the tension is at pretty much at peak by now, all white nations. Pop anytime. then, master n slave would actually takes their places.

NSFW Gone Nuts

it's becoming epidemically idiotic, on mastodon, u c people using the CW NSFW fuck.

nsfw, began 15 years ago, to prevent porn-like stuff ya friend u follow from suddenly popping up on ur screen when ur boss might be behind. Now, it seems anything sensitive, e.g. political opinion, even just plain text, r deemed to warrant, nay, require, a NSFW screen. The milen gen r truly supreme idiots of our times.

back then 15 years ago, i dnt even support the very concept of NSFW. If u no wanna see it, dnt follow such sources or ya friend, period. nothing's gonna mysteriously pop up on ya screen. if u want see, then let it be sans secretive schemes.

The very concept of nsfw is a elite yuppie thing. Life's too comfy, wanna see naughty, but no wanna pay for the price. A internal struggle. The resolve, is inventing a tag. soothing the mind, shielding the act.

nsfw gone nuts 2018-09-13 ffbf9
nsfw gone nuts 2018-09-13

twitter shallow

am beginning to see, twitter is tremendously harmful. it washes your brain. basically the most shallow, sound bite, cat pic, drama, type of things spread into your stream, of any subject matter. To the extend it taints ya brain, even if u knew n try to guard it daily.

Peter Thiel on Trump, Gawker, and Leaving Silicon Valley (Interview by Rubin Report)

Peter Thiel is not a great speaker. His voice and utterances is not melodious. You listen to him for a while, but you don't get or remember what he's saying. i guess part of it is the structure or his thought pattern.

In comparison, many academics are habituated with high abstraction and stilted words. Bret Weinstein is like that, especially Eric Weinstein. Totally incomprehensible, and even idiotic is their content.

Sam Harris, is even more extreme with abstraction and stilted words, yet, he can be understood.

on the other hand, Jordan Peterson, Camile Paglia, are completely 2 different styles, yet, both are with extreme clarity. Both are academic but are not jargon ridden. JP's style is with extreme logic and precision. Paglia is fluid and outpouring.

LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership’s Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election

youtube censorship at work. pull out money for Dr Debra Soh interview video

Hi @teamyoutube, can you let me know what about this interview with researcher and author @DrDebraSoh caused it to be demonetized? And not just by the algorithm but also by manual review:


i've watched the whole interview.

. @jack , the guy running twitter, is skumbag number 1.

what he's doing, is to say whatever to keep making lots money. same thing zukerbug and other big money orgs are doing.

all these began, when the coddled millennial idiots began to demand money corps protect their emotions and stuff, wanting corps to acts as gov. It began with the “report” button.


Elon Musk on Joe Rogan show

12 min into watching Elon Musk on Joe Rogan show. don't like it. Musk is insincere and fking around. Rogan's a idiot, always has been.

the Joe Rogan Elon Musk interview is freaky. Elon began insincere. Seems uncomfortable the whole time. Kept reaching for whisky then got drunk n stoned. Clearly, the two r not the same type. The idiot Joe kept blabbering, seems in control.

Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain

barack obama anthony bourdain 82l5w
Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain
barack obama anthony bourdain eatery chair 6hjwe
The table where Barack Obama and Anthony Bourdain sat are now sealed. The food place name is Bún Chả Hương Liên. Source: Anthony Bourdain's instagram. []

my impression of Brett Kavanaugh

So, there's this guy Brett Kavanaugh. Gonna be a supreme judge or something. I read his wikip, 1st para. He's against Clinton hooking up with women. Bad. He's helper of George Bush. Bad. Trump thinks he's good. But seems feminists are having problems with him.

but basically, seems his action indicates he's Pro Conservative party. So maybe that's why nutty women and the left have problems with him.

Harvard Business School professor: Half of American colleges will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years

if u r into programing or math as career, u don't really need college. but, you do need a insatiable mind for the subjects. Most people need the environment, friends, interactivity, to learn things. But those, esp at today's university, do more damage than good.

At college, ~70% of your time is social. Driving, bus, applying stuff, making friends, moving. The material you learn is pop with current political trends, things that make $ for the skul. And u don't get independent thinking. Plus, cost 200k to 400k.

for programing, a university cert do you nothing. It's experience and the love of it makes you. and you'd make lots money. A degree do you nothing for making money by coding.

for math, there r a LOTS geniuses out there, far smarter than you, whoever you are. And very hard to make any money. The only good of a degree is if you want to be a professor, and for that u need postdoc. (like 8 years of ya life)

disastrous typhoon in Japan. now.

