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Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things.

here's timeline of Jussie Smollett case. (he faked racism attack)

Jussie Smollett Grand Jury Convenes: Timeline of the Crime

5G Is The Future And That Is Frightening! from the weAreChange guy. Never liked his video much. he's into the conspiracy aspects. Some are just idiotic too much into that.

this site lists fake hate crimes.

Jussie Smollet and The Rise of HOAX Hate Crimes

this isn't just a matter of hoax. These sjw elite rich fucks, needs to be put on guillotine.

Xah Monologue Talk Show 2019-02-15

xah monologue talk show. when u r at ease, u have power. On exponential growth, futurology, intelligent animals, eating animals, Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence, AlphaZero, euphemism, iphone, Steve Jobs, history of swords, cross-eyed PHILOSOPHY.

twitter xah bobathon 2019-02-15 6fhkv
twitter xah bobathon 2019-02-15 6fhkv

i followed tim for 2 years now. i don't think he discuss global warming or science issues. i recall once he mentioned global warming in passing, and he's opinion on it is simply he doesn't know. That's not a topic he covers.

megyn kelly blackface cfv5y
megyn kelly blackface

megyn kelly has become so ugly. back in 2016, she was a free spiprit. Now, she has become a slave, with cake face. how you look is related to how you are. the word is radiance and sunken. #xahwords #xahpol

i noticed, sine last year, if you retweet a older tweet (say from 1 year ago), twitter may not show it to others. i know because i have another account, and don't see it. twitter skum.

i don't know what's your beef with him, but am chinese, and his video is pretty reasonable. 不知道你和他有什么恩怨。他的视频并不偏激,很不错的。

Joe Rogan Experience #1242 - Tim Pool

Joe Rogan talking with Sam Harris.

Joe Rogan Experience #1241 - Sam Harris

i enjoyed this video so much.

it's 2 hours and 40 min long, and i'm only 1 hour into it, but enjoyed every minutue, especially when Sam discuss payment models in digital future.

pornhub on YouTube 2019-02-08 43b26
pornhub on YouTube 2019-02-08 43b26

was recording a video but part of my screen showed my blog containing the word “pornhub”. god, got frustrated, cuz it means i have to spend hours to learn video editing, or ditch the recording. then, i went to YouTube and see to what degree that means ban. ok, seems ok.

successful videos, usually mean lots editing. that's something i no wanna do. scripted, fake, all prettified in our modern commercialized world. why they edit? of course, to make it nice 4 u, the watcher. Actually the most basic reason is $. Without, see if they do a shit 4 u.

pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y
pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y
pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y
pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y

pornhub celebrating chinese new year. i've been watching n observing p since late 1980s when teen. there r so much today. u find young pretty girls in droves doing it. i realised, if society is without law restrictions, p and prost is a natural state, sans any force.

small and frequent posts like microblogging

lots update. been using this blog for small post like on twitter. but often hesitated in making it into rss.

i'm not sure many are still using rss. The second thing is, because i'm posting just a few sentences, the the way using micro blogging sit, usually they may not make sense, yet i still have some sense of writing full blog. So, sometimes i wait and fill in info later, then i post to rss. But, that often just doesn't happen.

also, am posting lots snippets because, i want all my posts on twitter etc to have a copy on my site. That is, my site is main, twitter and other fucks may go off anytime, like google plus etc did.

so, anyway, that's why lots of small randomish posts, and that's why i haven't been updating the rss part.

anyway, know you know. might check at Periodic Dosage Periodic Dosage for the full.

The Jack Dorsey guy (twitter etc boss), in my book is unforgivable skumbag of high order. At this point, it'd be hard to find any evidence to convince me otherwise.

Sam Harris interviewing Jack Dorsey, is interesting. Knowing Sam Harris, i don't think anything he or the conversation says would change my opinion about Jack. Sam, is a selfish type of fellow. What he does is foremost promote himself. Still a good guy in my view. But, still.

this woman, abused 10 years old girl, pn film ★, now in jail, lots of these virtuous cry people turns out to be rappers or pd bear @CGTNOfficial ICYMI #SpringFestivalGala🎥 video: Chinese actors Li Yifeng and Zhu Yilong joined dunk teams from Slovenia and Hungary to bring a creative program at the 2019 #SpringFestival Gala


pretty boys, funking up, to celebrate chinese year year on TV. i've always despised those young pop cool fks. the likes of nsync (then) and Justin Bieber (then). (not, Billy Idol for example, cuz he's not pretty face nor mainstream type)

and note the Chinese cheerleaders doing fancy acrobats. acrobats has long history in china, but cheerleaders does not exist in China. It's uniquely a American thing. But they put on a good show. Indeed, a show, that's what people want to see, what you want to see.

incredible deed by Dave Rubin and @jordanbpeterson , where they deleted their patron accounts, that's with tens of thousands dollars per month income.

what happened to boxxy

gamer community, overwatch

spend some 8 hours watching overwatch related stuff in past days, including, wached over a thousand overwatch porn. getting into the pants of gamer community. gaming community, is a subculture. subculture, has its own lores, jargons, legends.

