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Once upon a time there was Diary, and similar were logs, journals, travelog and such forth. In our info age, it is called blogs by inept computing geeks. To keep in sync with humanity of fashionable business and nomenclature novelty, mine is called Periodic Dosage. This periodic, is bent on to inform the informed, and educate the educated, of all things and social things and ethological things.

protester girl throw rock 2017 05 04 22568

Lone Star Cowgirls (new photo)

Star-Spangled Stars, page 1 (minor update)

Starry Patriotic Neighborhood (updated)

Rebel Belles (added photo)

The Glorious History of the People's Republic of Kekistan

Jordan Peterson (haired guy) and Joe Rogan (bald guy) Discuss Kekistan

Jordan B. Peterson (born 1962) is a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology

Joe Rogan (born 1967) is a comedian, and retired martial artist champion.

Jordan Bernt Peterson (born June 12, 1962) is a Canadian clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. His research interests include self-deception, mythology, religion, narrative, neuroscience, personality, deception, creativity, intelligence, and motivation.

[2017-05-09 Wikipedia Jordan B. Peterson]

Joseph James “Joe” Rogan (born August 11, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, color commentator, television host, actor, podcast host, and retired martial artist. He developed an interest in martial arts as a teenager and learned karate, kickboxing, and taekwondo, in which he became a black belt and a four-time state champion and a U.S. Open champion. He is black belt in no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Eddie Bravo and gi black belt under Jean Jacques Machado. A fan of comedy since his youth, Rogan began a career in stand-up in August 1988 in the Boston area, developing a blue comedy act. He moved to New York City two years later.

[2017-05-09 Wikipedia Joe Rogan]

For the full story on the origin of the word kek, pepe the frog, see The Truth About Pepe The Frog And The Cult Of Kek

Mastodon, Larger and Larger Ban List

mammouthcafe mastodon ban list 2017 05 09
mastodon, going nowhere, anytime.

the sjw instances are growing their ban list.

mastodon has become less and less useful.

often, friends you follow will not show up.

basically, each instance is just its own island. Despite the “federated” connection, you can't really rely on being able to see your friend's posts.

transgenderism vs transracialism!

In late March, Hypatia, a feminist-philosophy journal, published an article titled “In Defense of Transracialism” by Rebecca Tuvel, an assistant professor of philosophy at Rhodes College in Memphis, as part of its spring 2017 issue. The point of the article, as the title suggests, is to toy around with the question of what it would mean if some people really were — as Rachel Dolezal claimed — “transracial,” meaning they identified as a race that didn’t line up with how society viewed them in light of their ancestry.

This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks Like By Jesse Singal. At

if you are confused, transgenderism is the tenet of the social justice warrior's view that gender is from gender spectrum man, as in the colors of the rainbow, in that there is no beginning and no end. It's murky! and you real man and sexy girls are crimes of humanity.

transracialism means, one-drop rule is bullshit, that we r all, one big mixed race!!! and you sjw are fuckfaces on earth.

Barbie Anthropology

sjw vs gamergate war on mastodon

had another account on the mastodon instance at

after reading its declaration there

it's like a communist manifesto. Scary.

I don't feel comfy there, and wanted to delete account. Then, realized that it's impossible to delete mastodon account. lol


here's a list of sites the sjw mastodons are blocking.

Reason given for many is “free speech zone”

Japan's artists site, many sjw are banning, is this

here's 2 mastodon instances to join. It's Freedom + Individual, not sjw oriented.

no agenda show mastodon instance

ok, there's a show called “no agenda show”. i like it. by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak see Wikipedia No Agenda

“saving the earth, one social justice warrior at a time!” ha i like that.

Adam Curry is long time net techy from 1990s, father of podcasting. John C. Dvorak is that tech writer for like 3 decades now. great!

noagenda has a mastodon instance

i'm there

i'm on mastodon at

The story of clash of GNU vs Mastodon, USA vs Japanese culture, SJW vs gamergate, and sexual drawings of young girls

Wow, what a story. The story of clash of GNU vs Mastodon, USA vs Japanese culture, SJW vs gamergate, and sexual drawings of young girls. (if you are American, u know part of it as “anime”)

Unabomber Manifesto (Industrial Society and its Future)

Antifa Bike “U-Lock” Attacker From Berkeley Identified as College Professor Eric Clanton

REPORT: Antifa Bike “U-Lock” Attacker From Berkeley Identified as College Professor Eric Clanton
antifa memeber Eric Clanton, hit a guy's head with bike lock.

