Periodic Dosage of Xah

Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things.

in winter hands too cold, can't code

when i woke 4pm today, found that PG&E shut my electricity. I don't have phone, any phone. No car. So, immediately a major problem. And no money in bank. Need few days to transfer. The heater during winter shot the bill from $30 to $100/month. fucking roommate.

i live in extreme poverty. During winter, there's no heater. But due to roomate, i got a heater for them. These roomates are illiterate, more or less. In winter after midnight, hands too cold u can't code. boil water in pot as makedo.

my condition, is due to myself. i hvnt been working in a dayjob. But, fuck the leftists n programers in general, open source fanatics. They, their life is too comfy. No idea what's going on in working class. They just want virtual signal, sooth their guilt, and the poor suffers.

YouTube greed. Are you sure you want to leave YouTube?

youtube greed 2018 04 10
YouTube greed. Are you sure you want to leave YouTube? 2018-04-10.

blacklivesmatter facebook fraud

blacklivesmatter facebook fraud 2018 04 09
#blacklivesmatter facebook fraud, screenshot for those don't want to bother reading cnn.

[14 years of Mark Zuckerberg saying sorry, not sorry By Geoffrey A Fowler And Chiqui Esteban. At ]

device in the eye see as cat

down the road, there'd be device one wear or embeded in the eye that lets you see things as cat, or, eagle, or moth. Goggle won't do, cuz some of the eyes have sensitivities beyond human.

Mashable, posting fake photo of YouTube shooter

Mashable @mashable , in red ink, sold to Ziff Davis (PC mag, Pop Mechanics, etc) for $50mega last year, now doing fake news.

Why Did Mashable Make The Youtube Shooter Look White?

YouTube shooter's video

YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam uploaded this video to her Facebook account - criticizing the company for age-restricting, filtering and demonetizing her videos.

watch at

i was watching @Timcast take before, and i think i was mislead. The impression after watching Tim's take is that she crazy, n Tim didn't want to show her vid in fear of censorship. But now watching her, she has big point. Things in society making people discontent, some acted out. She might be crazy, but when such acting out happens often, it's the society that's the problem.

for example, following video, not age restricted. over 700 million views:

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

[Why Utopian Communities Fail By Ewan Morrison. At ]

great in depth article.


乱世佳人 • Lauren Southern • Brittany Pettibone • Martin Sellner

Steve Bannon, by his looks, you know you don't like him. I know. Yes, you can judge a person by his face. Much of a person's character, is shown thru face.

lost turntable 8730
from the trench war.

why the term “fake news” permeate the media since 2016? 'was planned.

the rise of the term “fake news”, talk by Sharyl Attkisson []

Amanda Marcotte twitter block

amanda marcotte twitter block 2018 03 08
Amanda Marcotte twitter block 2018-03-08

this woman, just blocked me, over that tweet

note that, Bari Weiss [] is an editor for NY Times.

the rise of the sjw

in my study of the rise of the sjw, suddenly in 2017. I find that the ROOT of the problem, is boring, namely money. Began with Hillary. Those “diversity” heads in schools make some $300k/year. For average white collar, non-conformity dispel you.

more specifically, the left academia since 1970s, political correctness since 1990s, and rise of facebook twitter ~2005 creating brainlessness and echo hole, are main reasons.

i think a key point is Hillary riding on it, saying racism sexism homophobia islamophobe deplorable remarks in public.

note that this is exactly what unabomber predicted. when i read it back then, i think his prediction is nutty.

Unabomber Manifesto (Industrial Society and its Future)

the most insight i got when studying the rise of sjw, is from Camille Paglia @PagliaQuotes, @jordanbpeterson , and also karen straughan [ ]

[The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature Paperback By Steven Pinker. At Buy at amazon ]

Why Did Korean Split and China/Taiwan Split?

Remember, Korean split, is due to selfish external forces, Russian and USA, particularly USA. Same is the China/Taiwan split.

Now that USA is is at risk. You wonder, if external forces are more than happy to help you out.

massive YouTube censorship. see @timcast reports, here search all the title containing YouTube

Ben Shapiro, what a juvenile. gerbil mouth and mousy brain. squeaking for a turf.