Anshe Chung business week 20060501

i spent 4 years in Second Life community, lived in it, 2007 to 2011. The stories, lore, jargon, attitudes, behavior, statistics, history, is many book's length.

Xah Second Life


before that, i spent a year in artist/drawing community, example: livejournal, deviant art. you get to know what these people are, what they do, what their life is like, their artwork, etc. here's example collection:

Batgirl Drawing Craze Batgirl Drawing Craze

there are 1 thousand subcultures, but in your life you can only be in or get to know a few. drawing community, programing, laywers, prostitutes, hells angel, all subcultures.

there are many gamers, became YouTube stars, by just uploading their game play. they, became rich by millions. they just play games all day. then, buy a house, cars. of course, you have to be good, e.g. charisma, talk well, play well. still, it's far easier and lucky job than most.

been observing YouTube rich phenomenon in past decade. it seems, one reason it's relatively easy to become a star is that, video is a pop medium. TV is video. since tech made so easy for any to create video, naturally, lots people became stars. In contrast to, say, being programer or mathematician, which has severely restricted audience.

been observing YouTube rich phenomenon in past decade. it seems, 1 reason it's relatively easy to become a star, is video is a pop medium like TV, the potential audience is BROAD world wide n sans restriction, in contrast to programing or math. if u can talk n look well, u good to go.

world's largest annual human migration. sounds right.

video clip showing massive number of china bullet trains

sold out. they always sold out.

(Cassie Jaye post going to Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin's talk in San Jose.)

year 2009. i have tens of articles, projects... lots stuff, history, dead sites, google code, emacs happenings..., politics. Many are interesting in hindsight or revisit. it's, called zeithgeist. am not gonna spent the time to post them. you can find them on my blog archive...

dosage 2009 w4zz7
dosage 2009 w4zz7

woke. begins toil and moil in the field of computing for the day. the debilitating hardship, makes u fat and lazy and blind to reality.

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Blame Fat. True. and if you upper class American, most of what you know and believe today are shaped by big corporations, including, your zeal for open source.

how to be independent thinker? get rid of your tv. Then, no follow anyone popular, mainstream. (eg pop reddit/hackernews) (but dnt become a idot n believe lizard man as many 4chan types became.) read classic literature, history, helps. refuse any info that comes to ur door

strive to accept info, any info, ONLY when you initiated the inquiry. typically so-called “research” today, even if it's just 10 min web search. (and of course, no use google, as it's a fine-tuned fodder now.)

example: if you on twitter following any mainstream news, unfollow now. Also, that popular architect photo thing? unfollow. Celebrities, coders? unfollow. hackernews/reddit? unfollow. corp blog? ditch. and stop clicking like/retweet. Type your thoughts, interact with people instead.

this, chinese new year thing, is a big thing. it's like xmas in usa, except that less these days, and is by plane. In china, it's mostly by train cuz cheaper. Ticket often got sold out months before. I learned these while mixing in china programer forums 3 yrs ago.

The tibet, tibet “buddism”, before china communist party opened it. 中國中共解放前的西藏密宗(藏傳佛教)世界,人皮、人骨和人肉!西方所謂的西藏傳統文化 李敖讲过喇嘛教是邪教。妈了个屄,是这个样子的。什么都是人皮。

skull sculpture 2019-01-18 s4mq6
skull sculpture 2019-01-18 s4mq6

that's sculpture from human skull. Tibet “Buddhism” is into that. there are lots of them, made into different objects. bowl, staff head, hanging talisman, incense holder, … see starting at 4:35

Bertrand Russell on Tibet b7rtf
Bertrand Russell on Tibet b7rtf

李敖有话说 Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama

modern society, say usa, shy away from such historical things as human skull sculpture. it's not obscure, rather, you find such, in history a lot, eg flaying in famous painting. modern society, u shun them, shush, no talk, be nice. as result, most people, knew nothing.

