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Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things.

the psyop of AI era corps, 👍 🌟 ♥ and flashing ya brain. It conditioned the milengen.

discord emoji gif 2021-10-23 dKjP
discord emoji gif 2021-10-23 dKjP
uyghur tribunal NED 2021-10-18 SvSc8
[Behind the “Uyghur Tribunal”, US govt-backed separatist theater to escalate conflict with China By Brian Berletic. At ]
uyghur tribunal NED 2021-10-18
uyghur tribunal NED 2021-10-18

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when i think of standup comedian, i think of

Most standup comedians r creepy. Especially, Conan, Ellen DeGeneres, jon steward. Bill mahler i used to like. I think he's too old and same old shit. Stephen colbert i used to like, during the george w bush faakhead era. Till he's chanting anti trump day n night in past few years. Ellen DeGeneres is just a creep fake skum. She got some sort of schizoid personality. Very cold and calculating. Conan o'brien is another creep fake. Typical of comedians. They actually cold and calculating, i think. Jon steward, is cringe. Not sure how to describe it. In particular he with women. I think a fitting word is coward. John oliver is blubing idiot of uk origin. Jay leno the square jaw, never liked. Not sure what he's about. Again, like typical comedians, insincere. David letterman, is always smooth, and not offensive. I liked him ok. Bill Mahler is mostly litetarian. I used to like. He is mostly political comedy. But truely, the same old shit gets tiring. He been doing almost exactly the same joke for 30 years. Jimmy fallon, seems mild, non-offensive, non-aggresive.

usa milk packaging 2021-10-03-s1600
usa milk packaging 2021-10-03

Carl Zha on Xinjiang

What is Gaslighting

most incredible pingpong.

Insane Table Tennis Shots from Xu Xin China
Apr 11, 2020
World Table Tennis
George Orwell  Spanish War
George Orwell, Looking Back on the Spanish War, chapter 4

Debt First 5 000 Years

flag girls 2021

Winston Sterzel serpentZA and Matthew Tye laowhy86

suppressed by Google for faaking 10 years for its pennies or hungry and die. Now, am free.

unhide fuck 2021-06-09
unhide fuck 2021-06-09
grep fuck 2021-06-09
grep fuck 2021-06-09

Basecamp DHH Skum

Why Xah Lee Use Multiple Domains?

美中高層阿拉斯加首日會談 觸及台港和貿易問題?(原音呈現)|完整版|20210319|TVBS新聞|LIVE
China and USA Alaska summit, 2021 March

2021-03-01 spacemacs Code of Conduct history pull request 3484 2015-10-20 (archived

Uyghur, Xinjiang, China

am now trying to find the mickey mouse cartoon opening scene around 1980 when i got fascinated with symmetric letters, when i was 10 years old, not knowing english nor alphabet nor what symmetry means The Origin of My Name XAH in Xah Lee

what's the technical term for a movie or cartoon opening? maybe opening credits

The Violent, Racist Content Twitter Won't Ban
Jan 14, 2021
screenshot 2020-12-28 2fBxp
emoji and gamification 2020-12-28

hum, incel wiki is not bad

seems pretty academic.

Wim Hof, the Iceman, Nutjob, with Jordan Peterson

Wim Hof (born 20 April 1959), also known as The Iceman, is a Dutch extreme athlete noted for his ability to withstand freezing temperatures.[1] He has set Guinness world records for swimming under ice and prolonged full-body contact with ice, and still holds the record for a barefoot half-marathon on ice and snow. He attributes these feats to his Wim Hof Method (WHM), a combination of frequent cold exposure, breathing techniques and meditation. Hof has been the subject of several medical assessments and a book by investigative journalist Scott Carney.[2]

Wim Hof Teaches Mikhaila and Jordan Peterson His Breathing Method
Dec 6, 2020
Jordan B Peterson

the guy is a nutjob.

I used to not understand what existentialism is but felt sympathy: focus on each person, right? Now i do. It's crap. One of its tenet is authenticity. But actually, existentialists literature are nothing authentic. It's academic mumble jumble. And spouted crap ever since.

year of our load 2004. When god believers are running usa. Nakedness — A Crime of American Conservatives

wanted to write a second poem of covid, but never got it done. didn't have time. something about

covid19 tech cloud
muffling the poor
killing the weak
cripples everyone
except its father.

omg, i've written it in a flash!