YouTube Censorship in Action

youtube censorship 2018 02 21 98159
youtube censorship in action 2018-02-21

Should Harmful Truth be Hidden?

if truth turns out harmful, it is still better to spread it than hide it, because, long term, hiding truth is more harmful. Hiding truth gives you temp comfort.

Google, could easily, enforce hiring 50% women. But, if they do, the company would fail over night. They knew it. The hard sciences graduate are only ~20% female. The solution, is to get girls stop following @KimKardashian and @Cosmopolitan and study math.


Dalai Lama is a Conman

the dalai lama, is a conman. He is good at saying sappy emotionally pleasing things, equivalent to kitten puppy pictures, but solves nothing. The tibet buddhism practices torture, slavery, cruelty, worse than christianity in the past, before the communist china abolished it.


dalai lama genuine friends 2018 02 16 71052
dalai lama genuine friends 2018 02 16 71052

for video lecture by historian Li Ao on Tibet, photos of its practice of torture, skinning in obedient etc, see Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama

I think humans always have certain warmth. e.g. when disaster happens, blood donation, we can see it. While, we not willing to help our neighbors.

The sort of thing Lama spreads, is the same the extreme leftist are evoking today, “help”, “empathy”. Pure empty emotion. That humanity don't lack, but war and cruelty don't decrease by that. Lack of love and knowledge do better (as Bertrand Russell says). (that is, caring, and science)

i'd say, to know buddhism in depth, you have to be in Asia, speak Chinese or other asian lang. Buddhism is asian thing, with lots deep history and culture, and lots branches too. Similar to the history of Abrahamic religions.

Westerners, speaks of meditation, yoga, zen, etc things, as cool, fashionable things. In some way, it makes sense, in many, not. In Taiwan for example, every 50 meters, you'll see a temple or burning incense or buddha etc stuff, and a buddha platform in almost every home.

though, most of us, do not do meditation or thought about that. What westerners know about buddhism, is kinda Americanized. It's attractive partly because, it's exotic, seems peaceful, and a relief outlet for professional yuppies jaded of comfy life.

Tibet, and that Lama, rose to fame, for political reasons. First, by Chiang Kai-shek, to incite rebels as a way to thwart communist China, then by USA, for the same reason.

if you haven't seen this yet, check it out Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama but as always, judge for yourself.

there are many branches of buddhism. It has origin in India, and India today has lots branches (am not too familiar. But eg idolizing a elephant headed god, you might have seen). Then, China, Japan, and South Asia (e.g. Thailand), has their own variations.

Tibet buddhism, is its own. Tibet is in a high plateau (0.5 km elevation) isolated from the rest of the world. Not until 2006, china built Qinghai–Tibet railway that opened the region.

i didn't know what Thai Forrest was. Looked up wikip. Am not sure about Dhamma. Note that, it is not scientific thing. Along with reincarnation, it's superstition, as astrology and god and jesus. But, it is a belief system. So, to me, it's up to what you believe.

the current #emacs maintainer John Wiegley, is heavily into Baha'i. you can see him posting on reddit about it. And the shen lisp creator Mark Tarver, is also a devout buddhism (am not sure what branch). i think he's actually a certified monk of some system.

i myself believe none of it. I think it's superstition nonsense. But, am with Camille Paglia, that i respect religion and think we should study it, because, it held humanity, for whatever reasons. And, to me, today's sjw situation in white nations, is a total collapse of that structure.

Ban Gun?

[2018-02-16 in the news, Florida highschool shooting]

woot! good old @walmart has ar-15

it seems, total costs of owning gun is ~$200 and up. And you can get concealed carry.

AR-15 seems to be $600 and up.

my opinion on baning gun was that i am neutral. Sure, ban it reduce death. If you ban car, reduces even more death. Real issue is the mindset health of people in the country.

Since 2017, my opinion on gun is that it should not be ban'd in USA, due to the behavior certain group.

if you think about number of deaths of gun violence, remember, to compare to Iraq war or other that US caused, by George Bush and Hillary. That's hundreds of thousands. Who do these people cry to? Sip chai at starbucks and carry on with ya iphone. By tomorrow, you wont remember a thing.