most of the time, you find these things in context such as “10 horrors human has done”, with questionable history like a gossip mag. if you talk about them sans such circus context, people shun you, orgs ban u. White americans in particular, has been educated so that they'd think ur unethical.

modern society, say usa, is such that everything is like disneyfied. It got much worse since say 2010 by the millen idots, with mantra of “help the world”, mixed with evil corporatism by techheads. they even knew less bout history/culture. they just certain tech will make utopia.

what does white american know? they just know about nz. it's nz today, nz morrow, nz day n night. ask them what atrocities besides nz happened in history? they dunno. they'll tell you to watch nz documentary about how evil it is.


the latest culture war is something about gillete. now, not sure what's the news, best thing to do is just to go to duckduckgo and search gillet breitbart.

#GilletteAd is running a propaganda. People, possibly forgive, never forget. Write it down. Remember it, in 5 years, or 10 years, if we didn't perish.

Gillette is a brandname owned by Procter & Gamble, which sells basically everything, from snacks to soap. boyscotte it will do little. Its 2017 revenue is 65 billion, 15 billion net profit. in comparison, google is 110 B and net profit 12 B.

in heavy capitalist countries such as usa, you have brandnames, e.g. #Gillette . the purpose is that, if it screwed up, no problem, just ditch it. No harm to the company behind it. you don't even know what company runs it. A new brand name will just pop up.

spaces vs tabs. and there exist idiots who watch tv show about coding. yeah. THAT, 'd be a lol. you wanna know what nerds are like? this is a live demo.

Donald Trump signature tgfxr
Donald Trump signature tgfxr

when life's too comfy, u have these symptoms. a taste of hunger, cures it.

Paraguay map mgskv-2
Paraguay map mgskv-2

i lived in Asuncion, Paraguay, and Guademala, in 1982, 83, age 14. I wonder, if i Google Street drop in, i'd recognize a thing.

Paraguay map mgskv-2
Paraguay map mgskv

The Father of Chinese Nuclear Bomb Yu Min 于敏

this is the guy 于敏 Yu Min Yu Min (physicist)

he won China's “两弹一星功勋奖章” “2 bombs 1 star medal”. The “2 bombs” means, nuclear bomb and inter-continent missile, and the “star” means satellite.

there it is, china's nuclear bomb.

only the strong, gets respect. From nuclear bomb among nations to social relations. that's fundamental principle of physics.

Google YouTube search censorship on pro-life

singing songs for the poor and miserable makes you feel good

the disabled doing great feat, is a common propaganda form for well fed people of modern society. In usa for example, we see it like every month for the past 10 years.

Does it do the disabled any good? no. but if everytime you see it, you give 5 bucks to someone stupid you know and dislike. that makes a diff.

sadness box guy 007

the hate will not go away, the wound wouldn't heal. haven't been posting much in past week. busy parsing org mode, emacs tutorial, maintaining my website 9 thousands articles. and haven't kept on math daily. God, h-make me!


report from @Timcast . subscribe his channel

. @Timcast 's youtube channel is really confusing. He has 2 on politics. One is timpool and another is timcast, however, each's user name is the other. lol. He says, one is more about plain news reporting, while the other is more with his opinions. i can't tell the difference.

the sjgang today, is basically like the Nz gang, nothing else comes close (maybe except the Red Guards of Cultural Revolution). ideology, blatant lie, propaganda, organized elite (aka rich n powerful).

while the sjgang are doing stuff to empower themselfs, they are devastating their (my) country, America, and Europe. Similar to Cultural Revolution of China have.

YouTube subscription list.

no trust google managing it for you.

manually list them, manually check them regularly.

NativLang, on linguistics

WeAreChange. independent journalist. political commentary. but i don't like this guy's style

Acts17Apologetics. David Wood

Cassie Jaye. the Red Pill documentary maker.

CGP Grey. factual stuff.

chyrosran22. keyboard key switch expert

lots more. have yet to type them out.

