Bagua Kung Fu Videos

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Bagua circle walking
“Bagua fight scene”. Short display of Bagua techniques and variations.
“Baguazhang for police”. Showing one practical technique.
“Bagua Jiulong Heaven Palm Basic Applications”. Techniques to defend from front 2-handed grab, bear hug from back.
八極拳 - Documentario sullo stile Baji Quan
Jan 15, 2012
Giacomo Lucarini (Giack)
A Brief Introduction to Yin Style Bagua
Dec 22, 2010
Yin Style Bagua
Master Xu YiZhen TaiChiChuan Sparring
Oct 29, 2010
BaGuaZhang Lessons Part 1/4
Apr 6, 2011
螳螂拳 摔角 散打 San Diego Shuai-chiao Kung Fu for Mixed Martial Arts
Sep 21, 2010
Mike Dasargo