Spy vs Spy: Tech Geekers vs Spammers. ads vs ad blocking, tech war escalation

Spy vs Spy: Tech Geekers vs Spammers

ad blacking debate

was against ad blocking. Cuz, 'was mostly open source FSF “free” software geek fanatics want everything free pushing for their agenda. Now am for ad-blocking, because major pop news sites have become blatant fake news sites. Everyone, install @ublockorigin or @braveXah Lee added,


@lukemulks Took a closer look under the hood at “ad suppression in exchange for client-side mining” today…from blocking extensions…here's how it went.

Replying to @xah_lee @ublockorigin @brave

the politics angle aside, it's more significant that ads were always a security liability. only times I ever experienced close calls with malware (before I used adblockers and NoScript) were from script-using ads — all from “reputable” sites like Forbes, SourceForge, etc.

am unsure about that. Ads became that way, partly because it's fighting the tech geekers. This traces back to spam in newsgroups, ever since internet began. it's spy vs spy. The tech geekers only think of tech ways to fight it, not consider the whole situation.

so, what we have is escalation. The publishers, of course need money to survive, while, a lot of os/fsf fanatics, drivel about info must be free, and rip music, pirate dvd, etc, a swishing in/out of FSF ideal and stealing and anarchy. Each basically push for their own interest.

Spy vs Spy: Tech Geekers vs Spammers. ads vs ad blocking, tech war escalation Spy vs Spy: Tech Geekers vs Spammers

ad blockers themselves need money to survive. Typically they began as nerd's hobby. When they got big, they sell out, just like nice words from big corps, saying some about Good Ads. Some, simply sold out and do things in the dark. 'this the history of adblock.

well known websites has virus ads, because, the ad market is cut-throat itself, lots spamers, scams, and with big corp such as google, each pushing for their own interest. It's a big business network. Each do nice public talking, but max $ by all means necessary.

google is a good example. From do-no-evil to extreme evil. Apple too, began blocking, well only because, they not in ad business, and they don't block their own ads. Now, ad block become popular, google get into next step, chrome, with blocking they control themselves.

 When a person's sanity is at balance,
 when human passion is raging,
 no etiquette must get in the way.
     —Xah Lee, 2001.

Netiquette Anthropology: Tales of Tech Geekers

the meaning of the word troll has mutated over the past 3 decades. In 90s, it was wisecracker in tech, in 2000s, it's anyone u disagree with, in 2010s it became mainstream, a witch hunt, of anyone who disagree with the extreme left, connotes to bullying.

who brought the word “troll” from programing community to become mainstream “bullying”? 'was the bigshot open source fanatic tech writters. their drivel grace sites as slashdot, reddit, boingboing etc in the 2000s, and the “we wanna help” mentality nerd armies approved and echoed.

Troll Definition from Jargon File, 2003 Troll Definition from Jargon File

note the term Netiquette (and FAQ), are popular net lingoes, from 1980s to 2000s. Everyone who goes online knew. Today, most millennials probably never heard of.

Back then, most tech geekers, insist, that new comers should read faq to prevent a forum from incessant newbie questions. That's also gone, since stackoverflow in ~2007. But today, stackoverflow itself is even dumber incessant newbie questions.

why are programers sjw?

It seems to me, lots programers in SF/NY area, are sjwish, is actually cuz most of them do not know better.

They've been fed propaganda from mainstream media. Most people, don't have time nor inclination to actually see news or dig.

they hear news, and reinforced by fellow programers, and social media hole of their own.

i mean, i've been looking into just why or how there are these extreme sjw. It's complex. Basically,

fake news sites from the sjw

it's a study that report what's fake news. But itself is actually fake news.

This is Why The Oxford Study on "Junk News" is Fake news / Oxford Responds.

besides CNN, and other big sjw propaganda sites i learned are: Mic, Vox, Splinter, FMG, AJ+. watch the video for detail.

on the unexpected and advantageous cultural effect of language barrier

xah edu corner, extempore! episode №20180210193740, on the unexpected and advantageous cultural effect of language barrier

so, i was thinking, language barrier may be a good thing, very good thing. When china was trying to modernize chinese in 1950s, i thought, why not English, like India.