[Thoughtcrime and Punishment: A Year Of Shunning and Law Suits at a Canadian University By Lindsay Shepherd. At ]

so Tesla is opening a giga factory in China great news. while in usa, the sjgang skumsis fkgthingsup n smearing the guy

China propaganda war. Falungong, China Uncensored, vs Confucius Institute the last one is news to me.

it's interesting, this old hackernews bot stopped posting since 2011, or, it deleted past posts since

hackernews bot stopped in 2011 2019-01-06 7784a
hackernews bot stopped in 2011 2019-01-06 7784a
hackernews 18831807 2019-01-06 e0428
why emacs keys are painful. on hackernews

one some hackernews twitter bot, e.g. you wonder what filter they use. because some articles do not show. e.g. this one i haven't seen one that says the criteria used for repost. They might do sensor, fillter out colors.

on hackernews. why emacs keys are painful.

operation chock point

just saw this video of Jordan Peterson. i hesitate to post this, since this one is dramatic and i've been watching/posting him since ~2018. but i must say, Jordan Peterson is one person i admire now. Tremendous knowledge, his ability to articulate with precision, and courage to fight oppression.

2 reports, drastically different headlines. Judge which is click bait?

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, skin in the game crackpot

The Nassim Nicholas Taleb guy, is definitely a crackpot, now i'm more sure. here's his latest blog Few months ago, i questioned his theories in my own thread, he ban'd me. he has many of the signs of crackpot.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb's famous for his “Skin in the Game” book. Notice the jargon phrase. That is one of the sign of crackpot. He uses or coins lots of them. and his theories tend to be “new”, “outside of the box” type. That's another sign. The fact he's quick to ban people, another sign.

Nick Monroe's threads

everytime i read Nick Monroe's thread, something very dark and sinister is going on. want to ignore because a basic look into will take hours, but ignoring it is like taking a happy pill.

“In this thread I am going to explain the circumstances around the disappearance of @PeterSweden7 ” “As you can see here, he disappeared at the beginning of December 2018, and hadn't resurfaced until today.”


haha. the book is so short, one can finish in few hours. i read it at least 3 times since 1990.

about higher dimension, it's a trip. There are people who train to visualize 4th dimension, some claim to be able to, but mostly it's crazy. When i was younger in the 90s, i read about it, and have tried.

it's this book that got me going amazon Geometry, Relativity and the Fourth Dimension by Rudy Rucker. Last time i contacted him was few years ago.

Bernie Coward

idiotic Bernie. Coward. i rooted for him. Then he got fkd by Clinton skum, n dnt have the courage to standup. since, he kept babbling in the background. to solve the climate problem, 1st u've convince people. Keep pushing left ideology won't do.


god, why r people kept writing to me in private chat? is it fear of association of pol stuff? you shouldn't. Do it, or do not, not trying to eat cake but no wanna be seen doing it. it's called courage.

Then, i thought sometimes it's fear of competition with my manly style of one-upmanship on tech stuff. like, am gonna clobber you all over, and i do. But, it's curious, i have tons of questions, in js, in programing, lots, but those capable of answering are not there. am sure they exist, and they used to show up in 90s and 2000s. Not today. (also, hardball nerds dwindled.)

been thinking of turning off private. cuz, my life is wasted away answering private chats. 1 chat, 10 min, quickly become 30 min or subsequent chat, hours to come. and am kinda public figure. i can't answer private chats.

am on online sites to post stuff for gain, not become customer service. and it's curious, the way i run things, i get no public exposure, but everyone ask me in private.

Predicting Personality from Book Preferences

lol. this is so accurate. according to the books i like in chart, am introvert, disagreeable, open, neurotic, tardy.

personality book pref be0df
[Predicting Personality from Book Preferences with User-Generated Content Labels By Annalyn Ng, Maarten W Bos, Leonid Sigal, Boyang Li. At ]


we got spam bots.

mastodon spambot gay 2018-12-27 c620d
mastodon spambot gay 2018-12-27 c620d
mastodon spambot gay f1ce3
mastodon spambot gay f1ce3

look at this warm, sappy, tale from China's official propaganda machine. what does it remind you? it reminds you the warm, sappy, sympathy, empathy, stories from New York Times et al at home.

when u wanna manipulate people's emotion, the best r women n children. something something women n children, n hearts will be touched. It was god believing conservatives, women n children this that. Now it's the sjgang, women n lgbtqefghijkAfricanImmigrantTrans dying need your empathy.

say human life is just 1 day

when you get old, some things you learn impossible when young. say human life is just 1 day. within that 1 day, you die. if you did not pass down what you know, by morrow, nobody on earth knows. everyday, the cycle repeats.

from this shortened life span illustration, you can see, how easy it is to lose info, and how little and slow we pick up from our ancestors. (your parents, books, or elders in Asian culture)

random notes on twitter

what the... apparently china is building model highways u can buy at toy'r'us.

hypersonic missile from russia with love.