Taiwan is 4 times smaller than New York state.

Taiwan is 36,197 km^2. NY state is 141,300 km^2

more hackernews censorship 2018-09-03

start your stopwatch. see how fast this one gets censored.

hackernews censorship 2018-09-03 d4abc
hackernews censorship 2018-09-03

the article is

[Is Safetyism Destroying a Generation? By Matthew Lesh. At ]

the hackernews page is

National Museum of Brazil is burning

200 years old National Museum of Brazil is burning. (at Rio de Janeiro)

always nice to see the different languages, especially the rare ones, or ones not in American pop mind.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, crackpot?

i've had Nassim Nicholas Taleb name suggested to me a few times. each time, i spend some 10 min looking at Wikipedia and his books. Even followed the guy on twitter for maybe a month. Never clicked. Now, i begin to feel, there's element of crackpot there.

context: someone showed me one of his tweet when talking about McMansion architecture

Nassim Nicholas Taleb twitter block 2018-09-02 dab10
Nassim Nicholas Taleb twitter block 2018-09-02

after i posted that on twitter, am immediately blocked by him. Within 10 seconds. interesting.

from what i see, e.g. his “antifragile” is opaque jargon ridden pseudo science.

Startrek idiot, Wesley, Will Wheaton

there's a startrek idiot, Wesley, who grew up, now by name Will Wheaton. am not sure exactly what he does, but seems his life is lost, not doing any particular thing. he seems to get into online culture, and involved in social justice war stuff. he got 3M twitter followers.

last week, Will Wheaton made a splash to quit twitter because he wants twitter to ban infowars. he advocated mastodon. then, turns out he got harassed by queers and ban'd from mastodon instance. lol. pretty funny.

i was wondering why is he heited by the lgbtq group, and a always informative guy told me

@xahlee I think it's because he endorsed Randi Harper's ban list. He probably didn't know how evil she is. But, because she has gotten into fights with trans people several times and retaliated by adding them to her list, she has acquired the reputation for being a “transphobe” and/or “terf.” (Not clear whether she really is - I think she's evil for other reasons.) Wheaton endorsed her list, therefore thought to be endorsing her, therefore he's thought to be a transphobe and/or terf too.

2018-09-02 From Matthew Skala

Anti PC NYU Prof Interviewed by Gavin McInnes

this is the famous Anti PC NYU Prof. Interviewed by Gavin McInnes. usually, the professor is boring to watch, but this one is funny.

In n Out burger

in and out burger locations a28dc-s1004x636
ok, you bible belters. come visit California, dine at #InNout burger. It's better than McDonalds.
in and out burger 02eca
in and out burger

note that #InNOut burger is a private company. According to Wikipedia, the reason is that the guy want to maintain quality. A public company means, it's public owned, by stock holders. Once public, it flows with money. Typically degenerates. Note, Google is public.

Some tech companies, remain private. For the same reason of wanting to retain quality or control. For example, Wolfram Research, maker of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, is private.

the ultimate benevolence of nature and God

The idea of the ultimate benevolence of nature and God is the most potent of man's survival mechanisms. Without it, culture would revert to fear and despair. (Camille Paglia SP 1990)

Paglia, always most interesting. is what she said true? currently, sciences can't verify this. but know that, science can't do lots things that's important to human animals. The word is epistemology.

Jordan Peterson's daughter, Mikhaila Peterson. hot!

sea monster spotted 2018-08-30 a677b-2
sea monster spotted 2018-08-30 a677b

Reconstruction of Song Dynasty heavy infantry armor. 26 kg.

history of “china market” (中華商場 in Taipei, Taiwan)

taiwan national neon sign 1980 519c4
China Market 中華商場, ~1980, in Taipei, Taiwan

my childhood memory, that National neon sign, around age 10 (1978). that place is 中華商場 in taipei, taiwan. A mega super market hub.

here's YouTube documentary

That “National” is brand nome of Panasonic. National (brand)

look only at untainted photos of other localities

always enjoy untainted photos. (the opposite are those from National Geographic) In today, you can see tons of photos from street people of localities. If you look for them, you'd be far more multi-culturalism than the sj skums.

context [Where Afghanistan meet China: Chinese side of Wakhan Corridor]

what National Geographic do, is to show what American elite like to see. namely, exotic barbarians in colorful clothing. $ is talking. that's why.