United Express Flight 3411 Incident, Forced Passenger Removal

UC Berkeley Riot, 2017 April 15

Thomas Sowell - Liberal Policy wreaks havoc on Blacks

when u push for an ideology, its like squeezing a water balloon. it come out elsewhere, and explodes.

Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving, Say Psychologists By Elizabeth Nolan Brown. At

Discovered a Great Man. Sir Roger Scruton, Defender of BEAUTY

Discovered a great man. Sir Roger Scruton, defender of BEAUTY. Roger Scruton

there's many YouTube videos where Roger speaks. Here's a short one.

Roger Scruton - Offensive Jokes

One amazing insight i learned: in the Nazi/Jew case, it's not hate speech that made Nazi view prosper, but suppression of anti-Nazi speech.

Roger Scruton on twitter

his latest book 〔On Human Nature Hardcover By Roger Scruton. @ Buy at amazon

his's got lots of other books Roger Scruton

The About-Face of Meaning of Liberal in America

“liberal” in America went thru a twist. It was 4 free speech, small government, anti-communism. Today, it's anti-free-speech, pro big government, pro socialism.

technically, “political correctness” of today's liberals, is a form of propaganda of ideology. Same as the word's origin from Communism.

if fast-food chicken sandwich is only 50% chicken, what else is there? Answer: high-tech meat dregs.

there are books that exist. Liberal Fascism. This is published in 2008. Buy Liberal Fascism

i was a illegal immigrant in Canada, ~1986 to ~1989.

at 16, i make Canadian $2.5 dollars an hour, working for cash, for about 2 years.

currently, i make $500 USD a month, surviving.

Daily, a man must eat. Else, you die. If, suppose there's truth X that requires not eating to know, then, truth be fucked. Meaning, truths as we know, are human truths.

Cabinets and Classes: Harding, Obama, and Trump, which is more elitist?

is it possible that society have a whitewash? like, a generation who knows fake history. Yes, seems easily, and not by authoritarian means.

Thomas Sowell

one of my fav author, is Thomas Sowell. quotes.

one of his best seller, Basic Economics

also, “Trickle Down Theory” and “Tax Cuts for the Rich”

Black Rednecks and White Liberals

Social Justice Warriors, Millennials, and Jargons

been doing a lot thinking since election, about the rise of SJW and “millennials”. I think, those postmodernism stuff of 1990s has a lot to do with it, and Politically Correct leftist parents of 1980s.

the phenomenon are sweeping, in a very short time. Particularly in the past 3 years. Like all cults, they have jargons.

cis gender, lgbt, shaming, bully, microaggression, safe space, triggering, intersectional, mansplaining, gaslighting.

The term “millennial” itself came to the limelight only recently, in 2016. All of a sudden, all news media are using that term.

when i first heard of the term millennial on twitter, few months ago, i thought, that's silly, a fashionable online locution. Then, you see the term almost every week.

then, later on, i realize the term is quite meaningful, and on the spot. It is, indeed, the millennial generation (those born around between early 1980s to mid-1990s ) that's mostly associated with the SJW stuff. This makes sense, because they are the children of the political correctness that reached its heyday in 1990s.

the jargon SJW (social justice warrior) itself, is new, becoming very popular since about 2010. The term is very apt, as it describes people who are extremely aggressive, on social networks, harassing other people who do not agree with their views.

the political correctness of 1990s, are about using he/she, and instead of “disabled person” calling “differently enabled”. I thought it kinda went away in 2000s, but turns out, became far more worse with today's SJWs.

i think, it reached the highest point during election, where, Hillary just rides it. Anyone who disagree with the sjw point of view is blatantly labeled Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, as Hillary openly accused of Trump voters. While Trump, is exactly the backslash of the SJW.

because Trump won, now i see increasingly a lot articles now openly speak out against the sjw band. Film, essays, blogs, and politicians, professors.

the American News Media, or the so-called “journalism”, is the scum. They go with whatever is in trend, of course. On the surface they bring discussion and inform us trends, but mostly they are just peddling their publications, latch onto and add fuel to whatever issues that jolts people.