The Kremlin said the launch of the new Avangard hypersonic missile system, which is claimed to be impossible to intercept, was a great success

Wikipedia article on Chinese Civil War

Wikipedia article on Chinese Civil War 1927 to 1937, 1946 to 1950, is more detailed than ever. One of the bloodist in history. Chinese Civil War

today's Mao's birthday

a death on xmas 2018-12-25

death on xmas 2018-12-25 a04d5
death on xmas 2018-12-25 a04d5

this is, death on xmas. and some help-mentality type immediately latched on seksual asult.

Taiwan, celebrate Xmas as a luxury festival

Taiwan, celebrate Xmas as a luxury festival, by those who have money. More as fashion+merry making. Those who have lots money often even put a xmas tree at home. And you go out to fancy for steak to enjoy exotic (i.e. Western) tradition. it's a status show off thing.

AFAIK China too. Like, elite American do for Chinese New Year.

When life's good, you multi-culture, the enjoyable parts.

Chinese company #huawei built tech infrastructure in Africa hum, twitter automatically added a icon when you type #huawei. i didn't expect that.

patreon ban sargon

put all things together in 1 page

Don't worry about what you're supposed to do, just have fun with it.

this advice i can use. it's the one am trying to do, when in social situations.

Don't worry about what you're supposed to do, just have fun with it. #CalmDownIn4Words

2018-12-23 from

by the way, Notch (Markus Alexej Persson) is the guy who made the game Minecraft and become billionaire. he's a good guy, and anti sj. follow him. but he posts lots silly nonsense thought flow terse posts.

Scandinavian girl got islam beheaded

some scandinavian white girl, apparently sj-like sympathetic to islamic stuff, went to morocco, and got beheaded. there is a video of it, here

btw, the islamic beheading video has been going on since y2k, basically ever since internet became pop. every few years, there's one in the news. but if u look, there's more. but now we have brain blank milen generation, controlled by rich white elites.

ok. you can now order house cleaning from amazon

amazon house cleaning

5 Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera By CCTV

on YouTube , there are lots money making skums put up videos like unsolved mysteries or ghosts etc with clickbait titles. Sometimes you get lured into watching. like this one “5 Unsolved Mysteries Caught On Camera By CCTV” and often it's scary to watch

often they r unsolved missing white girl or murder. I looked into some. Usually there r subreddit or Wikipedia entry. They r usually just unsolved missing/murder cases. turns out, what fuels them are TV programs churning them out since late 2000s, which then spread to the net.

so, these YouTube channels are lurid video as lurid magazines. It looks like, sensational/fake stuff have always stired human animals and is a big source of money making since big bang. It seems, evolution biologically, out of all things, we see/hear alarm first. those don't, die off.

how much are these lurid channels making? i think a lot. the top ones probably a lot more than average programers in silicon valley

“my sister” creepy face mask and eating thru it

in movies like mission impossible you see people pulling off face masks. turns out, those are real today. this video, was known as “my sister”

Unmasking and eating by zjcfhgf Published on May 17, 2009

you can see lots silicon facemask video from this YouTube account named zjcfhgf apparently, they make and sell it

Doha Qatar f5349-s1113x898-s278x225

since about 6 months ago, @brave browser can't view pornhub

the landscape of camgirl

todo read

and follow this guy i've been following him few months ago. but unfollowed due to too many posts. but, he digs into the sj stuff very well.

cicada 3301, overview

cicada 3301, overview

deep sea iron ball

this iron ball, is to be dropped 10km under sea. btw, most ocean floor is no more that 4km deep. that 10km is about the deepest chasms, where unknown creatures lurk.

Why a iron ball? cuz else you gonna be crushed by a 1 mega ton anvil. A ball is, like, u can't crush an egg in ur palm. But does anyone know how to calculate pressure? say, you are at n meters below a 10mx10m swimming pool. #physics

Scott Adams is nz

Scott Adams 2018-12-15 7f512
Scott Adams 2018-12-15 7f512

William Blum died

so, William Blum died.

i learned of William Blum when i started to look into human animals, politics, futurism in 2004. (before that, i have 0 idea. my mind was just math, psychology, linguistics, computing, philosophy academic stuff)

xah's log, 2004-03-18 Terrorism from USA: Misery US Americans Have Done to the World Terrorism from USA: Misery US Americans Have Done to the World

it's said, that tech advance makes people more ignorant, from observation of history. it's been 18 years since y2k. we have phone in pocket now. it does seem, people are more brainlessness, easier to be manipulated, or distracted.

