James Damore vs Google

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lol, this one is funny, and dr Debra Soh is HOT!

Sex, Gender and Bullshit Part 1: Dr. Debra Soh on James Damore and the Google Memo
Feb 12, 2018
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Reading the legal doc of Damore vs Google Class Action Lawsuit.


Interesting part start at FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS OF NAMED PLAINTIFFS. (line number 6, paragraph 20, page 5.) Lots so-far not known details.

Gets very ugly at paragraph 64 (page 12)

this doc is incredible. It's very long. And it gave me tremendous insight about how the rise of sjw of 2017. By 2015, it is already a incredible force, within Google, and with all the sjw jargons and hatred of white male. These folks make $120+k/yr min. Power.

feeling sad and terror. Reading that doc is like reading a internal doc of Nazi, on the rise of the Nazi. Open, blatant, systematic persecution of people who disagree, with blacklist etc, googler on googler who simply supports Trump. Know that, at least 50% of Americans supported Trump.

Exhibit B: Google Endorsing Political Violence

starting at page 38, about 7/10th of the document.

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James Damore vs Google Class Action Lawsuit PDF


the fired #googlememo incident

guy Damore interviewed by Jordan Peterson incredible hitherto unknown details.

the fired #googlememo guy Damore interviewed by Jordan Peterson incredible hitherto unknown details.
Ex-Google Diversity Vidya Narayanan 2017-08-10 NVKnK
[I'm An Ex-Google Woman Tech Leader And I'm Sick Of Our Approach To Diversity! By Vidya Narayanan. At https://medium.com/the-mission/im-an-ex-google-woman-tech-leader-and-i-m-sick-of-our-approach-to-diversity-17008c5fe999 , accessed on 2017-08-14 ]

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the full pdf “Googles Ideological Echo Chamber” https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/3914586/Googles-Ideological-Echo-Chamber.pdf

since about say 2010, there's a new generation of programers, whose mantra is “help”, “be positive”. They shy away from negative things, even occasional swearing. I consider them scumbags. Many young star coders are of this ilk.


James A Damore help 2020-07-31 ZkC9q
Google Women Marlene Jaeckel 2020-07-31 Q7bFG
[The Empress Has No Clothes: The Dark Underbelly of Women Who Code and Google Women Techmakers By Marlene Jaeckel. At https://medium.com/@marlene.jaeckel/the-empress-has-no-clothes-the-dark-underbelly-of-women-who-code-and-google-women-techmakers-723be27a45df ]

Marlene Jaeckel's twitter is https://twitter.com/mjaeckel

google firing Damore poll 2017-08-10. Not sure how trust worthy is the poll, but here it is. from Business Insider

google firing Damore poll 2017 08 10 9da5c
google firing Damore poll 2017-08-10