Hegel 2020-11-21 0830
Hegel 2020-11-21 0830
psychologism 2020-11-20 2135
psychologism 2020-11-20 2135
foucault sexuality 2020-11-20 2221
foucault sexuality 2020-11-20 2221
phenomenology 2020-11-20 1958
phenomenology 2020-11-20 1958
phenomenology 2020-11-21 0019
phenomenology 2020-11-21 0019
phenomenology eidetic reduction 2020-11-21 0234
phenomenology eidetic reduction 2020-11-21 0234
phenomenology heidegger 2020-11-21 0248
phenomenology heidegger 2020-11-21 0248
rationalism 2020-11-21 0117
rationalism 2020-11-21 0117
naive realism 2020-11-21 0904
naive realism 2020-11-21 0904
republic 2020-11-20 2301
republic 2020-11-20 2301
France May 68 2020-11-20 2305
France May 68 2020-11-20 2305
meaning of salon 2020-11-19 210330
meaning of salon 2020-11-19
origin of first lady 2020-11-19 211902
origin of first lady 2020-11-19
salon in UK and US 2020-11-19 212541
salon in UK and US
bluestocking 2020-11-19 212958
bluestocking 2020-11-19
ISBN 2020-11-19 220823
ISBN 2020-11-19
age of enlightenment 2020-11-19 221733
age of enlightenment 2020-11-19 221733
continental philosophy 2020-11-20 035147
continental philosophy 2020-11-20
structuralism 2020-11-20 142104
structuralism 2020-11-20
post-structuralism 2020-11-20 143226
post-structuralism 2020-11-20

Rutger Bregman

this is a leaked video of controversy on Tucker Carlson

i checked out Rutger Bregman i think he's no good. he's into universal basic income, and high taxes for rich, and socialism.

why i support trump

i arrived in usa in 1989, at age 21. In Calif. Lived my entire adult life in this lefty state. I was liberal or libertarian. Despise the god believers, the in-god-we-trust in coins, the conservatives, the ban porn, ban oral sex, jail anal/gay, the censorship. especially hate the George Bush, i consider him a muderer who killed hundred thousands in iraq. But since 2016, there's weird thing happening, all of a sudden, we hear safespace, and xyz phobias, gender bathrooms fuck, and everybody who disagree nazi, and tons of other jargons cis manspread mansplaining microagression intersectionality non binary patriarchy shaming transphobe homophobe. so, i started to look into, spend 1 or 2 hours per day on average since. Since, i find the sjw people, are the skumbags on this earth. They lie, do power struggle, censorship, and in fact they are the rich, elite, hollywood, million dollars politicians, they, run most usa media, google facebook, control thought, start to censor heavily since 2018. The sjw, holds power. And the god-believing usa conservatives, has become underdog, and dogged by the sjw people all the time, kicking Chistrianity and sing gospel of Islam. I support trump, because i believe, the sjw, are the real nazi. And Trump is their enemy. And USA, and white nations, are collapsing due to sjw.

The guardian is war mongering fakenews

The guardian is war mongering fakenews. Don't post guardian, nyt, cnn. And there are others, but these are big 3. Posting them, is not much diff from posting china's gov news. The nature of their fakenews differ. For example, china's gov news, is explicitly gov news. The china gov says, i told you so, and u should listen. While, western ones, such as nyt and guardian, are implicit gov+corp+elite's voices. They claim, that their says are independent of gov. Which is sometimes true.

Now, speaking of The Guardian specifically, it is a publication that tries make people approve war by usa and uk and friends. And it is also pro sjw, the usa left democ party's thoughts.

Western europe is in trouble, due to massive immigration of the sjw ideology. In particular, importing islam. It is interesting. That sjw may ultimately responsible for their own downfall. Because i think the songs of sjw are collapsing white nations. The europe islam killing stories are such example, meanwhile the white euro elites are eager to defend the islam killing of white people. So, collapse of white nations.

The collapse of white nations! By the sjw!

The collapse of white nations! By the sjw! And right now, there's a resistance by the woke right wingers, and possibly they may turn it around. Chaos. If the sjw collapse in 10 years, and right wingers took over, i don't think it's gonna be smooth and normal. The sjw ideas, will wear a evil hat in history, like hitler, and some the the good sjw ideas, like real social justice, will be deemed as evil, by the right wingers. And the sjw leaders, and the loud pawns on twitter, will be persecuted. Am talking about in 10 years frame. In summary, in 10 years, either we see the collapse of usa, or and other white nations, or, we see the collapse of sjw. If the latter, the sjw gonna be equate to nazi status (the common meaning of nazism as we know it (which is propaganda)), and the sjw pawns gonna run. Blacks will not have a better life. But if the white nations collapse, that'd be pretty big with respect to history of human animals. Who knows what will happen. Likely, china, russia, middle east countries, run the world.

xah 4chan js 2020-11-05 2MnC9
xah 4chan js 2020-11-05 2MnC9
xah 4chan js 2020-11-05 kKSQP
xah 4chan js 2020-11-05 kKSQP

