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Liz Phair -- Hot White Cum 🎶

Censorship Humor: BPA -- Toe Jam 🎶

30 Things to Do with a Naked Man

tip #1:

Sneak Up Behind Him

Blow his mind with this sneaky move: Stand behind him and stroke his penis. This positions your palm flat against his member's sensitive underside, the same way he grips it when he masturbates. Then do a few things he can't do himself, like whisper in his ear or kiss his back

Fascinating. Guess where it came from?

Just found out that the founder of the porn mag Penthouse, Bob Guccione, died in 2010.

i think i've seen too much porn. Now i don't see any difference from socially sanctioned pics of sexy girls such as Sports Illustrated, from Penthouse. I just see pussies.

Men Need to be Assholes, Women Need to be Pretty

Men need to be assholes, women need to be pretty. That's all, and here's why.

The goal of men and women are really the same: to have as many offspring as possible. But due to the biological differences, men and women developed very different behavioral characteristics, regardless of culture, region, or time. Men, need to be powerful, intelligent, asshole, to maximize his attraction for mate. Female, needs to be young (of which, pretiness is a indicator and qualifier.).

The gist of the biological difference that caused this sexual behavior, is pregnancy. Females, bear children, and can reproduce at max about once a year. It its extremely biologically costly (and often costs a woman's life), and they can only have children while young. This is why women are naturally the choosers for copulation, and they can get laid whenever they want. Men, had to compete to win mates.

Porn, Wikipedia, Larry Sanger Censorship

A fascinating film. Tape (film) (2001). Buy at amazon The whole film is a dialog between 2 men and a women, conducted inside a room. The central subject, is something Americans obsess about: rape.

Google's New Ad: “Google+: There's more to explore”

Google+: There's more to explore

It's all women! What do we men do?

currently watching, the phantasmagorical Twilight Breaking Dawn!

it's amazing. am now 6 min into it, and the content have me riveted. It's PORN for me, just as it's porn for young girls. It gets my blood pressure high. The topic it drills, the way it drill, the sentimentality, the revolvement around sex yet remote, the pleasure yet declination, the sickening remorse, excites me. It excites me because it excites women, as a psycho gets excited when studying his victims.

only 6 minute into it, and i cannot stop but have to write this thought flow. O, the mortification, the pathology that is coined emo.

as Spock would say: fascinating.

Hot Chicks and Their Personality

Why Are High-Heels Sexy?

Brevity of a Woman's Life

Ashton Kutcher: 3 Million US Children Are Sold as Sex Slaves per Year

Censorship from Sex Blogger Violet Blue

♥⚤: I'm More Than You Two Put Together!

while watching ♥ yesterday, 2 hot chicks fing their brains out with a guy POV style [Xah's Edu Corner: POV = Point Of View. In the INDUSTRY, it means the guy fing is also the guy shooting (pun!), holding the cam on his hand], then the guy asked the chicks how old are they. One is 20, the other is also 20. Then the guy murmured: “i'm more than u 2 put together.”. Then, i thought to myself, that applies to me too.

LOL. filed under #funny. While this was funny, i felt indignant!

if u want to see it, it's 〔www.you♥.com/watch/364701/〕

replace all ♥ by you know what.

the remarked happened at 4:48.

Updated: Violence Against Women: the Origin of Rule of Thumb

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