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Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things.

Jim Jefferies, SJ Gang

watching the fire at notre dame today, i can't fathom how we don't have a tech that quell fire. It could be my nerdy wishfulthinking while not knowing a bit about firefighting, but maybe it's because we really haven't investigated in such tech due to social flaws.

censorship by Google, Mozilla etc. Now gab try to build a browser. lots are happening due to the sjgang muffle. Many are starting alt platforms. This war, if we win, there's possibility it's gonna become the other extreme. Yet, we must fight it.

Are You Schizoid or Autistic?

fake autism and i am a pony

Ben Shapiro is now super popular. 2M followers on twitter. good. Anything to wipe the sjgang out.

i don't follow Ben Shapiro cuz am into academic things. philosophy, history, linguistics, math etc. Shapiro, is just a quickwitted smart guy with very traditional American conservative views. No scholarly knowledge.

Trump say Wikileaks

Michael Avenatti (laywer of pnstar Stormy Daniels against Trump) $4.5 million private jet is seized. $4.5M. $4.5M jet. “Daniels later said that Avenatti had initiated the suit against her wishes”. lol

wikileaks Julian Assange got arrested

Julian Assange got arrested. The UK cops went in, grabbed him out.

clear video of #Assange arrest

2 of the guys in the video that grabbed Julian Assange, was filmed and questioned by Cassandra crew 1 day ago, who said they didn't know what wikileaks is

if you want trust worthy details about Julian Assage situation, go over to cassandra She flew over to UK 2 days ago, unplanned, and has been documenting it.

got lots things to post. often, pol stuff i think is good. but if even carefully selected, my tweets'd be filled with them. so usually i limit to 1 or 2 such a day. but missing a lot good stuff. Also, it's a tension of tug war on posting my own work, on coding, math, art, etc.

twitter troll 2019-04-09 x8zn9
twitter troll 2019-04-09 x8zn9

that's unreasonable characterization. You, for example, got 50k followers, are now exercising your clout in judging a black woman. Hollywood celebrities, far more popular than Candance, do it all the time.

i agree with you Marlene. But as you know, we are in culture war today. Things are pretty bad now. People are saying things to smear others. That's the primary purpose, not discuss. We can usually tell from the wording and past tweets. I'd rather join your group than Jessica.

Perish, or join one side perhaps that's lighter.

about Candace Owen, i agree she's a politician type., but the sjgang is 10 times worse. So, i support Candance. Like voting in political parties, all things considered, sometimes one don't have a choice.

about Candace Owen, i agree she's bad in many ways. but the sjgang is 10 times worse and in power (Google, facebook, twitter, banks, media). Candance is against sjgang, So i rather not see her fall. Like voting in political parties, we can't be too blunt, and has to be practical.

about Candace Owen, many antisjgang are attacking her. i agree she's bad in many ways. but the sjgang is 10 times worse and in power (Google, facebook, twitter, banks, media). Like voting in politics, we need to be practical.

2019 college admissions bribery scandal

2019 college admissions bribery 2019-04-10 jj9vd
Wikipedia, 2019 college admissions bribery 2019-04-10

excellent response by @RealCandaceO

who to follow on twitter for social justice

the sjgang. story on twitter

the sjgang. video report by timcast

i recommend to follow Debra Soh for trans issues

follow for quotes on feminism issues, culture, history, of Camille Paglia Paglia is top most scholar on culture and history

follow for reporting on sj issues. Andy Ngo is kinda annoyingly aloof. He never respond or fav your supporting tweets.

follow for scholarly take on sj issues

follow Cassandra Fairbanks for trustworthy wikileaks and Julian Assange news

follow for feminism issues. She made the top selling movie The Red Pill

follow Jordan Peterson of western scholars, the top 3 i admire are: Camile Paglia, Jordan Peterson, Thomas Sowell Paglia and Peterson are broad and deep scholars.

follow She started the Quillette online site. I witnessed its birth in 2017. She's sharp and fair thinker.

follow Rubin Report for wide ranging interviews with famous people on issues of society

follow for fair reporting of news daily

follow Nick Monroe for deep dirt digging of sjgang. don't really like this guy, but he does do deep digging

follow Lindsay Shepherd for sjgang happenings in universities in Canada her YouTube channel is good

The above are my recommendations of people to follow on the sj issues. They are mostly fair, info rich, focused. there are lots others. meme stuff, immature YouTube “comedians”, pro trump randoms, etc. Not my thing. Am into stuff with depth.

finally, for completeness as a matter of record of self portrait, follow xahlee for non-conformist take on programing and human animals, with respect to whole history

Edward Snowdon , is still wanted in usa. currently hiding in Russian. Wikipedia says in Moscow.

