political compass

By Xah Lee. Date: .

political compass == stupid

The political compass, is kinda stupid. Because its simplistic. And am taking its test now. The questions are idiotic. It asks basically fuzzy questions. And by the way, that page on economics, most people won't understand what they mean. e.g. β€œis it more important to control inflation or unemployment?”. LOL. You tell me. You need to have basic understanding of economics.

political compass xah lee 2018 05 24 a7de8
political compass xah lee 2018-05-24

The political compass site is badly designed, doesn't even gives you a picture with id with automated share to twitter facebook. And the questions, are basically stupid. I'd say, totally inaccurate even we assume such 2-axis simplification.

a much better set of questions, is simply to directly ask hot button issues of usa politics, such as abortion, gun, god, welfare, taxes.