Thaddeus Russell teaches history and cultural studies at Occidental College and has taught at Columbia University, Barnard College, Eugene Lang College, and the New School for Social Research. Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Russell graduated from Antioch College and received a Ph.D. in history from Columbia University. Russell's first book, Out of the Jungle: Jimmy Hoffa and the Re-Making of the American Working Class, was published by Alfred A. Knopf in 2001. He has published opinion articles in the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, Salon, and Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as well as scholarly essays in American Quarterly and The Columbia History of Post-World War II America. Russell has also appeared on the History Channel and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Curtis Yarvin's book, gray mirror

The True History of the American Revolution 2014. by Sydney George Fisher Buy at amazon

Unregistered 116: Curtis Yarvin (AKA "Mencius Moldbug") (VIDEO)
Jun 1, 2020
Unregistered Podcast
Hitler Lives (1945)
xah 4chan 2020-10-25 mMJT4
xah 4chan 2020-10-25 mMJT4
xah 4chan 2020-10-25 htXds
xah 4chan 2020-10-25 htXds
usa free speech and corporatism 2020-10-17 B5ytH
usa free speech and corporatism

there r diff professions, and diff personalities, often, they conflict, u can't have both.

for example, prostitute usually can't be politician or lawer, politician or leader, can't usually be philosophers, scientist/engineer types, often can't be businessman, businessmen types, often can't be priests or sages.

nerds, most of us, our personality, usually can't be playboys, or the millen gen jargon of players.

coffin makers, can't support science of longevity.

What’s the meaning behind this, or is it just offhand musing?

@cortez_phenix the point being, certain issues in society, and people's opinions, is not a matter of which is better. Sometimes there's reason why certain people believe in certain things. AND, how we behave, how we think, is not a matter how logical or honest we are. Personality, our physical body, brain, sets lots of things about our outlook of the world. Or, in summary of high level thought: the world isn't about logic and reason.

a simple way to understand this is: great swimmers, can't be great weight lifters, and vice versa.

and a consequence as a practical tip: you can only be good at limited something. maybe great scientist/nerd, but then, you can never be a great businessman or politician or salesman, etc, vice versa. No matter how hard you try.

cuz there's a inherent conflict of interest and conflicting requirements.

4chan xahlee 2020-10-03 qcTcj
4chan xahlee 2020-10-03

Renewable Energy is a Scam?

Renewable Energy is The Scam We All Fell For
Aug 3, 2019

NASA Says World is Greener

Sex in Second Life

Nude Alice Artwork by Frank Brunner

Art of Sexual Positions

Xah Lee Food

Brian Patrick Kern aka Kong Tsung-Gan

Beirut Explosion 2020-08-04

Sargon And Lauren Southern Join WAR On Patreon, This Could WIPE Out Leftist's Income
Aug 1, 2020

Vladimir Putin

Xah Lee Abode

much update to the index page Women and Human Animals

the Problem China by Bertrand Russell. 1922 Buy at amazon

one of the great film to see Cultural Revolution is Farewell My Concubine 霸王别姬 , was ban'd in China

elon musk pronouns suck 2020-07-24 TY9H7
Elon Musk, pronouns suck 2020-07-24
xah food haagen dazs 20200723 mskdH
xah food haagen dazs 20200723 mskdH

[The Wealth of Nations By Adam Smith. At Buy at amazon ]

the beginning understanding of free market

and see also Reading Notes on Basic Economics . the book that began to change my mind about open source

Flag Images

2 character in history i share a peculiar personality. Franz Liszt and Bertrand Russell. characterized by “unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind”

and then there's The Little Match Girl, who tried to sell matches and froze to death. HER METHODOLOGY IS WRONG!

here it is. • longing for love, • search for knowledge, • unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.

i surmise this trait is actually biological psychological. A sort of disorder if you will. might be lack of parental love.

speaking of vexillology time to spam my articles Banners, Damsels, and Mores

try n stop us
Banners, Damsels, and Mores

reaper wrote:

Yes and no. Trump choosing to say “covid-19 is a hoax, go to work sick” is gross negligence. He should be blamed for that and for his supporters believing him and acting accordingly. However, it is fair to say that few other countries did any better over all and so it is unfair to blame him, one person for 100% of the problem. I will say that over decades of time the CDC has been defunded and underfunded and the politicians and politician groups who are responsible for that defunded/underfunding should be thought of as part of the real problem here. That said, it was obvious the USA was not prepared for a pandemic after the Ebola flare-up during the Obama administration. That administration could have stockpiled personal protective gear etc, enough for all the military and hospitals for X months/years. It could have even done it under a secret military budget if necessary. As far as we know it did not do that. So, I think it is worth blaming them on that. It's nice they gave the Trump administration an 100 page document on how to deal with a pandemic, but they had in their power to do a lot more. Also, SARS was 2003, MERS later, maybe 2012ish(?). Scientists were sounding the alarm about coronaviruses specifically. So, I think it is reasonable to say the George W administration and the Obama administration and the Trump administration are all responsible for not investing more in vaccines for these. A proper vaccine for SARS would have been a great starting point for covid as they are so similar. In fact, it is possible it might have conferred weak immunity for covid. However, we can say the same thing about every country's administration since 2003 all over the world. That includes Canada, England, Germany, China, everywhere.