omg, is this true? don't know what to believe anymore. gonna look into this

“Contrary to what we’ve been told, industrial seed oils such as soybean, canola, and corn oils are not “heart healthy” or otherwise beneficial for our bodies and brains; in fact, plenty of research indicates that these oils are making us sick.”

what i got out of it is this:

YoungBloodZ ♪ Damn

Björk ♪ Pagan Poetry

Cassandra Fairbanks, answer common questions about Julian Assange i've been watching Julian Assange since 10 years ago, still have blogs as a record. good to write blogs. cuz now, info becomes fuzzy history fast just after few years.

this resurfaced. i added a video Xah's Porn Outspeak

there is this guy on twitter Navel i found few weeks ago, apparently extremely popular among elite tech heads. i get the sense that this guy is crackpot. He sells get rich with a twist. you are in sillicon valley tech startup community, you wanna believe.

there's a youtube channel called black pigeon speaks.

i saw 1 episode california and “financial capitalism” just now, am impressed. then, saw this 'Why CHINESE JESUS still TERRIFIES Communist China' am turned off. this vid, is like taking matters from lurid mags and refry them in a scholarly wisdom way. it can fool those who r quite ignorant n want to believe.

video of Chongqing China. look at the beautiful girl driving

in this video from china gov, you can see Tibetan writing. Unicode Tibetan ࿓

Omo River Valley c6ryb-s1333x750
Omo River Valley, Ethiopia. Like, from Hollywood movies. 1920×1080 image source

while studying unicode ethiopic script, i learned that ethiopia is one of the poorest country. 50% of people don't have clean water, no food, etc. 25% girls pussy is cut.

this is true. actually, hate crimes basically don't exist. It is the sj nutjobs created them. I'd go further beyond the typical American arguments. The very concept of hate crime, creates more of it. If there's no law whatsoever about it, there'll be less of so-called hate crime.

by the way, andy ngo has done a lot report on fake hate crime. Especially those spread like a craze in 2017. example:

glenn greenwald is annoying. on serious world political issues, he does excellent truth digging. but on cultural or social issues, he likes to push his opinion, sometimes attacking others.

not easily bought off, yes, i agree. but i was thinking he like to push his opinions, on matters like gay, islam. i heard that Sam Harris claimed that Glenn attacked him and lies about the issue. I haven't looked into in detail, but i tend to believe Sam on this issue specifically. (Sam Harris, i think also is a nutjob. Very argumentative, as in lack of confidence from his childhood, seeking one-up-manship)

active denial system, basically a crowd dispersing weapon, by firing 95 GHz waves (wavelength of 3.2 mm.) basically burn human animal's skin. long-term effect is not known.

it seems one of the supposed danger of 5G, is that it needs to have much more cell towers to work, due to shorter wavelength, and these towers can emit the same kinda wave as active denial system's heat ray.

twitter censorship

screenshot 2019-03-30 59gmv
screenshot 2019-03-30 59gmv

i thought this is not playing in siliccon valley, like the movie last year. but lol, it is actually playing right now, at AMC besides highway 101, Santa Clara.

Unplanned Official Trailer - In Theaters March 29

Unplanned, movie trailer. apparently popular. 1.4 million views. i learned since 2017 that Planned Parenthood is a corrupt org (1.3 billion yearly revenue, half from gov). Full name is Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. (tax free)

since 2017 the trump and social justice gang chaos, i learned quite a lot about corruption of Democratic Party and associated orgs. Billion dollars money game. funny i never knew any of it, 30 years living in Silicon Valley. I was all pro green and progressive stuff.

note that some of these giant corrupt orgs, they began good, several generations ago, such as Southern Poverty Law Center, and Planned Parenthood. (PeTA is also extremely corrupt greedy gang, but i don't know they actually began good) Google is a good example of gone rotten.

the reason i didn't know about these org's nature before is very simple. you never spend 1 hour in your life to look into their history, deeds. True for vast majority of people. Life is busy, you worry about only yourself. Once you spend just 1 hour to look into, things may unravel.

this is awesome!! 3 girls with maga hat dancing and singing wall song. and, in Portland!

The “swatting” phenomenon, indicates a generation that life's too comfy, got nothing to do. The milen gen. “Tyler” R Barriss. 20 years for man behind hoax call that led to fatal shooting

大家注意。这个旗 🇨🇳 ,从 1949 到 1979,30 年看不见天。不要大惊小怪。 Note, it's no big deal. This flag 🇨🇳, is censored in USA and UN for 30 years.

am not seeing these kinda things in usa anymore. but seeing them in china everyday. i mean, innovation.

human taxi drone.

is it just me in my biased info searching? or is it true in general? and on twitter, it's all pol and fakenews and lgbtqwxyz.

mastodon friends nico close 2019-03-28 3vwgg
mastodon friends nico close 2019-03-28 3vwgg

poor mastodon, the latest pipedream of open source fanatics. “one of Japan's large Mastodon servers,, will be shut down after a month. is the third largest server in Japan, with about 48,000 users. It was the sixth largest in the world.”