The Political Correctness, and SJW stuff, is like free sandwich. Why not? Who in the right mind would say that people shouldn't help, protect, women, the minority, and against bullying, etc?

ironically, in the 1980 and 1970s, it's the right wing moralist doing it. They, put gays in jail, put porn publishers in jail. Why? because, it's the right thing to to! (of course, today, not only fucking in the ass is legal, but man and marry man, and mainstream movies have graphic scenes that'd land them in jail in 1980s.)

but, mostly, life is too good, that's the problem. When life's too good, you never understand what hunger means, no idea what pain means, and you got nothing to do, cooking up moral theories becomes your fulfillment.

heater placement efficiency. Place heater near the window on near you? if heater can warm whole room, then place near window. Else, near you.

Tom Cruise, 1984, NewSpeak, and the Language of Scientology Tom Cruise, 1984, NewSpeak, and the Language of Scientology

Scientology and Falun Gong Scientology and Falun Gong

that's Scientology property in remote area, used as a prison house of sorts. The spikes face inwards. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief

Against Empathy  2016 by Paul Bloom
Against Empathy: The Case for Rational Compassion 2016, by Paul Bloom Buy at amazon

there's such a thing, chef soap. A bar of metal you rub as soap. Tenflyer Chef Soap Stainless Steel Hand Odor Remover Bar.

googling on how it works, seem there's no scientific basis.

try this. rub garlic and onion on your hands. then rub your hands against a stainless steel spoon. supposedly it'll remove the order.

schizoid personality, borderline, and histrionic

the opposite of schizoid personality is borderline and histrionic.

what's schizoid personality? it's mr data or spock in real life. or, loners. trait is no emotion. appear aloof, cold, not affable.

histrionic personality is the extreme needy, dramatic, need attention, dependent, flirtatious, need approval.

borderline personality is emotionally unstable, those cut themselves, frantic fear of abandonment, impulsive, emotional wackball.

these are personality disorders. It's a personality, but when extreme enough to effect social functioning, job, relationship etc, it's called disorder.

The Bubble - SNL

that's the social justice warriors. San Francisco.

the origin of political correctness

“Comrade, your statement is factually incorrect.”
“Yes, it is. But it is politically correct.”

human extinction, the ultimate tranquility

we are concerned about human extinction or planet pollution, but our instinct don't care. We mostly care for our own life, and have sex. The care for the planet, is a rational care. And that can go wrong in many ways, as in, reasoning error, political era fad, cultural bias. For example, the care for our remote offspring is a new concept only in recent 100 years, possible thru scientific progress. Thousands years before, we can't even possibly fathom, because we don't know.

because we don't have intrinsic interest, issues like global warming, nuclear bomb self-destruction, is only for those well-fed to worry about, and mostly in a passive way.

also, in true scientific spirit, we have nihilism. That is, even if we went extinct in 2050, so what? As philosophers of idealism or materialism would both say, life goes on, or, the universe goes on. You feel no pain. In a sense, that's ultimate tranquility.

this is good. video published Nov 5. Julian Assange talks to John Pilger (FULL INTERVIEW)

Julian Assange talks to John Pilger
DC Trump protestor Rape Melania sign 2016-11-13
DC Trump protestor “Rape Melania”, 2016-11-12. 〔image source

2016 USA Election

comedian Jonathan Pie rant on why Trump is elected.

the thing about sjw is quite interesting, from observing society point of view.

in past 3 or so years, sjw invented/popularized lots terms: triggering, micro-aggression, gender binary, cis gender, mansplaining, rape culture, shaming.

The sjw want society to be a Disney land.

What's Neoconservative? Alt-Right? Alt-Left?

twitter is echo chamber hell

i always tried to be independent of my opinions and lone wolf.

I don't reply or chat or heart ♥ or RE other tweets. (because, typically my opinions is such soon there's argument, then thorny issue of how you argue with friends. I don't back down if my opinion isn't changed, and that usually ends up hurting friendship or acquaintance. So i usually just avoid replying. No, i don't do small talk, i don't do pleasantries.)

since 1 months ago, i started to do all that. Like, heart, chat, retweet others. And, i can see that, Twitter encourages it, it increases my post views, and in turn i also got more ♥💕. You see, that's what twitter want you to do. To interact, and get addicted. Their business grows on that.

the heart or like and Retweet reduces you to a ballot marking idiot.

may it be programing gem or computer science or math or politics or great art, chances are, none of whatever you read from twitter is worth shit. (the likes of hacker news shit)

the worse problem is, once you heart lots tweets, twitter knows where you belong, and a echo chamber is opened for you. You'll start to see tweets that you want to hear, and your tweets will reach only those.

