I am a Libertarian Dictator

By Xah Lee. Date:

(Hot Issues Political Stance)

I have a dilemma… I don't like John Kerry. I think he is a moron, which can be judged by his looks. (sloping eyebrows) A slacking, cowardly, stupid, moron. I read of him on his stances from wikipedia a couple months back, and i don't buy his shits. (wikipedia article: John Kerry presidential campaign 2004) I fear he'll turn a mass of land of people into wish-washy, support the stupid and lazy, punish the capable and diligent, welfare supreme… kinds of shit.

Here are my political views on hot issues:

• Do away with minimum wage laws, and any other laws that fix prices. (e.g. rent control) Hurray the atrocities of capitalism and natural selection that made US the richest country by far.

• Yes on abortion.

• Take Christians and their fucking God out of USA government. No reference to God in money or national anthems or ceremonies.

• Yes on gay marriage. Fuck any special attention or “rights” to gays, though. Fuck any special “feminism” interests. Yes of gays in military. Allow females in military, but without giving them special feminine rights of normal social situations. (i.e. they take shower in the same room as boys, and if they get raped, so be it, they can scream and kick if they want.)

• Fuck affirmative action. Blacks and Hispanics, if you can't compete, die out of your incompetence. And any WASP crying for affirmative action should catch penis cancer. (For exposition of parts of reasons of WASP's aggression thru “cat mourning mouse” symptom, see: Industrial Society and its Future, by Theodore Kaczynski)

• Legalize almost all drugs as much as possible. Begin, by legalizing cannabis right away. Take a watch and see stance on other more serious ones.

• Yes on death penalty. Yes on assisted suicide. Yes on suicide.

• Moderate gun control. For example, no sale of big weapons (e.g. non-stop shooting gun, hand-throwable bomb). Yes on rifles. Handgun should be banned.

• No censorship of pornography on internet. (do, ordain a warning of porn content) (Do maintain by authority, laws that censor critical dangerous info, such as making a nuclear bomb, dangerous biology info, or easily understood instructions on household made bombs, etc.)

• Legalize “polyamory”. (i.e. legalize polygamy and polyandry. Aside from this, down with laws forbidding fornication in marriage.) Lower legal sex age to 15 for girls, 17 for boys.

• Disintegrate most items of sex laws, such as sexual harassment laws in office.

• Minimum on government sponsored social welfare. (i.e. insurance of all sorts, such as health insurance or social security. Let capitalism and privatization reign. Provide and enforce harsh laws on illegal business practices.)

• Reduce the rich. (e.g. CEOs of big corps) Thru means of natural capitalism; e.g. changing certain structure or laws of current business law. Note: NOT thru harsh taxes.

• Reduce or eliminate expensive out of space science programs. (e.g. robot crawling on Mars, men on the moon.) (this item will be a huge money saver) Redirect part of this money on concrete sciences such as biology, material sciences (nano tech), marine sciences, or even theoretical basic ones such as (theoretical) cosmology, math. (if other countries (e.g. China) initiate some first explorations (e.g. sending people to Mars), let them. Do NOT, start a psychological dogfight.)

• Do no meddling of other country's business. Do not “help” other countries or ethnicity in any way involving military. (this item will be a huge money saver)

• Reduce by a factor of 0.5 or 0.4 of military spending, to just a bit over adequate defense. (currently US military expenditure is no less than the rest of the world combined.) (this item will be a huge money saver)

• Very Important: Encourage all sort of technology that allows free flow of info. Discourage technology or tech trends that may interfere with this.

• IMPERATIVE: yes on education. Extend government sponsored education from highschool to college. And as soon as possible if not concurrently, extend standard college years from 4 to 8 (disallow specialization until last 2 years). And, make these ubiquitous as to become practically mandatory, and encourage privatization of education.

See also this important essay: What Desires Are Politically Important?

Addendum on the issues of immigration:

The issue of illegal immigrants is a touchy issue.

Basically, i do not abide the welcoming of scum-bags of other nations to this country. If they are intelligent, knowledgeable, or otherwise good, then we should welcome them with arms and legs, regardless their skin color. Otherwise, stay the fuck away. Sorry to be blunt, but that's how human animal's communities throughout history are.

But on the other hand, i understand there are already a huge amount of wetbacks who sneaked into our country, in particular California is fret with this problem. From a historical and cosmopolitan point of view, this is not exactly not natural. Naturally, people migrate to better places, irregardless what fuck are the current batch of politicians or polity. From economics point of view, this flux is a force that make the world on the whole better. And considered historically, the American WASPs are the world's most atrocious illegal immigrants, so to speak. So, given that there are already sizable illegal immigrants in this country and willy-nilly, they are here and mostly already with rooted functioning; i say give them a bit of room to move. Maybe a license of sorts to recognize their presence, and allow them to work legally. (but meanwhile stay strict about laws we've set about immigration. (exactly what should be the law would be another discourse) In no way sending out the message that it is OK to disregard our country's wishes on immigration. The philosophical ideal of A World As One is great, but i'm not sure we should begin it here, as there are lots of practical problems.)

For more info on libertarianism, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertarianism