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The lure of vocabulary, the depth of literature, the question of style, the logic of linguistics, the ills of English, and the cure by writing.

English Vocabulary

English Vocabulary for SAT, GRE

That's 5 thousand words with usage examples.


Etymology, a Pit of History

Literature Classics

Literature Classics

A Collection of World Literature Classics, with annotations.

Arabian Nights, Alice in Wonderland, Jonathan Swift, Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, George Orwell, H G Wells, Marquis de Sade… (20+ fictions and non-fictions).

Musing on English, Style, Notation, Writing Systems, …

Language and English. Yours truely shows off unorthodox skillz by essaying.

American Heritage Dictionary vs New Oxford American Dictionary. My obsession with dictionaries.

English Accents

English Accents. YouTube videos related to accents or speech. 20 pages.


Xah's lojban Tutorial

Lojban is a constructed language with focus on logic.