But look at india today, also hit by sjw thoughts. India doesn't have much of its original culture anymore. Note that, all the web sites indians visit daily, news, social network, is the same as USA/UK sites run by whitemen.

On the other hand, if china did english, sjw might not have happened. Chinese would have wiped out the very idea in plain English.

you, zukerburg, come hither, bow to Chinese. No, we no english, YOU, eat Chinese!

best seller now. Buy 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan B. Peterson

of online political tweets, there are 2 types

of online political tweets, there are 2 types: real political issues, e.g. war/military, economics, national/international policy, government stuff. Then there's social stuff, like sex, local crime outrage, police, sjw stuff.

the national/international policy/economics/gov stuff is far more important than social stuff. Fewer people posts those. But also, nobody really understand them. Unless you are a professor of a narrow field for 10 years. (net neutrality is a example)

the social stuff, e.g. men/women, porn, people clans, the things the sjw talks about, is almost trivial, but more relevant to each person. It causes more shouting, and also blindness, and cult formation. (this would be like, programing language cult/war)

note that, of the people who tweet political stuff, are people whose life's good and comfy. When you are well fed and got nothing to do, activism is a good hobby.

the social order of human animals is fickle. It could become Lord Of The Flies overnight. Cruelty, atrocity, killing, torture. All it takes is some disaster or something that disrupt police/communication/outsiders. This is best illustrated in zombie movies.

even without zombies or big natural disaster, it easily happens locally in small scale. Evergreen State College incident is a good example.

Laura Loomer

ok. there's Laura Loomer. I just looked up. I don't want follow her. i followed via some retweet recently but dunno who she was. Then, she tends to be spammy n questionable stuff. Then, i looked up. Rabble rouser is the word. Though, there r worse, eg. alex jones fuckhead.

Julian Assange's Twitter Account Incident 2017-12-24 (on its own page)

Unabomber's Predictions Came True

hum... Ted Kaczynski (aka the unabomber) did just that. lol.


but his predictions seems to have come true. I didn't believe it when i read his manifesto. the full text i annotated back then:

Unabomber Manifesto (Industrial Society and its Future)

South Africa White Massacre

there are 3 times privite security guards than police and military combined.

looks like @Lauren_Southern is doing something important. She was just a innocent girl against sjw left. Then became more involved, became activist and independent reporter. Went thru a lot, but still mostly bland, academically or socially. But this is something different.

she went to Africa to do investigative reporting. Something about farming there, involving gov and powerful criminals.

@Lauren_Southern reporting on South Africa situation.

South Africans Live in a Dangerous Gated World

South Africa is going to war. Race war, with guns. @Lauren_Southern reporting.

lauren, for new footage, wear less or none makeup. It's better that way. (and you are already naturally most beautiful.) And also perhaps do less injecting your opinions. Just report. ur vid often has u “omg this is so wrong”. That's not good for reporting.

. @Lauren_Southern 's video's kinda annoying. Because in every one of them, she paints a picture, with kinda satirical overtone and facial expression, over whatever she's reporting. Stop that habit Lauren, if you wanna do documentary. We like your videos.

The Authoritarian Left, Free expression, and Gender with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying

The Authoritarian Left, Free expression, and Gender with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (Podcast)

the big question, is whether the sjw is going to continue gaining power. Hard question, but i think ultimately not. There are too many problems. I think the real question is when the sjw will fall flat. Or, before sjw runs the show 100%, USA would have fallen.

takes 2 things to do a thing: willingness and ability. And, you must first have desire.

what a hollywood actress said about kill bill

on twitter, Jessica Chastain says:

I keep imagining Tarantino spitting in Uma's face and strangling her with a chain for KILL BILL. How many images of women in media do we celebrate that showcase abuse? When did this become normalized 'entertainment'?


what the hell is she thinking?

in films, where men r being killed, tortured by other men. From war movie to crime to gangster to gunslinger to sword fighting. I think that's be 1k times more than women as victim. When Kill Bill came out, it was hailed as woman as hero for a change, 6 female main char vs 2 male.

and Jessica Chastain says:

When violence against women is used as a plot device to make the characters stronger then we have a problem. It is not empowering to be beaten and raped, yet so many films make it their 'pheonix' moment for women. We don't need abuse in order to be powerful. We already are.