it seems, the general tactic is to make people happy in small things, while do grand scale things they no like nor see. In other words, produce yuppies, consumers, TV, let people win bikeshed war. though, instead of conspiracy, think of it as how things work.

there is no lizard-men at the top that controls all. but, there are top politicians and businessmen that do control much. So how do you get to that top? i think it more has to do with your personality. you are inherently interested in gaining power, is tact, smart, work hard on it.

look at your pet cat dog. how docile they are, and you love them, they love you. Companion for life. How do you know they won't like natural freedom? Did you know pets are bred via latest science for hundreds of years just to have the right temperament and fur color for you?

US and Canada arrested big China Huawei daughter Meng Wanzhou


i also read this one and learned that china born American Shoucheng Zhang (quatum et al physicst) Shoucheng Zhang fell to his death in USA, because he might be helping china building quantum computers. that was disturbing.

also read:

[The U.S., not China, is the real threat to international rule of law By Jeffrey D Sachs. At ]

by the way, i got words from a friend i trust that can be trusted.

lol, this. and that's why USA+Canada is arresting the boss's daughter for blackmail. (sculpting huawei logo on an apple)


currently drinking latte of Italian origin. the composition is 1 cup of cow teats juice + 1 spoon of coffee powder prepared by electromagnetic radiation with 915Mhz frequency. This life form has become such that its central nervous system depends on this simulation to function optimally.

train goes into building in china


Nanjin massacre

china twitter are posting this all days today. Nanjin massacre.

apparently, there's 1 min alarm howling in whole city Nanjing today video

ho! china employs hologram at airport

China Boxer Rebels (義和團)

the Boxer Rebels (義和團) is to Chinese as Pearl Harbor to American. Movies are made to make sure you know it that way. Boxers, are those who got tired of Brit, France, Germany, American et al eating China, and they believed kungfu can kick barbarians out.

Japan, China, Show Girls

Japan, like China, have car girls. That don't exist in USA anymore. you go to car show, game show, or tech expo, there is lots of them, pretty and smiling for the brand. image search China show girls to see. what if you are pretty and need to make a buck in USA? you open the doors of camgirl.

twitter CEO Jack Dorsey 2018-12-09 5e06e-2
White Man Twitter CEO Jack Meditation

French revolution in action

always watch the real thing, instead of from big corps spin'd clips 4 u

sheet is going on in France. just click #YellowVests on twitter

western propaganda. #china #Islam

turns out, its funded by good old CIA.

“Chinese gov are shipping bus load of HIV infected Han Chinese sex workers to provide cheap sex to the young Uyghur farmers”

what i was doing in 2007. Periodic Dosage Archive 2007-06

and 2011. Periodic Dosage Archive 2011-12

have you seen jet fighters of China?

it's pretty weird seeing this of China. I guess i lived in US for too long. But, other countries, say France, must also have jet fighter videos? why am not seeing them. Oh, i live in US. Normally, ur country no show other country's jet fighters.

2018 chinese net slang in English!

2018 chinese net slang in English! lol, the fake news New York Times et al skum do propaganda with Chinese versions of their pub since ~10 yrs ago. Now, apparently, these chinese pubs, also sports English version. You englisher, eat it.

one common style of online propaganda is pleasing stories. u know, a teen girl invented a breakthru. A pretty girl with missing leg survived cancer. Or, some villager saved a puppy against all odds. Usually with background music. always pleasant, touching, or morally right.

propaganda r usually emotion based, n is nasty. often, ur friends tweet them, n u r like, don't believe it! Well, u can't stop the force of saving cute puppies. but, what could possibly go wrong with sympathy for a girl or two? well, we got censorship, brexit, antifa, french revolution.

so, who is CGTN?

CGTN (China Global Television Network), formerly known as CCTV-9 and CCTV News, is a Chinese international English-language news channel of the State-owned China Global Television Network group, part of the China Central Television (CCTV).


Apple's Tim Cook, one skumbag, want to censor freespeech

Tim Cook, one skumbag

Ratbuger is a free blog platform

Ratbuger is a free blog platform, classic online forum, started by AutoCAD founder. If u tired of the medium dot com n other bait n switch.

France in riot. #YellowVests

modern society created a loneliness problem

modern society created a loneliness problem. you don't know or care about your neighbors. your online acquaintances, are just skin deep passerby. The root cause, is independence. Before, we care, cuz we need to, cuz it helps your livelihood and survival.