Email LEAK Shows Jussie Smollett COVER UP, FBI GETS INVOLVED!

procrastinate. todo read.

great life story and photos! seems your story is similar to mine. i arrived in usa (California) at age 21 in 1989 (from Canada). Was born in Taiwan, left at age 14. Have a great trip back to China.

saw “The Jimmy Dore Show” a few times on youtube. Never liked it a bit.

there r quite a lot so called right wing show on youtube. basically, i don't like them all. They are basically common idiots (Joe Rogan) or, teen no brains eg ShoeOnHead, Tim Pool, Lauren Southern, laci green. even sargon akkad. Some are cute. in other words, they are not scholars.

Except, almost only 2: Jordan Peterson, and Camille Paglia. They, got depth. Camille i admired since 90s. Jordan is new. My top say 5 western book author or person i admire the most are: Bertrand Russell, Camille Paglia, Jordan Peterson, Thomas Sowell

Sargon Akkad, is a mediocre man. a typical nerd turned ★. Ben Shapiro mediocre too, a lil' mouse of traditional conservative bent. Sam Harris is a one-trick pony, reciting anti-god points of thousands years old. Milo Yiap is literally a witty gay with vivacious gaiety.

David Rubin is a normal gay, doing a good job of interviewing. (and not pretentious and not claiming things) Tim Tool is a brainless man who keeps emphasizing his brainlessness, doing us news reports that ceased to exist from money corps.

all these YouTube personalities, they have 1 thing in common. They can talk, like lead reporter in news money orgs. But nothing much else.

Bret Weinstein is a effete academic. Expert on biology, nothing else. don't even know what's going on in the world, but he think he does. His brother, Eric, is much worse, and PRETENTIOUS. By the way, of course, i support them. Much of these people became ★s, because the social justice gang has lowered the gate. It's not about expertise or knowledge, but fighting gangsters.

lol. Michael Avenatti got arrested. for attempting to extort more than $20 million from Nike. ok, so he's the guy who defended porstar Stormy Daniels against Trump. i didn't know till i saw his name and face in this vid

this one is so funny. i don't even know what it is about, except something bout muller no indiction. lol. this is a bombshell, the beginning of an end. (compilation of news media says Trump's gonna fall, with key phrase of “tipping point” and “beginning of an end” )

Rachel Maddow makes 10m/year. it seem to me, these reporters, their job is a show, n they've become a reality show actor. they act while reporting, including spontaneous tears on cue, as easy as you eat pie.

omg, girls, everyday with their heart ♥ sign. what's wrong with them? 😻

here's story of pewdiepie, as told by wikip PewDiePie

quite interesting. he's the most subscribed youtuber, with 90 million followers. Note, MOST. Meaning, more than any pop super stars. Apparently, he began popularity by playing games live.

youtuber ranking 2019-03-20 85jf6
youtuber ranking 2019-03-20 85jf6

Apocalypse Now, Ride of the Valkyries

lol, timcast now is doing “When The GIANT Asteroid Comes To Wipe Us Out, How Can We Stop It?!” apparently, he's becoming too pop, ran out of pol topics listening to tim on science matters is like healthy BigMac

Christchurch New Zealand shooting 2019-03-15 g2bww
Christchurch New Zealand shooting 2019-03-15 [Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre By Robert Evans. At ]
Southern Poverty 2019-03-14 wg8xg
Southern Poverty 2019-03-14 wg8xg

how do i see the chat? where?

stupid youtube

the supreme emacs system

fuck Google

i no see any live stream, but apparently i am.

usually, i goto YouTube , then click start stream. but today, i didn't, just to experiment.

and fuck Google

might have to start over again

now dj, please change a song.

now look at those girls. WHAT are they doing?? lol, dj!

anaconda. what a stupid name. idiotic.

and look.

this is what american has come to. depravity. i rather watch hardcore porn directly

here's to depravity, and good health.

am rather displased by these ass chicks

you see, american, watch these shit.

now, let's change a channel.

change a channel! fuck you with ya ass.

ok, need to find the song. minaj

now goto my music blog. search minaj

there it is

Nicki Minaj ♪ Lookin Ass

now i like this song.

smoothes my soul.

