Anne Applebaum (Brainwasher)

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Anne Applebaum is one of the big mouth for usa warmongers. responsible for causing millions dead.

“Nearly every war has been the result of media lies.” -- Julian Assange

nyt war brainwash 2023 Gxzmm
nyt war brainwash 2023 Gxzmm
Anne Applebaum.Jeffrey Goldberg.2023-06-25
Anne Applebaum Jeffrey Goldberg 2023-06-25


two links.

find out who are the top brainwashers in usa, that gets millions killed over past 20 years. (and they made a lot money) my notes:

Anne Applebaum 2023-06-26 jjdfZ
Anne Applebaum 2023-06-26 jjdfZ

list of brainwashers from that article:

McFaul McFails

Ever since he was unceremoniously ejected from Moscow for apparently attempting to organize a color revolution in 2012, Ambassador Michael McFaul has waged a personal jihad against the country's government. His hatred of the Russian leadership grew so impassioned that he once declared that Putin was morally inferior to Adolf Hitler, embracing a fringe view associated with Holocaust deniers that asserts the Nazi dictator “didn't kill German-speaking people.”

Anne Applebaum

This May, anti-Russian pseudo-scholar and former Iraq war cheerleader Anne Applebaum predicted a decisive Ukrainian counter-offensive that would storm through Russian defenses and not only “liberate” Crimea, but encourage regime change from Moscow to Venezuela.

Kurt Volker

Kurt Volker is a former US special representative for Ukraine negotiations who also operated as a de facto Raytheon lobbyist while serving as the executive director of the John McCain Institute. Volker also functioned as a liaison for US and Ukrainian business interests while presiding over the founding of American University Kyiv.

Christo Grozev

Christo Grozev is the Russia director of the US and UK government-funded website Bellingcat. This April, Grozev celebrated a terrorist attack that saw a Russian war blogger assassinated and a cafe full of civilians blown up in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ian Bremmer

As president of the Eurasia Group risk analysis firm, political scientist Ian Bremmer has leveraged his supposed expertise into a lucrative business.

Stephen King

Horror author-turned-liberal Russiagate conspiracist Stephen King, who once praised Ukrainian Nazi collaborator and Holocaust perpetrator Stepan Bandera in a phone call with a prankster he believed to be Volodymyr Zelensky, was clearly titillated by the events of June 23. When Prigozhin's forces briefly took over the city of Rostov-on-Don, King once again proved unable to contain his overactive imagination. “Putin sowed the wind. Now he must reap the whirlwind. Slava Ukraini!” he exclaimed.

Idrees Ahmad

Idress Ahmad once existed on the margins of the UK's antiwar movement, publishing a book attacking the Iraq war-era neocon cabal, suggesting Senators Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold voted for Iran sanctions because they are Jewish, and openly questioning the West's narrative of a genocide in Darfur.