This article, interesting

[Designing cities to counter loneliness? Let's explore the possibilities By Tanzil Shafique. At ]

got a common cold. burning eyes

got a common cold. burning eyes. this means, sleep most of the weekend. haven't had for 3 or 4 years. remember, it's a virus. wash your hands before touch mouth, eyes, or other body holes.

NewsGuard, check news site bias

mentioned is NewsGuard a browser plugin that rates news website left/right bias

Google LEAKS Show Staff Colluding To Stop Trump in 2020 Google LEAKS Show Staff Colluding To Stop Trump in 2020 by Timcast Published on Nov 30, 2018

gun must flow in usa

gun must flow in usa. UK ban'd knife.

women's march. money scam

Breaking News: Top 10 Nuggets from Women’s March 2017 IRS Filing How much money did Women’s March Inc. make in 2017? How much did its controversial co-chairs Tamika Mallary, Carmen Perez, Linda Sarsour and Bob Bland make?

Guardian fake news on Julian Assange 2018-11

Guardian fake news on Julian Assange 2018-11 9d176
Guardian fake news on Julian Assange 2018-11 9d176

[Guardian ups its vilification of Julian Assange By Jonathan Cook. At ]

twitter accounts from china

my twitter used to be filled with chinese home made pn. Now it's filled with china propaganda, from

the ① CGTNOfficial is most interesting.

PDChinese is most propaganda like. simlar to, say, CNN.

caravan storm us border

the problem is easily solved. Take the 5 thousand richest in usa. put one in each's home. Guarantee for 1 year living. it'd be peanuts for them, and solves all the sympathy problem. If more people storm, do same, starting with 5001 richest.

caravan storm us border 9f516
caravan storm us border 9f516

by the way, vast majority of them are male. and some 500 are criminals. They put women and children in front, of course, for the show.

antifa violence at Portland

“In recent months, [antifa] has become very prominent in Portland. The group has repeatedly promised to use violence to defend the city & has repeatedly lived up to that promise.” Fox News' @tracegallagher reports on what happened last Saturday.


Hannah McClintock, the woman in yellow with #antifa, repeatedly spit at a man & hurled punches at him. I had witnessed her trying to fight people over & over. She was one among six people who were arrested.

video [👏 must watch the end.]

biggest fire in California history

Camp Fire (2018)

dash cam video basically, entire city wiped out in a day #CampFire

ACLU Has Fallen, even from ggreenwald

The ACLU is rapidly becoming a standard liberal advocacy group, subordinatig its long-standing civil liberties principles to these more pedestrian partisan goals. Still some noble, admirable holdouts there, but the trend is as clear as it is tragic.

so well said, even coming from @ggreenwald

homeless man gave girl $20 for gas. She and her bf raised $400k. all fraud

homeless man gave girl $20 for gas. She and her boyfriend raised $400k. Then, few months ago it's reported the homeless didn't get any more. Turns out, all setup. they are: Mark D’Amico, Katelyn McClure, Johnny Bobbitt.

the help mentality. turns out, it's all fraud. and remember that blacklivematters on facebook, raised gazillion money, turns out fraud. and there are quite a few other incidents.

Burlington County prosecutors outlined the allegations against Mark D’Amico, Katelyn McClure and Johnny Bobbitt on Thursday. All three are charged with theft by deception and conspiracy to commit theft by deception.

Sharyl Attkisson, the FBI spied her home, even planted classified doc in her comp

donate to Sharyl for good journalism.

the FBI spied her home, even planted classified doc in her comp. Because she's doing investigation and reporting on gov.

i came to know Sharyl Attkisson when i watched her presentation on “fake news”, and learn how that term originates

where did sjgang ideology came from?

Lindsay Shepherd, goes over her graduate school master degree experience, in communication and sociology. From this, you learn, what the current leftsj came from.

[Exposing Grad School (My M.A. experience) By Lindsay Shepherd. At ]

my god. it's hard to believe what these people are doing in graduate school. Some are like feel good elementary stuff. When jordan peterson retweeted and said 〈Lindsay Shepherd on fraudulent higher “education”〉 i have reservation about retweeting that as is. but now, after watching the video, fraud, indeed.