[ source]

my answer:

Hollywood movies are crafted to make money, caters to what people want to see. e.g. 50 Shades of Gray caters to female audience, and is highly successful, similar to Romance Novels that women buy. Kill Bill, is kung fu action movie, it caters to male audience.

the feminism movement has derailed since 1990s. (and thank you for fighting it since) Today became lgbtq and whatnot. It has lots deep conflicts. Any length of skirt seems wrong. Yet the focus is always skirt length. And now women dress up as vagina. 😂

James Damore vs Google Class Action Lawsuit (on its own page)

following are now on its own page

Train Wreck in USA

in china, japan, euro, bullet trains are everywhere. USA is still heavy weight diesel train, breaks down every week, and now “electrification”


University of Central Florida, Hijab Incident, 2018-02-01

Jordan Peterson  Dave Rubin  Ben Shapiro 2018 01 31
Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro 2018-01-31

Effects of Technology

Carl Jung

when i was in college (2 years community college) ~1992, i took psychology class. Am very interested in psy. At the time, i was not impressed by Carl Jung, in fact think of him as a crackpot of sorts. But now, @jordanbpeterson seems found of him. Maybe i should relook.

15% account on twitter are fake

15% account on twitter are fake, sold by companies. And, apparently, many celebrities, politicians, actually buy them. Also, twitter of course knew, but don't really do anything about it.

here's New York Times article.

[The Follower Factory By Nicholas Confessore, Gabriel J.X Dance, Richard Harris And Mark Hansen. At ]

(New York Times is often sjw fake news. This article seems a good one.)

the follower usually cost 1 cent each. e.g. 1k followers cost you $10.

apparently, many normal people sans controversy (actors, tv star, olympic athletes, businessmen, politicians, and porn stars), who may already have over 10 thousand followers, still, went out and buy followers.

because number of followers is the number 1 thing we naively judge legitimacy.

apparently, it's severe enough that those public figure people actually depend on number of followers for their career to thrive. e.g. spend few hundred bucks to buy followers to save the tens of thousands bucks you make. (e.g. if you are reporter, or do public relations, or book author, your number of followers helps a lot, as indicator of authority or qualification.)

Number of followers translates to money. If you have lots followers, say 1 million followers, each sponsored tweet gets you $2k or so. Apparently there are quite a lot girls, thriving on social networks (e.g. instagram), making more money than professionals by selling brands.

one of the techniques in creating fake account is that they go thru twitter, suck up profile photos, and color shift the photo a bit (to avoid detection), and use that as the fake account's photo.

CNN's Hilary Rosen @hilaryr is the one who bought the MOST twitter followers in that report. She bought 500k followers few years ago. She currently has 289k follower. (fake accounts drops off over the years) Goto her account, and you can spot fake followers easily.

Being White, Being Good: White Complicity, White Moral Responsibility, and Social Justice Pedagogy

Discovered a new book.

[Being White, Being Good: White Complicity, White Moral Responsibility, and Social Justice Pedagogy By Barbara Applebaum. At Buy at amazon ]

I think that the sjw stuff is actually a mechanism for the rich white sjw to stay in power.

I think peddling of moral superiority has always been a mechanism to stay in power.

It can be intentional, or subconscious.

Google Search Censorship

Google Search Censorship

photography is hobby of artless men

those into photography, are really idiots. The best photography is, take your phone out, snap. That's the best photo. it captures not only realism, but also conveys circumstantial truth. All others, are lies.

photography, were connotated with fops, well-shoed playboy. It's seen as a hobby, expensive one. Art, is the pretext. It is the art of artless men. In china, this connotation still exist. Where you see lots young men talk about $camera$ and photography.

