Taiwan Masquerade Dream

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Taiwan Masquerade Dream

woke from 3h sleep dreamed a great dream.

somewhere in taiwan on a street i know when i was 10 or so, but current at my age, there's a street, taiwan style full of vendors and colorful misc small shops but the street is not rich town...mixed with somewhat vienna or masquerade kinda street, full of wonders, antique stores, or selling fancy exotic decorative or art craft stuff...

[i cant remember it well although i just woke...]

There's intrique, involving me... I was sleeping with a girl, in a room, i think white girl with blue hair maybe, and something, there's 2 guys showed up, one is bald i think, and something. Those guys are her friends or bodyguards something. I was wondering who these guys are and was gonna question her.

later, i found out and she is a prostitute, working for or down at the restauraunt or bar place i know (know in the dream)

then i was chasing her, for truth.

something. that's one part i remember.

Then, on the same street / location, i was wandering about and going home. Then i got lost.

Suddenly i walked into a place and the place is more desolate, no longer a street of shops. Some construction or seems lots construction and the place does not feel safe. And am like oh shit how do i get back, and i think i don't have a phone and don't recogize the street.

then suddenly i walked into somewhat natural or open area, natural like out in a small mountain with rivers and lakes...

and then, this place seems to be some kinda artificial wonderland sorta thing, i realized, it's some entertainment build like those disney would build. And there's a coffee shop, for patreons who can sit and have coffee for rest while viewing the great scenery.

the place, is build like half natural, full of trees and lakes, but half some sorta palace, with green and french metropolican as theme, as like the wizard of oz.

but am still pressing in my mind how to get back.

The place is closed or near closing. There's a service maid walking around cleaning coffee tables.

I found a bottle or something, and maybe inside, there's a brochure, apparently, it sorta advertisement brocure for this place, that's when i realized it's a entertainment place, and from the broschure, i realized where it is, how it relates to the street i was on, my home town street. It turns out, this place, is behind a dead end street and dropped down. Something like, on that dead end street, there's a shop selling tickets or as the entrance to this entertainment palace (think of San Francisco Pier 49 or so), and however, i wondered to the palace from behind by accident. (the geology is like this: at end of that dead end street, the ground level dropped down sharply like 4 stories high or such, and also, the end of that dead end street is actually un developed natural ground, like mountains and rivers)

the place is beautiful. greenish palace, with paris metropolitan 1940 or 1800 something style, and the whole floor is water, deep, u can swim in it.

i was rejoiced, and plus now i know how to get back home.

so i started to put my backpack tighten it up and somewhat raise it up on my back so it doesn't get wet (silly, because am gonna swim, the whole thing gonna be wet no matter what), and i was thinking, it's alright cuz i don't have laptop inside which i usually carry, and don't have cellphone with me. (that's why i'd be lost)

walked into the water, very cool and nice, and walk few steps and started to swim

fantastic beautiful place, and i was looking up. the 'palace' is grand, like those giant catholic church with 3 stories ceilings... actually it's not fully covered...because half of it is natural, view opening into the trees or jungle, but on the left side is windows and stairs in metalic green...

after wading into water and swim less than a min, i walked back to the coffee shop. and fund the bottle. i don't remember which occured first.

there's like 2 or 3 other patreons in the 'pool'.

ok, but i found the bottle and brochure, and now i can go back. so i went back to the water, to find which way to go or which stair to go to the top where the entrance that shop was.

i think that's it. there's a bit more. but can't remember.