San Francisco Is “Poop Town” And Had To hire “Poop Patrol”

online china men problem




我1968在台湾生,1982 出国(14岁)。巴拉圭,瓜地马拉,加拿大,最后1989,21岁到美国。 我在国外看,看到~2008年中国崛起。从吃香蕉🍌皮国变成太空火箭电脑大国。 (注意,我在台湾,1980s,小学五六年及课本上说共匪是吃香蕉皮的。) 米国给钱的台湾,从1990经济小国变成没人理国。 是不是大陆人现在活的太舒服了?可口可乐喝的太多了?

Dave Rubin interviews Tucker Carlson

i've seen several videos of Tucker Carlson off his show by now. Carlson on show is very biased, says the party line to keep $ flowing for his business. Off “camera” he's much more interesting.

Tucker Carlson have this quirk. He'd suddenly burst into a self-amusing talking-laughter, with the sound volume going thru the roof. When i first saw that, i thought it's a stage habit. But maybe it's his off camera habit too.

sjgang kept change def of r cism, rap, equality

the sjgang is such a skum. now they say asian is not color. they change definition to suite their needs. they change def of rap (from force to drunk/broken condom ), r ism (from race to “social structure”), sex to gender (depending on who u ask), from equal opportunity to “equity”.

Jim Acosta Is Not Doing Journalism, Has Access Revoked

latest culture war incident. Jim Acosta Is Not Doing Journalism, Has Access Revoked report by @timpool

omg, Jim Acosta incident. i just now looked, Washington Post, The NewYorker, USA Today, say the vid is doctored. Even bringing on “vid forensic expert”

Here's actual video from CNN

Acosta not only push her,so forcefully her body fell forward. Lie thru teeth.

and here's another video showing how basically all mainstream media are lying.

Thousand Oaks Shooting

am now literally getting US news from China first. #ThousandOaksShooting

Young Turks, Cenk Uygur say sheet about Women

young turks cenk uygur 2018-10-23 4f6a5-2
Young Turks, Cenk Uygur 2018-10-23

in normal times, this is not of concern. Men ridicule women, women ridicule men. It's common, when not malicious. but now, the sjleft circus fak, made things bad.

am posting this, because i think now the Young Turks Cenk Uygur is a fakfes

left vs right, who did violence?

sometimes i chat with programer acquaintances, n they blame T for violence. From my observation, at least 0.5 to 1 year before, the left r doing actual violence, and all major news media suppressed it, before any “inciting” from the right.

video collage at

remember, today lots phone cams. Any incident, back to 2017, there r lots vids u can see on youtube, if u just take time to look for yourself. instead of the spin'd version from cnn and New York Times futter

human animal vs human beings

i get asked on twitter, what's “human animal?” a phrase i use often.

the term is in opposition to “human beings”, but means the same thing. i think lots of evil is from loaded words. i try to not use them. “human” suffice, but i added animal to dramatize it and emphasize the scientific view.

Lauren Southern, Such a Pretty Face

[Sneak Peek: BORDERLESS By Lauren Southern. At ]

Lauren Southern is such a pretty face, and she know it. I think it effected the work she does. I don't mean public perception. I mean, her prettiness, and her self-aware vanity of it, damaged her work, via her behaviors and body language. She should stop wearing makeup

look at the way she touch her hair in the beginning. Am sure, it's aware of it, and semi-intentional. that's not good for the kinda work she's doing.

so, from what i see, her work is perpetually perceived as semi serious, like, a bimbo trying to do serious work.

i think it's something she cannot change. Grew up as a pretty girl, and pampered by it.

Haidt (@JonHaidt) on Bill Maher (@billmaher) show

here's 8 minutes clip.

[Jonathan Haidt The Coddling of the American Mind, By Real Time With Bill Maher. At ]

insight on how and difference the smartphone effect boys and girls. girls became more suicidal

Jonathan Haidt's new book is

[The Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure By Jonathan Haidt. At amazon ]

global warming? give me freedom or dth

twitter debate.

global warming debate bartosz baez 2018-11-03 9566c
global warming debate bartosz baez 2018-11-03

i'll byte! would you rather evil (say Trump) n his clan run the world for 20 years (random genoc, rap, etc.), or would you rather earth perish? or put in another way: do u rather ur enemy win, or all perish? i read psy study show, most humans pick latters. give me freedom or dth.

modern libraries, more for the show

about modern libraries, am getting a sense it's more for show than anything.

someone tweets: beautiful new lib at Calgary

mozilla (firefox) donate $100k to antifa

[Mozilla Funding Antifa By Justin Trouble. At ]

mozilla give money to antifa 2017 f2f1a
mozilla give money to antifa 2017