look chat ass nigga nigga. lol

now let me give you my xah analysis.

you see, this is america.

this song, is all about ass and niggars.

now, according to the official account, it's about, how, something, about, how, men is agrressive, so this is a “protest”. lol LOL

you see those asses? ass and tits? but, this is about feminism or something. and , the lyrics, is full of niggas.

how much she makes? billions. some' like that.

oh, machine gun. yah!

why is it not saying xahlee streaming live?

unsure and uncertain.


the state of affairs, is uncertain.

we lost certainty.

and perhaps, this is the end. The end, of this stream.

was gonna go on a talk show. but the talk no show. and was gonna talk about smoking, and quick smoking, and and and and and the e cig or vape. and stuff. but i guess that'll be it for the day. and let's see it'll show up on my YouTube stream.

these fingers, can still type.

ok. bye.

screenshot 2019-03-06 c2qwv
screenshot 2019-03-06 c2qwv
screenshot 2019-03-05 48bxw
screenshot 2019-03-05 48bxw

am 1 hour into this. Tim Pool @Timcast is spectacular. Thank you Tim for doing this.

The video is about twitter censorship towards US Conservatives.

Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde and Tim Pool

was afraid Tim might not perform, but he's spectacular, and laid out all the issues clearly. Jack and his ban team leader Vijaya explained their view, accepted some points about twitter biased against conservatives, but seems they honestly are trying to do better.

Joe Rogan, to me, finally don't appear like a total idiot. (most points brought about by Joe here i agree) But Tim kept saying he just sees dystopia coming.

it's hard to make any decisive comment on the whole. It involves corporatism, complex social issues, politicians, leftist academia, activist groups, tech progressing faster than we can understand, and nobody can say for sure what's the answer.

I still mistrust twitter. I think the whole “safe space” practice should not be there. Overall, i think there's still hope.

Joe Rogan and Tim Pool are not intellectuals. They don't know nothing about philosophy, history, sciences, tech. Joe may have specific keep-quite tactic that made his success (so are talk show hosts). but am always turned off by him, always making uninformed and stupid comments.

i have complaints about Tim, but on the whole, he is a expert about so called culture war and did a lot real hard on-the-ground journalism for years (i despise the word journalism. prefer just Reporter.). (i've watched tons of his vids, average maybe 20 min a day since 2017 April)

i find Tim Pool's insistence of being a centralist and his petty views on morality annoying, but overall, i do now kinda rely on him for say weekly summary of culture war happening. (taking into my account of me being extremely selective in what i hear stuff from)

Expensive Batteries vs Cheap Batteries!
Freakin' Reviews
Published on Dec 2, 2018

Spielberg = master of propaganda

i liken Spielberg to what's his name that nzGerman cinema guy. The master of propaganda.

Captain Mavel, Brie Larson

captain mavel brie larson 2019-03-02 vzqn8
captain mavel brie larson 2019-03-02
captain mavel 2019-03-02 tbnk2
captain mavel 2019-03-02 tbnk2

The Gavin McInnes Character

watched this whole 3 hours yesterday Joe Rogan Experience #710 - Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes, is a slick guy. after watching this video, my opinion of him went down a notch. (i've watched about 6 of his other videos before) overall, he's smooth and devious, can't be trusted. A typical salesman qualities. his opinions, some are just whacky.

Gavin McInnes believes drinking driving is fine. i also believed it's fine when younger. (i don't drink, maybe once a year)

Gavin McInnes is always very funny+blunt. half in the show, he is drunk. he holds mostly very traditional north american views. he's often intentionally demeaning to others, and you don't know if he's joking. (still, he's morally better than today's sjgang)

when a nerd (you) deal with slick guy like Gavin, often, they may take advantage of your social ineptness. Saleman types, they probe during social interactions, and they morph their personality. if you are socially inept, they may push further to encroach your self esteem.

note that,most people's personality,r more close to saleman than nerds。Some,when they deal with socially inept nerds,they encroach ur space,or insult u。Some,really ∵ they don't know what else to do。They think insulting u is what u like。They r trying to create interactions.

Alex Jones skum

Alex Jones Freaks Joe Out Alex Jones is the master skum. He is in contrast to the mega billion CEOs of big companies. Same, but different tactics.

oh god, i started to watch joe rogan's interview of alex jones, has he became a comedian? lol. non stop nuts

that alex jones on joe rogan is seriously entertaining. it's 4 hours. am only 2 hours into. the alex guy is nutjob nonstop. it's now 5 million views.