now, let me type nonstop to desconstruct reaper's mumble jumble. extempore!

now, the question is, roughly, whether trump is responsible, or, partly, and why.

reaper, as usual, went into a academic mumble jumble, citing previous presidents, the virus preparation gov branches, analysis on shortage or such, and mentions previous viruses. so, by this way, he concludes, that yes, trump is responsible, but partially, and previous presidents, are also responsible.

(hold on a sec. let me fetch my tea in microwave oven)


now, note that reaper's analysis, is typical of the TV pol or economy or stock pundits analysis, talking fast and glibe, in the past at least 30 years.

that is reaper's style. academic pundit mumble jumble.

now, let me tell you my perspective, response, analysis, on why trump is or not responsible.

in our world, shit happens. so, we have covid19, from nowhere, in 3 months, crippled the entire world.

usa, is the most powerful, wealthy, and medically advanced country. turns out, has the most bat death, 3 times than even the 2nd country in the world. plus, usa got about 2 months advanced warning from watching china. at the time, Americans are laughing and showing fake youtube vids about how chinese are dropping dead on the street, literally.

also, usa, is one of the most sparsely populated among advanced countries, with the biggest land. This covid19 virus, usually hit worst on densely populated crowd, by air. yet, usa still fared the worst. Truly, a failure, and inexcusable.

now, since Trump is the current leader of usa, he is, responsible for it. Immediately. No way to weasel out of this one. Trump, is responsible for the massive failure and death of handling covid19.

That's by academic definition of responsibility. However, this mishap in usa, is not something the leader can dictate well alone. It requires, the cooperation of the rest of the gov officials, and, American citizens.

but, during this time, usa leaders are in a bipartisan war with each other. Nominally the Democratic party and the Republican party. Or, we can just say, the social justice warrior gang vs the god believers.

they hate and despise each other. While Trump is banning air traffic, the left leader Nancy P are selling Trump Impeachment pen.

and, usa citizens, the god believers, refuse to stay home, went out with gun to do protest. and, the sjw gang, encourage massive protest of blacks and antifa on the street to do riot.

so, in my opinion, usa failed miserably in handling the deadly virus, partly due to Trump, partly due to, the chaos of current USA politics and system, and also partly due, to, the non-cooperative rebellious nature of white usa citizens, of their church congregation and free will spirits.

so, that's my analysis. not some academic mumble jumble of opaque abstract statics.

let me give you a analogy, of something easier to understand.

suppose your family, a big family of say 20. including grandma and grand children.

now, shit happened, or by god's will, some bad cold flu virus hit your family.

WHAT, you gonna do?

suppose, your family, didn't listen to the leader (say, you, the mid generation dad, primary bread winner), to take medicine, don't go out much, wear face masks, don't share toothbrush, don't share drinking cups. However, your kids didn't listen, and some of your grand dads says you are full of bull shit.

so in the end, half of your family died of the flu.

now, WHO is responsible?

so, in analogy to my analysis, i'd say, first of all, the leader, you, are responsible. Because, shit happened, and didn't end well, while you are in charge. Therefore, you should take the blame, by the book, first of all.

but secondly, it is true, you have problems in your family. For whatever reasons, some of your kids don't listen to you, are rebellious, and some grand dad, are assholes, drunk, that fuck with your leadership.

that's my analysis, in analogy.

now, the analogy of reaper's analysis, is some mumble jumble about your family history, about how they didn't study viriology while in school, how they didn't stack up enough first aids kits.

so, do anyone see the 2 different takes?

which, is more to the point? which, is the correct analysis? which, is the more effective understanding?

xah discord reaper mumble jumble 2020-06-11 krt95
xah discord reaper mumble jumble 2020-06-11
china firewall 2020-06-04 24hc7
china firewall

牆的問題很簡單. 老殺來告訴. 大陸防火牆,就一個目的. 就是防美國的炮火. 至於它該不該有, 很簡單. 如果 美國的砲火 打不入中國, 防火牆就自然消失. 就和萬里長城的原理一樣. 民主無關. 美國瓦解, 防火牆也自然消失. 你大陸人要怎麼政變,就怎麼變.