National Geographic Bias, Painting a Pretty Picture for Upperclass Americans

Ancient History of Afghanistan and Pakistan


David Hogg as Hot Woman

omg, lol, this is pro work!

context: [4chan nerds are photoshopping David Hogg to look female, calling him Daisy, and then having sexual fantasies about their Daisy Hogg memes. I feel like this is some... new, uncharted form of self-own ]

i've looked at the david hogg guy briefly. i think he is a opportunistic skum

u have to unstand, for younglings to rise like that, first, the power behind isn't dumb in picking up their hero. This Hogg guy rose, and that other female, cuz, they not only fit the picture, but they r aggressors that can advance the party line.

if they, the hogg and the female, step out of line, say, said something nice about conservatives, or opined something soft about gun, they'd disappear from stage right away. that's how politics works. but if they play nice, as they do, they advance up the ladder.

twitter vs mastodon 2018-08-28

twitter is pretty dead. i post same thing on mastodon, even just 230 followers, lots discussion. On twitter, 2k followers, nothing. lol. and i said this last year. twitter make u repeat, while control who sees it. n politics make people afraid to say or associate.

one problem is if u like something, twitter broadcast trying to increase traffic. often seeing likes from other is super annoying. what a skum twitter is. in its early days before 2010, no algorithm, no fancy features, much better.

but if i post politics, eg anti sj, and especially post such under popular accounts, one track mind style, then, wow, one thousand likes. and that guides each person's behavior. that's why, on twitter, it's anger fuck.

twitter problem 2018-08-28 82ce1
twitter problem 2018-08-28 82ce1

Uyghur people, dancing.

that's Uyghur people, dancing. Uyghur people, we chinese people call it Xinjiang 新疆 people. Xinjiang is 3 times larger than California. but most of it is desert.

urumqi xinjiang 2018-08-27 f3980
here's google map on Urumqi Xinjiang 乌鲁木齐市 新疆. look at the photos. and also look at the people. the world is big!

here's Wikipedia Ürümqi

omg , Ürümqi is in top 10 of most air polluted city. 7 are in China. they are Taiyuan, Beijing, Lanzhou, Chongqing, Jinan, and Shijiazhuang, Ürümqi.

xinjiang fashion. not sure how true this is, or just mixed in with modern pop for tv show.

John McCain died, at 81

John McCain died, at 81. well, last year, he couldn't even speak well. i think gov positions should have a age limit, maybe at 70 tops. even 60. min age should be prob 40 minimum.

Venezuela inflation rate 1000000%

so, what does that mean? Death. if one apple is $1, now it is $10000.

venezuela inflation 2018-08-25 3573d
Venezuela inflation, women turn to prostitutes 2018-08-25

South Africa has Started Seizing White Owned Farms

the fakeness you live in

screenshot 2018-08-29 2432b
Egyptian actress Sarah Elshamy [image source]

besides the main point, observe the fakeness you live in. Almost everything you see, read, from screen, is fake like that, tainted by $. it's so massive that it has became the norm of your brain, ur thinking. esp if ur a yuppie in the city.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” when you hear that, run. Such often came from the powerful with psychological issues. It's something American love. Used to be Conservatives. It's a comfy utterance. Soothing. And this guilt, erupted with the sj faks into a mutation.

Cuteness, Noeteny, and PEDOMORPHOSIS!

the is getting on my nerves. in less than a year it began, it amassed 1M followers. what it do, is post cute animal overload. each one makes u drool. It encroaches and tampers our nerves, in a artificially inflated way.

cute animals is nice, but in nature, you don't get it every day. when you get it everyday artificially such as by twitter, it changes your brain. i've been thinking, to start research on who's behind todo. i am guessing it's nasty.

but then am thinking, prn is also unnatural. so, maybe am thinking too much abut kitten overload. however, the org behind pn r typically large corps, plenty r nasty. (and used to be run by criminal orgs) so, don't think am wrong about looking who's behind dodo.

there are lots folks who are for animals. i despise the big mouthers. you love animals, don't want to eat them, yet you want your neighbor who disagree to dai. and war's still going all over. you cant even look at the ded bodies

you know why cute animals are cute? because they cannot do harm to you. that is the number 1 reason. Cuteness, Noeteny, and PEDOMORPHOSIS!

save books for your kid, their eyes will catch wonder on those underline

save book 2018-08-17 62b2c
save book 2018-08-17 [image source]

Very interesting idea. Makes sense. This is what history is made of, in small scale. History, that one can see and touch. Unfortunately, i threw away most of my paper books in 2000s, in a very progressive forward looking elegant catching mind!