I've observed the Alex Jones guy. Fundamentally, he is a skum. He knew what he is doing, which is to amass a audience and make $. He's not too bright in terms of IQ. but, he's got some street smart. He channels that to create a cult following.

on Joe Rogan's show, you can see that Alex Jones is trying really hard to brew an audience. One of his tactics is that, whenever someone question him as to threat/undermine his showmanship of gullibles recruitment, he puts on a show of getting angry, shouting. Yes, a show.

Alex Jones, in order to do what he does, 1 of the thing is that you have to fake and lie. On little things you can see all over, e.g. he does 40 pullups. For big things, e.g. “multidimentional alien”, such earnestness show is common in politician, tv priests, or salemen.

i was surprised, when one day, there's this anti-liberal youtube girl (from berkeley, i forgot her name and not sure how to search at the moment), that she says something like everything she learned is from infowar/Alex Jones.

streaming on YouTube

2019-02-27 start another streaming. San Francisco time 7:00 am (about 2 hours from now). come join me, ask questions. The default topic is, i talk about things on youtube. basically, my talk show is perceiving the world from a nerd, me, philosophy of it.

you can ask me any category of things that i blog about, e.g. look at Xah Lee Web 李杀网 or else. been doing vid for several months now. got a hang of it. getting better in my articulation, mannerism, putting my thoughts into your brain!

when you do video and watch it yourself, you learn things about yourself. especially if you are nerd type, or introvert. and as engineer type, you take it as a engineering problem and can improve it, almost better than anyone. it's a question of whether you want to, cost etc all things considered.

Trump and Kim meetup

although i can't quite comment on the political and historical significance really with respect to history and world harmony, but this is rather incredible.

Trump and Kim meetup

teen age YouTube stars fuck

there's a youtube star, Paul Logan. He, is a epitome of a character i despise. though, it's hard to describe why. Am gonna think about it. Basically, he's teen idiot that uses drama to propel to stardom.

there are also many females like that. the iJustine and today i saw some TANA MONGEAU character. but they are girls, so it's ok.

it's hard to put down exactly why i despise paul logan. i think it's because, it's trash rewarded by society. i want a society where those who becomes rich are due to talent, hardwork, and being good.

i first heard of Paul Logan in 2017 due to his video controversy of visiting a suicide spot and run into a hang'd man. by the way, i find absolutely nothing wrong with his video there. I think the americans who attacked him should die.

in modern society, especially with sjgang rise since 2010 or so, and actually beginning in 90s (in USA), perception of morality or ethics, is pretty much shaped by corporations.

the Paul Logan run into japan suicide video incident, if he did not apologize, i would have respected him more.

still, hard to describe why i despise the guy. first of all, note, he's not a bad guy. e.g. gangstars, criminals, politicians, scammers, priests, are obviously far worse. what's wrong with a teen pretty idiot selling drama? note, hollywood stars are pretty much the same.

ok, maybe that's it. Paul Logan, is the condensed illustration of trash hollywood problem. he doesn't sing, doesn't act (before), not any particular talent or performance, pretty much he sells trash pretty face entertainment in the purest form at teen age.

in contrast, for comparison let's say joe rogan. Joe is a idiot, and is also a youtube ★, a talkshow ★. but joe, is old adult, he's doing that to make bread for his family. while paul logan, is brash trash eating from his parents and doing shit.

paul logan is made into a ★ by people, mostly teens. and that's a incredible phenomenon. it means, these people's lifes are too comfy, got nothing to do all day.

you've got hundred millions of people, who's lives are so wasted that they need to watch some prank to past time. anything else entertainment they've already above it.

i've scan'd maybe 2 of pewdiepie's video. not sure what he's about, but i don't think i like him neither. basically, pretty face doing shit

James Woods' monologue from Pretty Persuasion

not sure what's this, but lol.

James Woods' monologue from Pretty Persuasion

5G Is The Future And That Is Frightening? from the weAreChange guy. Never liked his video much. he's into the conspiracy aspects. Some are just idiotic too much into that.

Jussie Smollet Fake Hate Crime

Xah Monologue Talk Show 2019-02-15

Xah Monologue Talk Show 2019-02-15

xah monologue talk show. when u r at ease, u have power. On exponential growth, futurology, intelligent animals, eating animals, Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence, AlphaZero, euphemism, iphone, Steve Jobs, history of swords, cross-eyed PHILOSOPHY.

skums on twitter

twitter xah bobathon 2019-02-15 6fhkv
twitter xah bobathon 2019-02-15 6fhkv

i followed tim for 2 years now. i don't think he discuss global warming or science issues. i recall once he mentioned global warming in passing, and he's opinion on it is simply he doesn't know. That's not a topic he covers.