Falungong Leader Li Hongzhi

Yeah. Just done. Twitter is shit. Anger and shitposts and drivels and fakenews. But, when you turn to news, even local, lots fake spin'd news. With fucking nice words. People are motherfucking killing on the street. The news would use words like 'civil unrest'. Many policitians, are implicitly encouraging it. Because, that's the current emotion, appeasing the rioters gets them more support, money, stay in office or promotion. The city, town, usa, becomes worse long term.

big ass brazil is following with 558k. Being hot didn't help. Cold russian is 3rd, at 423k. It thrives hot or cold.

why post screenshots instead of url

Honestly, I wish Xah would post links too, so I don't always have to constantly web search and guess where the screenshot is coming from; but that's ok. I can live with it.

@myrkraverk will do :grinning:. me avoiding links , for my own site, is, on twitter for example, if u have link, twitter reduce showing it. basically, censorship.

for news site mainstream links, i simply do not post the link these days. because, something like less than 10% actually click, 1% actually read it. and, after days or months, the link fucking disappears. Or, they modify the content to the degree of changing the content's nature. These skums. (typically @R34P3R#8368 's fav sites). So, for non xah url, i only post screenshots. This is good because, 1, you have a record of the actual page. 2, screenshot of the part you actually want people to read, and people do read it. and for those rare few really want detail, they can easily find it.

twitter ban xah_lee 2020-05-05

and god got angry and said, from now on thou shall eat, and suffer from vermin. thus men invented ramen and cats to combat the wrath of god.

Mickey Avalon ♪ My Dick

google censorship 2020-05-10 j483s
google censorship 2020-05-10 j483s

the page in question is The Tale Of The Ensorceled Prince

bat death status usa. 1158k. 30k more since yester. The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children. Psalms 115

huntington beach protest 2020-05-02 8nnhf
bat death ritual in california

Candace Owens

Covid19 Poem

Tucker: Are coronavirus lockdowns working?
Apr 22, 2020
Fox News

momfaakingjesuscchrissst that tucker carson. the us right wing now gone berserk turning the lockdown into pol issue. big gamble. it's death by air. you seen around the world. which part they no unstand?

it's possible, that without lockdown order, usa may not fair much worse. but it's a big gamble. you wanna all your grandpa dead? is that what you want?

i can't fathom why the right wing... actually i can. sans lockdown, more grandpa will be dead, but not much relative to whole population. but the advantage is that 99% people will be happier, economy will be good, and trump relect.

Bat Death vs Democracy status. USA breaking 900k to reach 921k, and 52k dead.

amyiah cohoon covid19 2020-04-22 kbh37
amyiah cohoon covid19 2020-04-22

Library of Congress has a copy of your twitter posts

library of congress twitter archive 2020-04-20 2cfcr
library of congress twitter archive 2020-04-20

project evidence covid19 美国白人敢死队


Funny Trump Videos

ramp up and beat other preppers Survival Tabs 60-Day 720 Tabs Emergency Food Ration Survival buy at amazon now you buy 60 days survival food ration. you get to live, i make few bucks. amazon affiliate link.

dried meat. a wonder of tech for survival since ancient times. Meat Sticks buy at amazon you buy! (amazon affiliate link)

i heard that amazon is selling some apocalypse food pack, lasting for like 6 months. can't find it. anyone?

raw organic whey. amazon you need to stock up for zombie death

coronavirus mask, you need to buy. 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 8210V, N95 Respiratory Protection 10/Box amazon

Wuhan virus quarantine situation from someone in Wuhan

wuhan virus quarantine 2020-03-02 tcxq6
wuhan virus quarantine 2020-03-02

todo. maybe move, or put on its own pages

the freaks of society, and the rich and degenerate Cabaret Screenshots

Mozilla gives $100k to antifa

Scarily Patriotic Heartland USA

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and White Meditation

Meditation and the White Men

wuhan virus, as of 2020-02-13, 46k or 59k infected, depending on how one count. 1370 dead. Death rate is 2% to 3%. 15 in USA.

covid19 china growth 2020-02-13 j93ng
covid19 china growth 2020-02-13 2019–20 Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

meanwhile in usa, flu killed 12k.

watching the superbawl commercials. jezmomfaakin how they infuriates me. if you study psy, and wondering what a ultimate consumeristic video propaganda would look like, those are it. decades perfected tried and true.

there r 2 aspects. ① most are fake news. ② condition by corrupt web site creating mega corps (e.g. Facebook, twitter, reddit, hackernews), where each man dump brainlessness into public.

the consequences is that, ① fake news $thrive$. more fake news. the bad guys win. ② rotting and degeneration of men. each, become a brainless zombie, thinking they are discoursing matters. and men, no give a fuck about each other.

popular hk news sites

The 2003 California GUBERNATORIAL thing RECALL

college textbook, on literature. you are fucked

Norton Intro Literature Shorter 13th 2020-01-07 3w5ph
Buy at amazon

1421 Hypothesis

Young Hillary Clinton

Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta [Explicit]

there is this meme based on this song Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta when kavanar became supreme court. it shows kavanar and trump walking out. anyone got the video url?

Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination

don't realize quora headquarter is just down the street.

quora headquarter 650 castro 2019-12-27 x7k99
quora headquarter 650 castro 2019-12-27 x7k99
Tibetan Singing Bowls Set 2019-12-20 cc47t
Tibetan Singing Bowls Set Buy at amazon

you buy! for California friends, yoga women, spiritual person who are tired of western logic!

who wears a clog?

clog 2019-12-18 3hvqp
clog amazon

Andrew Ng on DeepNude

Titania McGrath aka Andrew Doyle

Kim Iversen Reports

xah monster boomer 23pps
xah monster boomer 23pps
Ross William Ulbricht silkroad 9r5k7-s250
Silkroad, Ross William Ulbricht

Population Under the Firmament

was reading about Naruto, fishcake swirl, then looking at map on Japan, then Hiroshima, then reading about Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

the skumkamalaharrisDropped out. Good thing.

i don't make much of it. I don't understand German. when they played French, that's the one i recognize and find it pleasing. their chinese, where i had to specifically look after a while about to close, they name it zhonghua, which is kinda idiotic. and their tune bear no resemblence. I liked the russian one, cuz russian anthem is beautiful, and i recognized it.

British National Anthem - “God Save The Queen” 美国 各大大媒体 三年前就知道 #epstein 事情,而且都有详细报告,但是被封了,没报告,因为牵涉到 美国总统和各大人物。现在这个信息被挖出。

take a bath towel. grabs 2 corners and raise over your head so it can fly like a kite. run in your back yard. when the wind is strong, you gonna be lifted. you can peer over the creeks below. what a experience. you should try it sometimes. i did in my dream yesterday.

USA propaganda don't want you to see this.

the kong kong rioter skums do not dare to beat non chinese 香港暴民不敢打外国人

the beto orourke 混蛋 dropped out. good news.

beto orourke dropped out 2019-11-01 c59c5-2
beto orourke dropped out 2019-11-01 c59c5-2

us propaganda on china. apparently, this Hadas Gold works for CNN.

Hadas Gold David Culver lie China 2019-10-25 8fbzf
Hadas Gold David Culver lie China 2019-10-25 8fbzf

呵呵。美国人写书,说,你们大陆用微信卖酒会被中共扣分,约会,结婚,和你的朋友都会影响你的社会分数。 American author Daron Acemoglu rumor about “chinese credit system”. lol.

UK Iron Lady, fall in china steps. this video was way popular back then among chinese. the implication was that, the Iron Lady met a harder guy, Deng Xiaoping, and the fall reflects psychological falter.

history of hong kong 2019-10-15 f9d8p
history of hong kong 2019-10-15 f9d8p
history of hong kong 2019-10-15 fj3pn
history of hong kong 2019-10-15 fj3pn

[Sorry Bernie Bros But Nordic Countries Are Not Socialist 2019-10 By Jeffrey Dorfman. At [ ] ]

on china, gold mine.

more and more picture and videos nows shows up about the truth of #Tiananmen . soldiers burned alive by rioters, this is before tankman

Tiananmen Square Massacre 2019-10-15 6hybq
Tiananmen Square Massacre 2019-10-15 6hybq
Tiananmen Square Massacre 2019-10-15 5fd68
Tiananmen Square Massacre 2019-10-15 5fd68


Saving Private Lynch 2003 这个人是白左大明星,搞笑的。每月(对,月)收入 6,000,000 美金。最近去看球赛,和George Bush前总统坐在一起嘻哈。被左派批评。她节目反驳。然后被人加上这个背景。各大白左媒体封,说是冒犯版权。#EllenDeGeneres

你常常说这个。其实,都在我网上,排列的很好。问题是,一般,人不会去看。如果我贴链接,更不会去按。非要直接贴东西,而且不能有链接,看的人才会多。明天,又是新的一天。人们啥都忘了。互联网上大家洗脑战继续 美国总统候选人,说美国民主如何血洗利比亚。香港年轻人,看看。 and my white american friends who are supporting Hong Kong protest, pay attention. understand that CIA/NED is paying billion per year to rebels in china since 1960s.

