How to Fight Social Justice Gang

By Xah Lee. Date: .

I've studied a lot about postmodernism and the sjg stuff (sj = social justice; g = gang). Here's tip to combat it.

If you are ever being targeted, accused, or accusation hinted by the social justice lot, here's what to do:

  1. Be absolute confident. (think about the worst bad seed you know in your life. Now, consider the accuser twice as worse.)
  2. Never apologize. The moment you waver, you fall into a self defeating trap setup by postmodernist. Making people feel guilty, defensive, via moral channel, is exactly the tactic of postmodernists. It exploit human moral psyche.
  3. If the accusation is legally valid (e.g. Did you forgot to pay the rent? or did you forgot to pay your employee?), let the dispute resolve by normal process, sans any moral/psychological aspect. E.g. Talk, settle, or in court. Imagine you have a dispute with neighbor or co-workwer or boss or employee. Resolve the dispute in the normal way.
  4. If the accuser is aggressive, defend yourself accordingly. Don't start a fight, but win the fight if someone is dogging you. For example, counter accuse. Remember, the sjg have no moral conscience.
  5. If the accuser uses group tactic, e.g. A gang, again, react in the usual manner as if a street gang is approaching you or corporate cutthroat is abusing you. E.g. Call the cops, raise the issue to higher authority, counter sue, band together with conservative party or sjg's enemies, etc.
  6. Remember, stand tall, never fear, never yield to second thoughts about yourself. Defend yourself vigilantly. This is the same principle in fighting bullies. Even if you are weaker, not bowing down will result less damage to you.
  7. Do not go nutty. Do not let emotion get in. Be kind, and, possibly forgive, but never forget.
  8. Do not try to reason. The principle of postmodernism do not believe in reason or debate. They only seek to win.

If the sjg is attacking someone else, e.g. Your friend, coworker, boss, employee, or even stranger. Speak up. This is not a choice anyone is willing to make. But consider it, just as if you see someone beating someone else on the street.