Megyn Kelly Blackface

megyn kelly blackface cfv5y
megyn kelly blackface

megyn kelly has become so ugly. back in 2016, she was a free spiprit. Now, she has become a slave, with cake face. how you look is related to how you are. the word is radiance and sunken. #xahwords #xahpol

twitter retweet don't show

i noticed, sine last year, if you retweet a older tweet (say from 1 year ago), twitter may not show it to others. i know because i have another account, and don't see it. twitter skum.

Joe Rogan Experience #1242 - Tim Pool

Joe Rogan talking with Sam Harris

Joe Rogan Experience #1241 - Sam Harris

i enjoyed this video so much.

it's 2 hours and 40 min long, and i'm only 1 hour into it, but enjoyed every minutue, especially when Sam discuss payment models in digital future.

pornhub on YouTube 2019-02-08 43b26
pornhub on YouTube 2019-02-08 43b26

was recording a video but part of my screen showed my blog containing the word “pornhub”. god, got frustrated, cuz it means i have to spend hours to learn video editing, or ditch the recording. then, i went to YouTube and see to what degree that means ban. ok, seems ok.

successful videos, usually mean lots editing. that's something i no wanna do. scripted, fake, all prettified in our modern commercialized world. why they edit? of course, to make it nice 4 u, the watcher. Actually the most basic reason is $. Without, see if they do a shit 4 u.

pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y
pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y
pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y
pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y

pornhub celebrating chinese new year. i've been watching n observing p since late 1980s when teen. there r so much today. u find young pretty girls in droves doing it. i realised, if society is without law restrictions, p and prost is a natural state, sans any force.

small and frequent posts like microblogging

lots update. been using this blog for small post like on twitter. but often hesitated in making it into rss.

i'm not sure many are still using rss. The second thing is, because i'm posting just a few sentences, the the way using micro blogging sit, usually they may not make sense, yet i still have some sense of writing full blog. So, sometimes i wait and fill in info later, then i post to rss. But, that often just doesn't happen.

also, am posting lots snippets because, i want all my posts on twitter etc to have a copy on my site. That is, my site is main, twitter and other fucks may go off anytime, like google plus etc did.

so, anyway, that's why lots of small randomish posts, and that's why i haven't been updating the rss part.

anyway, know you know. might check at Periodic Dosage Periodic Dosage for the full.

The Jack Dorsey guy (twitter etc boss), in my book is unforgivable skumbag of high order. At this point, it'd be hard to find any evidence to convince me otherwise.

Sam Harris interviewing Jack Dorsey, is interesting. Knowing Sam Harris, i don't think anything he or the conversation says would change my opinion about Jack. Sam, is a selfish type of fellow. What he does is foremost promote himself. Still a good guy in my view. But, still.

this woman, abused 10 years old girl, pn film ★, now in jail, lots of these virtuous cry people turns out to be rappers or pd bear @CGTNOfficial ICYMI #SpringFestivalGala🎥 video: Chinese actors Li Yifeng and Zhu Yilong joined dunk teams from Slovenia and Hungary to bring a creative program at the 2019 #SpringFestival Gala


pretty boys, funking up, to celebrate chinese year year on TV. i've always despised those young pop cool fks. the likes of nsync (then) and Justin Bieber (then). (not, Billy Idol for example, cuz he's not pretty face nor mainstream type)

and note the Chinese cheerleaders doing fancy acrobats. acrobats has long history in china, but cheerleaders does not exist in China. It's uniquely a American thing. But they put on a good show. Indeed, a show, that's what people want to see, what you want to see.

incredible deed by Dave Rubin and @jordanbpeterson , where they deleted their patron accounts, that's with tens of thousands dollars per month income.

what happened to boxxy

gamer community, overwatch

spend some 8 hours watching overwatch related stuff in past days, including, wached over a thousand overwatch porn. getting into the pants of gamer community. gaming community, is a subculture. subculture, has its own lores, jargons, legends.

Anshe Chung business week 20060501

i spent 4 years in Second Life community, lived in it, 2007 to 2011. The stories, lore, jargon, attitudes, behavior, statistics, history, is many book's length.

Xah Second Life


before that, i spent a year in artist/drawing community, example: livejournal, deviant art. you get to know what these people are, what they do, what their life is like, their artwork, etc. here's example collection:

Batgirl Drawing Craze Batgirl Drawing Craze

there are 1 thousand subcultures, but in your life you can only be in or get to know a few. drawing community, programing, laywers, prostitutes, hells angel, all subcultures.

there are many gamers, became YouTube stars, by just uploading their game play. they, became rich by millions. they just play games all day. then, buy a house, cars. of course, you have to be good, e.g. charisma, talk well, play well. still, it's far easier and lucky job than most.

been observing YouTube rich phenomenon in past decade. it seems, one reason it's relatively easy to become a star is that, video is a pop medium. TV is video. since tech made so easy for any to create video, naturally, lots people became stars. In contrast to, say, being programer or mathematician, which has severely restricted audience.

been observing YouTube rich phenomenon in past decade. it seems, 1 reason it's relatively easy to become a star, is video is a pop medium like TV, the potential audience is BROAD world wide n sans restriction, in contrast to programing or math. if u can talk n look well, u good to go.

world's largest annual human migration. sounds right.

video clip showing massive number of china bullet trains

sold out. they always sold out.