Why We Oppose Votes for Men

why we oppose votes for men d718b
Why We Oppose Votes for Men, Alice Duer Miller [image source]

this is what the gender faks feed on. the consequences are, trump got elected, more gender anger, Nz hunting, trans ascendance, bathroom drama, wimp men, nutty women, fake news, big corps sweeping money on heit.

correction: actually, that page was intened as a mockery of men's argument againts women voting, back in 1915.

thanks to the image source Jasmine05687787 for correcting me.

reddit's new ui trying to stop ad blocker

reddit new ui ad blocker 2018-08-15 cc531
this is what reddit's new ui is doing. trying to stop ad blocker.

antifa, and big rich org lies

there it is, antifa, and big rich org lies. i try not to post pol, but most my feed is pol now, accrued since 2017. i used to follow 100% programing stuff. but, they, typically spam. like, this new lib, that great new version, or another hackernews idiocy.


i follow anti sj people, because at this point, i think it's critical to fight sj. these, elite, comfy lives, the things they say, gender, women, white heit, and strangely sing islam songs. in nowhere in history or other culture, they can be considered sane.

i was actually late to the party. in 1990s, feminism began he/she clamor, stewardess → flight attendant. i thought it's silly. but that's all. it subsided. but since 2017, it erupted big time. in fact since about early 2010s, but i didn't notice.

daily, there are lots heitful people on twitter like this. a lot of them are women. and they are typically white, elite.

fuck white people tweet  2018-08-14 a3b00
fuck white people tweet 2018-08-14 a3b00

most predators have their eyes in front, what about eagle?

the other day i was thinking, most predators have their eyes in front, so they have stereoscopic sight that can best judge distance. e.g. owl, tiger, human. but then, i was thinking, eagle and snakes are exceptions.

redefine racism

the left skums have new def for raicism. it was, behavior based on kinship. Now, they want it to mean situational upperhand. Well, if u in china, then chinese is, or russian, or african etc.

The left also redefined raip. Was by force. Now broken condom or drunk date.

i don't even consider raisism the American way as proper. let's say equal opportunity law. you see, u should look at all human history. in my view, diff groups should be allowed to grow their group. What we should have is concept of fairness, instead. That way, the whole prosper.

raisism, is particularly a American thing. And obsession about Justice, is a Western thought. Each country has their own things. China has its own hot buttons, diff from usa, and Taiwan has its own. for example, by American standard, china japan is raicism extreme.

Most things, do not have 1 proper resolution. you can never have perfect law. e.g. equal opportunity employment law. That's just one perspective. Same for things like age of sex, stopping unborn baby, drug law, gun control law, etc. best recourse depends on the region, culture, philosophy.

immigration law, also has no perfect answer. totally closed, usually result in the country/region to fail. complete open fails even faster. You can usually see the effect by scale it down to your family.

today's left is stupid. they usually talk about protecting illegal immigrant, even criminals. what's the diff of legal and illegal then? what's law for? and they talk about abolish immigration office. That's like, why don't you remove the door to your home? try it.

the left talking about harboring illegal immigrant, is not due to stupidity, of course. It happens, as a result of political power struggle. that's how hot buttons issues arose, peculiar to each country. it's not solution we are seeking, rather, which way to win and gain power.

How the English language is taking over the planet. propaganda from Guardian

“How the English language is taking over the planet.” from the Guardian. jesus mother fkig god. i click n expect interesting linguistic article, but instead got veiled anti trump propaganda

rice dries up and not eatable if you leave it out

rice's interesting. if u leave it out, it becomes dry, hard, not eatable. well, but bread also becomes dry, but one can still crunch it. Now, somebody needs to explain the science of this.

