Economy This and Economy That

By Xah Lee. Date:

Article from Ten most overpaid jobs in the U.S. By Chris Pummer. At

In recent years i've developed a interest in economy, and the capitalism system in USA, from practical to theoretical. e.g. How corporations work, Why and how CEO gets high pay, richness and stocks, economics macro and micro, how to open a business, et al.

Currently reading: A Concise Economic History of the World: From Paleolithic Times to the Present Buy at amazon, by Rondo Cameron, Larry Neal. Snobby academic-styled writings adept with stupendous highbrow diction and phraseology. Nevertheless, in terms of value, its probably a good book of monumental class.

Currently also tried to read: The Accidental Theorist and Other Dispatches from the Dismal Science Buy at amazon by Paul Krugman. This book reads like a slipslop. This economist guy seems too eager to expose and ridicule, and lost the readers who are not on par with his economics news followings or economics know-how or his love of English writing play. In short, his literary dilly-dally pen often falls short of exposition and explanation. If you don't know whose economic officers of US in various political era, or don't read business periodicals regularly, then you'd be flummoxed by this book. You would, like me, after a few chapters, cease and desist reading it.

Here, the “accidental theorist” refers to journalists or writers who have a lot to say about economics this or that that we read in newspapers or books, but who does not have basic understanding of economics. One such example is the founder, engineer by training, a celebrity among engineering geeks, who recently have blatant things to say about the economy of US in his Robotic Nations series of essays.

Currently critically rereading: Basic Economics By Thomas Sowell. Buy at amazon. (Fantastic book) Soon i might have a encompassing report on economics.

Recently read: A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market Buy at amazon by John Allen Paulos. This is the same guy who wrote “A Mathematician reads newspaper”. This sorry guy, who bought World com stock and lost big time, now tells his story and learnings. Unfortunately, the book doesn't have much substance. No economics insight, no stock technicalities, but just a few rants that is oftentimes too personal and expressed with confounded humor funny to himself. Not a choosy book.

Credit Card Offers

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