(Cassie Jaye post going to Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin's talk in San Jose.)

year 2009. i have tens of articles, projects... lots stuff, history, dead sites, google code, emacs happenings..., politics. Many are interesting in hindsight or revisit. it's, called zeithgeist. am not gonna spent the time to post them. you can find them on my blog archive...

dosage 2009 w4zz7
dosage 2009 w4zz7

woke. begins toil and moil in the field of computing for the day. the debilitating hardship, makes u fat and lazy and blind to reality.

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Blame Fat. True. and if you upper class American, most of what you know and believe today are shaped by big corporations, including, your zeal for open source.

how to be independent thinker? get rid of your tv. Then, no follow anyone popular, mainstream. (eg pop reddit/hackernews) (but dnt become a idot n believe lizard man as many 4chan types became.) read classic literature, history, helps. refuse any info that comes to ur door

strive to accept info, any info, ONLY when you initiated the inquiry. typically so-called “research” today, even if it's just 10 min web search. (and of course, no use google, as it's a fine-tuned fodder now.)

example: if you on twitter following any mainstream news, unfollow now. Also, that popular architect photo thing? unfollow. Celebrities, coders? unfollow. hackernews/reddit? unfollow. corp blog? ditch. and stop clicking like/retweet. Type your thoughts, interact with people instead.

this, chinese new year thing, is a big thing. it's like xmas in usa, except that less these days, and is by plane. In china, it's mostly by train cuz cheaper. Ticket often got sold out months before. I learned these while mixing in china programer forums 3 yrs ago.

The tibet, tibet “buddism”, before china communist party opened it. 中國中共解放前的西藏密宗(藏傳佛教)世界,人皮、人骨和人肉!西方所謂的西藏傳統文化 李敖讲过喇嘛教是邪教。妈了个屄,是这个样子的。什么都是人皮。

skull sculpture 2019-01-18 s4mq6
skull sculpture 2019-01-18 s4mq6

that's sculpture from human skull. Tibet “Buddhism” is into that. there are lots of them, made into different objects. bowl, staff head, hanging talisman, incense holder, … see starting at 4:35

Bertrand Russell on Tibet b7rtf
Bertrand Russell on Tibet b7rtf

李敖有话说 Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama

modern society, say usa, shy away from such historical things as human skull sculpture. it's not obscure, rather, you find such, in history a lot, eg flaying in famous painting. modern society, u shun them, shush, no talk, be nice. as result, most people, knew nothing.

most of the time, you find these things in context such as “10 horrors human has done”, with questionable history like a gossip mag. if you talk about them sans such circus context, people shun you, orgs ban u. White americans in particular, has been educated so that they'd think ur unethical.

modern society, say usa, is such that everything is like disneyfied. It got much worse since say 2010 by the millen idots, with mantra of “help the world”, mixed with evil corporatism by techheads. they even knew less bout history/culture. they just certain tech will make utopia.

what does white american know? they just know about nz. it's nz today, nz morrow, nz day n night. ask them what atrocities besides nz happened in history? they dunno. they'll tell you to watch nz documentary about how evil it is.


the latest culture war is something about gillete. now, not sure what's the news, best thing to do is just to go to duckduckgo and search gillet breitbart.

#GilletteAd is running a propaganda. People, possibly forgive, never forget. Write it down. Remember it, in 5 years, or 10 years, if we didn't perish.

Gillette is a brandname owned by Procter & Gamble, which sells basically everything, from snacks to soap. boyscotte it will do little. Its 2017 revenue is 65 billion, 15 billion net profit. in comparison, google is 110 B and net profit 12 B.

in heavy capitalist countries such as usa, you have brandnames, e.g. #Gillette . the purpose is that, if it screwed up, no problem, just ditch it. No harm to the company behind it. you don't even know what company runs it. A new brand name will just pop up.

spaces vs tabs. and there exist idiots who watch tv show about coding. yeah. THAT, 'd be a lol. you wanna know what nerds are like? this is a live demo.