Well, actually if you leave out pasta, it also becomes dry and not eatable, even worse than rice. Cuz u can dump hot water to rice then eat. Pasta too, but watered pasta kinda wastes it, while rice is often eaten with other dish.

medium is desperately trying to extract money

medium is desperately trying to extract money from all the free writer's work. Note that it's one of the main principle of all starts up in sillicon valley. hackernews talk about it all the time for 10 years.

the startup principle is to create a site where people contribute and only you make money. and u want to make this so justified that nobody even think about it. typically, you chalk it up to open source, and helping humanity.

The Nature Of Mass Movements

The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements is a 1951 social psychology book by American writer Eric Hoffer, in which the author discusses the psychological causes of fanaticism.

Hoffer analyzes and attempts to explain the motives of the various types of personalities that give rise to mass movements; why and how mass movements start, progress and end; and the similarities between them, whether religious, political, radical or reactionary. He argues that even when their stated goals or values differ, mass movements are interchangeable, that adherents will often flip from one movement to another, and that the motivations for mass movements are interchangeable. Thus, religious, nationalist and social movements, whether radical or reactionary, tend to attract the same type of followers, behave in the same way and use the same tactics and rhetorical tools. As examples, he often refers to Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, Christianity, Protestantism, and Islam.

The first and best-known of Hoffer's books, The True Believer has been published in 23 editions between 1951 and 2002.

The True Believer

The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements 1951, by Eric Hoffer. Buy at amazon

i don't know what the older programers who are pro js (not counting the millennials) are thinking when they see this map. To me, it's pretty on the spot.


Chinese civil war

politics. (i haven't verified.) The Chinese civil war, like the American one, is big topic, frequently discussed, or movies made. The fandom is even bigger than usa civil war, because it's more recent, and the conflict is still ongoing.


Execution of suspected Communists on May 11, 1949 in Shanghai. 16 days before PLA marched in. By American photographer Harrison Forman. The smiling man is Zhu Datong, a Communist mole inside Nationalists (KMT) Intelligence, caught trying to encourage KMT Wuxi garrison to defect


my dad, had 1 sister. She died at 1 years old in Shanghai, under Japanese bombing. my grand parents, along with Kuomintang force, moved to Taiwan. I was born in Taiwan.

there are lots movies made of Chinese Civil War. The ones made in Taiwan, depict the Communists in bad light, like, with nose rings n inhuman. And vice versa of China ones. China still makes them, but not Taiwan, because since 1990s Taiwan had new conflict, KMT vs Progressives.

chinese civil war videos on youtube 2018-08-09 bc250
for example of movies, tv drama, or videos of Chinese Civil War, youtube search 国共战争. In the screenshot, the one with red letter at bottom, is a TV drama series from China.

Sarah Jeong racist

Tim Pool reports on Sarah Jeong

Sarah Jeong racist posts, episode 3

“maybe the problem is white ~ladies~ regardless of whether they call themselves feminists”, from Sarah Jeong, February 2015.

A very disturbing character. She's posting hateful stuff like a obsession for years.

sarah jeong racist 2018-08-03 3e90a
Sarah Jeong racist posts 2018-08-03 3e90a juicy. she just got hired by New York Times as lead writer on tech. Born in Korea. Grew up in USA. Went to Havard.

this is a story from the controversial Naomi Wu @RealSexyCyborg about how Sarah Joeon dogged her. (Naomi is famous for dressed like a stripteaser in public and do tech hardware stuff) , (i haven't verified who “translated” it or who owns the account.)

the story of Naomi Wu is itself interesting. I haven't researched, but at least this seems to be true: 1, she likes to dress in g-string like attire in public. 2. she does some hardware engineering stuff. (e.g. build/design drones, etc.)

chinese girl liking to be naked in public and do tech stuff is rare. I think for this reason, she got popular. But the controversy seems to burst out 2 years ago, when she's contacted by USA publications. This is when stuff exploded. e.g. gender, feminism, culture, js stuff.

also peculiar, is that, from her writings, she seems also to hold a particular view. e.g. she talks about helping girls do STEM, and she's been "fighting" stereotypes. (g-string in public or girl doing tech) This is strange cuz typical native Chinese would never thought of.

writing perfect English, expert knowledge of USA sjwlgbtq culture, while never been outside of China, is all still possible. But the combination of things, does seem strange.

she g-string in public, and in business district skyscraper offices... i don't have a issue myself, and can't stop looking at her feet, but still i think it's a social issue to be discussed. e.g. if we allow public sex on the street. fine by ME, but there may be consequences.

here's a reddit article about how naomi is fake.

i haven't done research on how true in what it says.

