Xah's lojban Tutorial

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Xah Talk Show 2021-04-08 Constructed Languages, English Spelling Reform, Shorthand Systems
lojban map

Lojban is a artificial language based on logic. It is a constructed language designed to remove syntax-level ambiguity that are in natural languages.

Lojban attempts to enhance logical thinking and efficient communication by providing a protocol of human communication (i.e. language), using modern knowledge as the basis in its design. The real practical value of lojban, is as a study of the semantics of human communication.

Lojban A Word A Day + 中文 with voice recordings

Brief Introduction to Lojban (in the works)

Lojban Grammar

Lojban Grammar

Lojban Word List

Below is the core word list grouped them into categories. (the grouping is informal as a by-product of learning, and is not absolute or correct or complete in anyway.)

Complete core word list: gismu_lean.txt; and Complete cmavo list, very good for reference: cmavo2.html


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