Donald Trump signature tgfxr
Donald Trump signature tgfxr

when life's too comfy, u have these symptoms. a taste of hunger, cures it.

Paraguay map mgskv-2
Paraguay map mgskv-2

i lived in Asuncion, Paraguay, and Guademala, in 1982, 83, age 14. I wonder, if i Google Street drop in, i'd recognize a thing.

Paraguay map mgskv-2
Paraguay map mgskv

The Father of Chinese Nuclear Bomb Yu Min 于敏

this is the guy 于敏 Yu Min Yu Min (physicist)

he won China's “两弹一星功勋奖章” “2 bombs 1 star medal”. The “2 bombs” means, nuclear bomb and inter-continent missile, and the “star” means satellite.

there it is, china's nuclear bomb.

only the strong, gets respect. From nuclear bomb among nations to social relations. that's fundamental principle of physics.

Google YouTube search censorship on pro-life

singing songs for the poor and miserable makes you feel good

the disabled doing great feat, is a common propaganda form for well fed people of modern society. In usa for example, we see it like every month for the past 10 years.

Does it do the disabled any good? no. but if everytime you see it, you give 5 bucks to someone stupid you know and dislike. that makes a diff.

sadness box guy 007

the hate will not go away, the wound wouldn't heal. haven't been posting much in past week. busy parsing org mode, emacs tutorial, maintaining my website 9 thousands articles. and haven't kept on math daily. God, h-make me!


report from @Timcast . subscribe his channel

. @Timcast 's youtube channel is really confusing. He has 2 on politics. One is timpool and another is timcast, however, each's user name is the other. lol. He says, one is more about plain news reporting, while the other is more with his opinions. i can't tell the difference.

the sjgang today, is basically like the Nz gang, nothing else comes close (maybe except the Red Guards of Cultural Revolution). ideology, blatant lie, propaganda, organized elite (aka rich n powerful).

while the sjgang are doing stuff to empower themselfs, they are devastating their (my) country, America, and Europe. Similar to Cultural Revolution of China have.

YouTube subscription list.

no trust google managing it for you.

manually list them, manually check them regularly.

NativLang, on linguistics

WeAreChange. independent journalist. political commentary. but i don't like this guy's style

Acts17Apologetics. David Wood

Cassie Jaye. the Red Pill documentary maker.

CGP Grey. factual stuff.

chyrosran22. keyboard key switch expert

lots more. have yet to type them out.

[Thoughtcrime and Punishment: A Year Of Shunning and Law Suits at a Canadian University By Lindsay Shepherd. At ]

so Tesla is opening a giga factory in China great news. while in usa, the sjgang skumsis fkgthingsup n smearing the guy

China propaganda war. Falungong, China Uncensored, vs Confucius Institute the last one is news to me.

it's interesting, this old hackernews bot stopped posting since 2011, or, it deleted past posts since

hackernews bot stopped in 2011 2019-01-06 7784a
hackernews bot stopped in 2011 2019-01-06 7784a
hackernews 18831807 2019-01-06 e0428
why emacs keys are painful. on hackernews

one some hackernews twitter bot, e.g. you wonder what filter they use. because some articles do not show. e.g. this one i haven't seen one that says the criteria used for repost. They might do sensor, fillter out colors.

on hackernews. why emacs keys are painful.

operation chock point

just saw this video of Jordan Peterson. i hesitate to post this, since this one is dramatic and i've been watching/posting him since ~2018. but i must say, Jordan Peterson is one person i admire now. Tremendous knowledge, his ability to articulate with precision, and courage to fight oppression.

2 reports, drastically different headlines. Judge which is click bait?

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, skin in the game crackpot

The Nassim Nicholas Taleb guy, is definitely a crackpot, now i'm more sure. here's his latest blog Few months ago, i questioned his theories in my own thread, he ban'd me. he has many of the signs of crackpot.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb's famous for his “Skin in the Game” book. Notice the jargon phrase. That is one of the sign of crackpot. He uses or coins lots of them. and his theories tend to be “new”, “outside of the box” type. That's another sign. The fact he's quick to ban people, another sign.

Nick Monroe's threads

everytime i read Nick Monroe's thread, something very dark and sinister is going on. want to ignore because a basic look into will take hours, but ignoring it is like taking a happy pill.

“In this thread I am going to explain the circumstances around the disappearance of @PeterSweden7 ” “As you can see here, he disappeared at the beginning of December 2018, and hadn't resurfaced until today.”


Bernie Coward

idiotic Bernie. Coward. i rooted for him. Then he got fkd by Clinton skum, n dnt have the courage to standup. since, he kept babbling in the background. to solve the climate problem, 1st u've convince people. Keep pushing left ideology won't do.