YouTube censorship, banning anything containing the word heit

YouTube censorship, banning anything containing the word heit. note, neknomination is a online drinking game. u video urself drinking, nominate next one to do so.


screenshot 2018-08-05 0a156
this is typical of how powerful corp responds. If you are able to get the wrong in a limelight, you get nice pleasing words for the public record. The rest 99.9999% of people are buried. This repeats every year. The wheel churns on.

do not accept passive info

weirdo advice: never accept info that comes readily to you. eg google doodle, hacker news, or basically anything that's popular. Never accept emotion based info. e.g. angry stuff. Never accept instinctive info. cute overlord cat pics etc. of course, never watch tv.

for example, if u run into a google doodle. Do not click it. Even if u know it probably is educational. Do not click/spread cat pics. do not click on emotional/angry stuff. Get info, only when you actively seek for X. This gets u independent thinking.

for example, when you see a google doodle. Think, of all historical figures, how many are there? probably 10s of thousands? then, on my mind is, of them all, who are the say top 100 i should know about? by what criteria? then you go off researching THAT, for the time you might have spent clicking the doodle.

Jordan Peterson's Personality Test

this seems a better personality test, than the other popular ones on the net such as Myers-Briggs. though, it's not free.

classic heavy-weight thinkers, old

classic heavy-weight thinkers, such as Thomas Sowell, Camille Paglia, Noam Chomsky, r all very old now. u watch them , u see that they've got dotage problems. Sometimes can't make a point. I can't readily think of a young thinker i respect. Prob because i didn't look for it.

A great thinker is such that, when you see them, you are overwhelmed by their knowledge and depth. it's not random joe professors can do. it's not a matter of charisma, or glib talking, but the weight and depth, the scope. offhand, i can think Jordan Peterson qualify.

still, i think there are a lot great thinkers out there. The thing is, we live in a money based info/sites. So, our brain is filled with clickbait stuff. and google search due to money, you can't even find deep stuff anymore. you just get pop, celebrities, drama, clickbaits.

used to be, say before 2010, there is word of mouth. Good articles, or weighty persons, get spread by people. But that is also rotted out by Google Facebook Twitter with their like buttons and algorithms to control what you see and max $.

similarly, other sites, reddit, hackernews, went the same way. reddit is all teen drivels + pxrn. hackernews is now heavy handed social justice censorship. and the millennial idiots are explicitly against those able. They shove mediocre women n “minorities” down ya throat.

though,there r niche communities that u can still see intelligence。I see some of that on mastodon。where,like 1990s or 2000s,there r lots discussions,truly lots diverse replies,&some,very deep。from programing stuff 2 history or other。these groups r basically “underground” today.

by comparison, on twitter today, you lucky if you get 1 reply. chances are, it's drivel type, like, lol, thx, etc. and with idiotic char limit, discussion's like turtle in a bottle. and people dare not to say things outside meanstream view. you get mobbed, fired, beaten.

[The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture By Heather Mac Donald. At buy on amazon ]

Heather Mac Donald at

Facebook Twitter, the Cause of Usa Divide

of all the causes of the usa divide, the single most responsible is facebook twitter. They, in order to grow their user/activity, created heit echo holes. Starting with the 👍 button, and later, algorithms to manipulate what you see.

The 1st voice of such concern is about ~2000, when web just began, there were articles talking about what if internet just showed what people liked. Other issues discussed were, whether brick colleges would go away, and if news org would be replaced by mob onsite report.

after 20 years, today, we are seeing the effect of websites showing just what you liked. Colleges didn't go away, but becomes few times more expensive. Online teaching didn't really happen. Mob news didn't happen, but instead, we got fake news, and small independent reporters on youtube.

it's really trivial to fix the problem. Facebook twitter kll the like button. Stop controlling what u see. Just show all by order of time. but they won't do that. because they'll lose money. Instead, years after year, they lie with their eagerness to help humanity.

California are banning straws

so apparently, California are banning straws. And since this video, i've learned now, it's just for show. No impact on environment. When u pass sweeping law just for show, it does actual damage. The sj left truly fk'dup California in recent years.