Facial Expression Tech, from Entertainment Industry

By Xah Lee. Date: .
tyra banks yells at a girl on America's Next Top Model. [source [2018-09-25 https://twitter.com/tribranchvo/status/1043135965274013697 ]]

what's this? oh, it's “tyra banks yells at a girl on America's Next Top Model.”. some sorta drama show on TV. But note, the fantastic facial expressions. Understand, understanding facial expression to the degree to animate it from scratch, came from 3d animations of movie houses.

i learned from my general studies, that a significant portion of computing tech, algorithms, came from creating video games for entertainment. (e.g. in particular, computational geometry, path finding, lots AI, massive networking tech.)

creating realistic facial expressions, e.g. say by a 3d cartoon dog face, is not trivial. And, we humans will detect any micro detail wrong immediately. but, the movie industry e.g. Pixar Disney etc, did most of that. As opposed to some scientific research org.

note that pn has driven lots tech advancement. from video tape of yore to all sorta virtual reality tech from screen to goggle to real time video streaming to phone controlled vibs. Much of video tech is driven by pn in past 10 years.

note that Second Life's economy, is driven by mostly porn. see

it's a interesting phenomena, that tech advances are driven by entertainment industry, not some scientific research org, as we might think. i think the reason is that, in capitalistic countries, things are driven by money. Therefore. And in developed countries, entertainment is the #1 business.

much of today's tech, even not specifically entertainment, are leisure. e.g. the entire iphone business and its features. the entire Facebook twitter.

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