Jordan Peterson vs Cathy Newman, Art of Rhetoric

nasty AI running our lives

Folks, stop liking or retweeting anything from twitter @archillect It's machine produced, and it's big. Like, retweet, things from human, please. Let's encourage human and thinking, not machine controlled and centralized.


Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trump's Private DMs to DOJ

Sr Network Security Engineer Reveals Twitter Ready to Give Trump's Private DMs to DOJ

Tonya Harding vs Nancy Kerrigan, who aged better?

Tonya Harding vs Nancy Kerrigan. The question is, who aged well? Tonya truly turned up like a white trash. Nancy, is ever aristocratic. She aged quite well.

Assange tweeted a song

lol, Assange account tweeted a song, and i love it! PS it's not clear this account is him, but here it goes.

M.I.A. Paper Planes

note to 4chan type of shitposters

get real, use your real name, stand for what you believe. It's risky, but that's the point. That's what makes a difference. and reduce those shitty shitposts.

this is not everyone can or should do. But consider it. Get real, and say reasonable things and stand firm.

mastodon = insecure

if any of you don't know already. Consider anything and everything on mastodon as PUBLIC, and archived widely. Including, private chats.

also, consider the password you used on mastodon, to be semi-open secret. (for example, don't ever let it be the same as your main email.)

also, consider your blocking, muting, etc, totally public. Any can still read your stiff if they wanted.

lastly, remember, instance admin potentially knows everything you ever did on the instance.

James Damore vs Google Class Action Lawsuit

since about say 2010, there's a new generation of programers, whose mantra is “help”, “be positive”. They shy away from negative things, even occasional swearing. I consider them scumbags. Many young star coders are of this ilk.


Mencius Moldbug and Dark Enlightenment

Democracy – The God That Failed

discovered this book.

[Democracy – The God That Failed: The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy and Natural Order (Perspectives on Democratic Practice) By Hans-Hermann Hoppe. At Buy at amazon ]

what's inside earth

what's inside earth Structure of the Earth this will need 1 year to fully understand

and this thing, drilled a deepest hole into earth to have a peek, deeper than any sea chasm Kola Superdeep Borehole

anthropology and political science, no longer science

i used to be proud of social sciences, e.g. anthropology and political science, telling programers that they should study it, an area they know nothing about. But, i didn't know how it has became so politically corrupted. Perhaps even in 1990s.


Paul Logan, Suicide, and American

ok. just wasted 30 min on this. What happens is a young youtube star, went to japan, explore a suicide area, and happened upon a newly hang'd person. He posted to youtube. got millions views. nothing surprising or out of ordinary at all.

for most Americans, never experienced pain. they dunno what it is, what it means. so, seeing a dead body, is something. this year, the sjw generation became worse. And cuz usa self-censor gore (ban'd by all corp media), so seeing it is novelty, dramatic, and click bait.

and also due to usa safe and rich life, things like this choke up a dramatic event. every one is talking about it. a controversy. debate and so on over basically a nothing. dragging in morality, etc. by tomorrow, u sip cai latte at starbucks and discuss iphone 11.

here's a copy of the video.

i get angry, not of the kid posting the video. He did it sans malice or ill intent.

but look at these typical average american. life is good. you travel to japan, for fun. with the luxury not in vacation, but “explore” rare places. Look at their demeanor. Life's really good.

Then, drama erupt over social media. Every similar american idiots, debate, discuss, over chai latte and iphone and iwatch at starbucks. Throw opinions, sympathy, suicide prevention … ya ass.

but ultimatly, you can't blame them as you can't blame rich kids. They were born that way. They live in a different plane. It's not exactly their fault they can't see outside of it.

so, perhaps, it's right that, when a nation becomes wealthy, it is bound to fall. The cycle begins anew. You forgot what's freedom. you dunno what's suffering. you don't know what hard working is for. (and the sjw generation, desperately, cookup things to prove they are still good, still good.)

minimum wage and the well-shoed

this is a game played by those well-shoed, may be ignorant, but may be intentionally hypocrite. They, benefit, psychologically, socially, and financially.

raise minimum wage cycle 74807
raise minimum wage cycle