Xah Voting Guide for Undecidable Programers


0, Xah voting guide for undecidable programers:

1, do you like women? vote for Ivana Trump, cuz she is hot.

2, are you well-to-do? vote for Hillary to seal it.

3, do you like 50 Shades of Gray? Trump is your man.

4, do you want romance to be policed? Hillary for safety.

5, do you like to voice unpopular opinions that might get you kicked? Trump it!

6, do you want peace on earth? Vote for Jill and Bernie.

7, are you into meditation, like, buddha and zen and dao? Wu Wei for no action.

The poetry of America SJW 2016

when you vote, u are not just casting a ballot. You are extending your power, a power struggle, for your own interests. this is why, people get angry.

you, programers, are part of the elite. well-to-do, thinking you know the best for humanity, changing the world. Your views, benefits yourself.

i supported Obama back in 2008, because i think Bush is a war criminal and should goto jail. Hillary is worse, but a smooth criminal.

sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia. The poetry of America SJW 2016. Sing it, and you'll be a saint. The world, gets worse.

why the obsession with sexism racisim stuff? because, for rich people like yourselfs, it make you feel better. You are a good man/woman.

you, well-to-do programers, have no clue, the actual racism, sexism, pain, of the poor and suppressed. You are the oppressor, indirectly.

there r tons of material debunking SWJ views. Videos, articles, lots by women. But no amount will sway you. That's the nature of politics and religion.

The SJW stuff is getting real bad in past 3 years, into the programing field. Code of Conduct etc. If you have diff opinion, you live in fear.

Natural courtship between men and women now is under police watch by the SJWs. A state of political correctness. No free speech.

the damage of sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia in usa, is but a drop of water in bucket, compared to what us empire's killings abroad.

Clintons, Millions Dollar Corruption

hard to swallow. millions and millions, like candy, pushed about, a little golf playing invitation, a little tea chat here and there. One, Happy, Clinton Charity Foundation

Wikileaks BOMBSHELL Exposes Extent Of Clinton Corruption

Hillary Clinton Lying Thru the Teeth with a Straight Face

Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.

the human animal's body's like, you need continued supply of edibles. If one ceases, so does the other.

wikileaks releases, somebody resigns. This is second now.

Breaking News: DNC Chair Donna Brazile Resigns as CNN Contributor

before this, it was Debbie Wasserman DNS chair resign, for illegal plotting against Sanders , thx to wikileaks

Megyn Kelly Grills Donna Brazile. juicy part start at 5:00

I resent your language, uncouth ambivalent euphemism that assaults my sensibilities i no understand. Vote for the Blond, America!

creator of Dilbert on Hillary

Dilbert creator, Scott Adams endorses Trump: “I can't vote for a bully. That's why I can't vote for Hilary”

creator of Dilbert on Hillary

Twitter Trump Bots and Clinton Bots War

it appears there are bots for Trump and for Clinton, churning out thousands of tweets per day, pretending as human supporters. It's, bot war.

sites that logs your page up/down key or scroll

today, sites such as washington post, log your page up/down keys. They know what site you visit, and how much and when you scroll. twitter does same since about 2013. You can tell when you scoll or page down, and there's unnatural delay.

Noam Chomsky on Trump and Clinton

persons like Kellyanne Conway is just fascinating. She is likable, but she gets her point across, even dislikable ones.

John Oliver, the nerd that tries to be funny

John Oliver's like, the nerd that tries to be funny. And, with a annoying accent. blurt, blurt.

Percentage of the US Population by Time Zone

Kellyanne Conway Fighting Lefty Journalists

multiculturalism in America: we respect different skin color and dress, we don't respect different ethics

multiculturalism in America is funny. You are respected for your weird robes, hats, sex, color, as long as your idea of ethics is American.

all american shows, are obsessed over this. Star Trek is the best example. We have, the PRIME DIRECTIVE. A dilemma we cannot escape.

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