Brett Kavanaugh vs Christine Blasey Ford

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To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University

To Understand Christine Blasey Ford, Take a look at Palo Alto University
Published on Oct 6, 2018
The Fiamengo File Episode 89
by professor Janice Fiamengo @JaniceFiamengo
Christine Ford Fiamengo File 2018-10-06 2023-04-13
Christine Ford Fiamengo File 2018-10-06 2023-04-13

CNN calls up Yale 87 grads to dig dirt on Kavanaugh

lol. CNN trying to dig up dirt.

CNN Bronstein Phone Call Brett Kavanaugh 2018-09-25 209f5.mp4 [source] [source ]
amy dryden facebook ban 2018-09-25
amy dryden post call facebook ban 0f8c7 〔image source

Brett Kavanaugh vs Christine Blasey Ford

spent some 3 hours watching the #KavanaghHearing . I think #ChristineBlaseyFord has no case. Either lying, prep'd by the demo org, or, got the wrong guy. No evidence whatsoever. While, Kav character has strong background support.

it should be, when this case is over, either Kav goes to jail, or, Ford goes to jail. One of these must happen.

ok. Russ Cox is posting CNN. A notch down in my book. Let's see how he goes. ok. he not only repost CNN, but repost lots sj gang stuff. unfollowed.

here's a vid interviewing Kav and his wife, before today's hearing.

Kavanaugh denies assault allegations in exclusive interview
Fox News
Published on Sep 24, 2018

What does his wife do? apparently, she's not a very out spoken person. e.g. in this situation, u have to be very careful of what u say.

the point here is that you observe people. here, his wife. what's her job, personality, her mannerism. and you can compare, get a sense, how truthful or natural she is in this case. From only this vid, i think she's not outspoken and probably have been coached a bit.

note that, many wife of presidents are like that. They, typically are just house wifes, who never gave a speech in their lives, never cared or knew any bits of politics. Suddenly, they are First Lady in lime light, expected to give great speeches for humanity.

Trump's wife Melania is like that. Worse, is when 1st Lady tried to become by forcing herself into humanity issues. Michelle Obama is like that. Typically, what they do or stand for is similar to movie stars. On any issue, they are always on the side that sounds nice on the surface.

now note, in Kav's response. He carefully focus on issue only, not touching anything else. When asked ~“WHY u think all this's happening [implied false accusation]”, he repeats: “just want a fair hearing”. Completely avoiding the question, not even “no comment on that”.

here's Kav's opening statement of today's hearing. 45 mins long.

Brett Kavanaugh gets emotional, says daughter suggested praying for accuser
CBS News
Published on Sep 27, 2018

His wife, is conspicuously on the left, looking sad, the whole time.

here's Ford, in her opening statement.

Christine Blasey Ford's opening statement at Kavanaugh hearing
CBS News
Published on Sep 27, 2018

I have no good thing to say about her. My first impression is, aged 51, a professor of psychology, she semi cries the whole time and acts like a school girl. Not a strong woman. #KavanaghHearing

here's body language analysis (BLA) of Christine Ford

Body Language: Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Christine Blasey Ford
Body Language Ghost
Published on Sep 27, 2018

it's done by this popular youtuber, who, are pro right side.

i've watched maybe over 10 videos of this body language analysis (BLA) lady, mostly in 2017. I can't tell if she truly possess accurate BLA, or even BLA is sound. I find that her remarks is often plain to careful observer. #KavanaghHearing

heard from the grapevine

Christine Ford's testimony questioned after ex boyfriend says she helped a friend prep for polygraph

New Statement Says Ford May Have Lied During Kavanaugh Hearing
Published on Oct 3, 2018
Christine Ford prep polygraph 2018-10-03 2f3d7
Christine Ford prep polygraph 2018-10-03

Justice Kavanaugh declines $600k donation

Justice Kavanaugh declines $600k GoFundMe donation. (as a judge, he has to) now, we wonder if Christine Blasey Ford would decline her $1g.

so, it looks like, Christine Blasey Ford will pocket the $1M donation to her. Her house, seems to be $3M.