美国民主就是,把它的敌人,你的政府推翻,然后五代十国大乱,它就不管了。 #HongKongProtest

Google suspended facial recognition research for the pixel 4 smart phone reported targeting homeless black people

google face recog black homeless 2019-10-07 jmp5v
google face recog black homeless 2019-10-07 jmp5v

Joe Rogan and Eric Weinstein idiocy

Big Bang, Hopf fibrations, Gauge Theory 2 idiots. here we see joe rogan exposing his idiocy by his self consciousness. then we have this Eric Weinstein exposing his idiocy by twisted explanation he thought superior.

i didn't like eric w because he tends to use spurious academic jargons and certain abstractions the way he talks, he think it's smart, and usually to non-tech people, and fooling them.

the way he tried to explain some physics/math concepts to Joe Rogan, shows much of it. you can see he thinks he is teaching in the most superior and smart way. Joe is really too dumb to understand anything. But eric's way of explaining is by all means weird and not great. 美国没有高速铁路。

美国没有高速铁路。 美国的铁路,是这个样子。就在我家走路30分钟到。这个铁路从Mountain View 到三藩市。车票美金8. 55 人民币。50公里距离。50分钟。这个铁路,常常出问题。每年n人在铁道自杀。

Meghan Murphy, Twitter Ban

“it's illegal to induct into the armed forces if you have iq less than 83. That's 10% of the population.”

YouTube Censorship, Shadow Ban

Harvard Racism

杀杀说美国的故事。加拿大首领,Justine Trudeau 是白左的大首脑。大概全世界首领中他是最白左。今天他的一张2001年照片被挖出来。他参加派对,扮成阿拉丁,脸画成黑人。白左理论认为这是极端黑人歧视。哈佛大学大闹,开除等不少。今天他马上道歉。真是个帅哥。笑容可掬。那个女人看了不爱?见推连

2019-09-20 美国,本来是左派,右派。左派通常是讲自由言论,民主,反战争,反政府。右派通常是讲保守传统,基督教,反同性恋,反女权。2010后,尤其2016后,左派完全变样。变成白左,极端。女权变成恨男人,同性恋权变成人妖称霸权,黑人权,回教权,男女无别,最近几年是要求国无边界。你不同意,就是希特勒。

白左妖言惑众。现在开始烧书。就是,所有白人的书,都该烧。比方,台湾大陆常常流行看世界文学。比方茶花女,双城记,钟楼怪人,莎士比亚,这些都作者被统称为 dead white males (死白男)。白左集团在大学小学内要禁止学校教这些书。见图。那个Paul是烧书的一个集团首脑。另一张照片是一个学校烧书。

twitter sjw 2019-09-20 shqnb
twitter sjw 2019-09-20 shqnb Kavanaugh is on the news again. smeared by sjgang. 美国白左的事。Kavanaugh 是右派法官。自从2018要上任的时后,白左就各种攻击。弄出女的,说30年前强奸。地方不记得了,时间不记得,证人没有,连她朋友都不信。还有女的其它说强奸,都完全没证据。现在纽约时报又说强奸,又是空口说白话。 弄出的女的就是左边这个 Christine Blasey Ford。白富美。教授。白左还给她捐了1百万。拿了。右派也给 Kavanaugh 捐了60万。后来没拿,因为他说作为法官不能拿这个钱。

这人女的,是加拿大🇨🇦教授。反白左的一个大将。她报告 白左 Christine Blasey Ford 的背景。 To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University



你是白左派吗?如果大题上同意我的看法,或者不是很白左,或不是对这个有详细研究,何必订我这呢。这个事件,美国左右双方强大势力,新闻上万,视屏上千,僵尸户双方白万。斗争砍人。我看你不是白左。那么,我们不必为这个事争论。 不如说说大陆的事。意见不同没关系。说个人知道的事。

Hong Kong tycoon problem 2019-09-16 j4w6n-2
Hong Kong tycoon problem 2019-09-16 j4w6n
Hong Kong tycoon mk588
Hong Kong tycoon mk588

美国对中东的控制 US Blames Iran for Attacks on Saudi Arabia Oil Facilities

middle east map 2019-09-15 482hk
middle east map 2019-09-15 482hk 跟她。要想知道 wikileaks 维基解密 Julian Assange (朱利安·阿桑奇) 的消息,她最可靠。

are you aware of the sjw stuff? it's very controversial. heard about Jordanb Peterson Lindsay Shepherd Bret Weinstein ?

Social Justice Attacking Richard Stallman, Jeffrey Epstein, Vice 杀杀说说美国的事。这个视屏,第一个女的,叫 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [在推特 ] 她是今年白左派选出的美國眾議院議員,是白左极端。很年轻,29岁。每天以极端无脑的话在推特涨粉。国无边界,社会主义,是她天天推特上的话。不同义,你就是希特勒。。这个视屏,是右派反她的视屏。


很多大陆朋友不知道。美国CIA给了西藏汉奸 1.7百万美金,还在美国训练了西藏游击队,然后跳伞放回西藏,每一年。1960年代。这个是美国后来公开的资料。李敖节目友专门报告。美国也有记录视频,在油管。 上面链接有详细

cia in tibet 2019-09-12 pgs9t
cia in tibet 2019-09-12 pgs9t


li ao on tibet 2019-09-13 h4fzg
li ao on tibet 2019-09-13 h4fzg
liu xiaobo 2019-09-13 ykmzx
liu xiaobo 2019-09-13 ykmzx

大陆朋友不知道。刘晓波 拿了美国多少钱?1百万美金。图上有每年给多少。都是NED机构官方网站公开的资料。当然,刘晓波 也得了诺贝尔和平奖,1百万美金奖金。刘晓波 还写了文章骂李敖。也文章支持美国打伊拉克。 上面详细报告,全英文。

Liu Xiaobo, NED, CIA, USA Support

这位 是美国反白左的律师。2018 年谷歌工程师,生物学家 James Damore 发表建议说女工程师比男工程师少或许是因为男女性向不同,被解雇。法院告谷歌。就是她律师。还有很多事件。

谷歌工程师 James Damore 的报道 ,还有法院告书,我全看了。对白左如何起来的很有帮助。这几年我都有研究这个问题。


从2016开始加右派人。有些是每天政治谣言涨粉,小事写成大事,偏激。有些是专门搞笑画佩佩蛙蛙🐸戏虐白左(这种最多,通常是普通年轻人)。有些是学术教授,比方 。有些是深入政治分析真相(这最严重,也会被杀)。真正说有深度话的人很少。右派通常账号随时被封。

大概2017,2018年,右派人在推特上越来越多。就是一般美国住在小城市或乡村的老百姓。这种不容易看到他们的账号。通常,你佛大号右派人物,然后看他们贴的下面讨论,就能看到。很多是女性或妇女。因为白人男说话常常会被打。 香港造反小头目黃之鋒到美国了。他来这里开会。这个机构是 Congressional Commission on China. 国会行政监察中国会。这机构目的是“监察中国法治发展和人权”。看看上面链接,美国人的报告。

在美国,反对美国做恶的很多,但是没什么用,被大权力阻挡。 反对美国做恶最有名的是他,Noam Chomsky。 可在油管上看他说话

Noam Chomsky 2019-09-10 vp9cw
Noam Chomsky 2019-09-10 vp9cw

现在最大的反对美国做恶的是她 。现在在进选总统。但是目前被左派 DNC机构拉黑,使她不能参加下次的左派候选人辩论。各大媒体(左派)都在斗争这个女士,各种抹黑。因为,很多左派右派都是靠战争 卖武器 侵略 吃饭的。 她的维基百科没有中文版。 你可去英文版看看她的资料,生平。

Tulsi Gabbard 2019-09-10 csxp9
Tulsi Gabbard 2019-09-10 csxp9

记得美国为什么打伊拉克吗?说是有核武器化学武器。结果啥么武器都没找出来。核武,化学武器全世界美国最多。 伊拉克人民死60万(详细数字没有。美国官方说,我们不记录这些。媒体也不准有任何流血照片)注意,推特,油管,都不准血腥照片。我贴一个比较软的照片。我有收集很多照片,就不贴链接了。

Bernie Sanders Linda Sarsour 2019-09-08 g6tc7-2
Bernie Sanders Linda Sarsour 2019-09-08 g6tc7-2



哈哈。我知道猪瘟的时候也是在想,这蛮好的,美国很多左派是积极喊吃素,动物权。 看看这个视频。这是白左,到一个餐馆,哭说有人杀了她的女儿。原来那个女儿是一只鸡。2014的事。动物权。 有一个感觉。在美国,第一代大陆人支持川普的,可能不是因为认为白左混蛋,而是白左唱共产,川普反大陆(至少表面上是),所以支持川普。就好像最近知道法轮功是这样。这次香港事件我才想到这点。真是乱。美国各大媒体,谷歌推特脸书等,是恨川普入骨每天喊他是希特勒。看到这个画会气死。

Hong Kong Trump tank 2019-09-06 cdzcc
Hong Kong Trump tank 2019-09-06 cdzcc twitter dancohen3000



apparently, there's this guy John De Goes a programer in functional programing community, that jsgang are banning him. not sure what's the details yet.

japan nazi 2019-09-05 pgzrb
happens in Japan too. even flying nazi flag. 日本也有这样。拿碎旗都出了。

2019-09-05 要说明一下。我是美国人。美国籍的华人。2001入籍。今年51岁。台湾生。1984,十四岁出国。到巴拉圭,瓜地马拉,然后再加拿大住了三年。1989从加拿大到美国,21岁。成人生涯在美国,30年。在美国,一生没有与任何华人接触。只有最近几年,认识几个大陆朋友,偶尔吃顿饭。

colorado democratic socialists of america 2019-09-05 3d8rp
colorado democratic socialists of america 2019-09-05 3d8rp