John Carmack

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John Carmack: Doom, Quake, VR, AGI, Programming, Video Games, and Rockets | Lex Fridman Podcast #309
Aug 4, 2022

John carmack. Never liked him. Never impressed by his shit. Annoying, gerbil voice, mumbling n screeching. John carmack is such, u listen to him for 10 min, a drone voice, but u can't remember what he's talking about.

now having watched this vid, i think i decided that for sure.

It has to do with his thinking structure, and personality. Faaking amazing this guy. Monotonic gerbil screeching.

And i just tried again, to listen intensively, for 10 min of his talking, to see why am not getting any points. And he's got this very annoying intonation. Rising intonation at every end of sentence. And he string on his sentences. No stoppage.

Ok. Done my analysis. Basically, summarized above.

But worse of all, is his personality, mindset. He is not a thinker. Ah ok. He is a doer. And a pure doer.

Brainless basically. Just obsessive, procedural doer. Ah also, extremely down to earth. And goal oriented. But super talented in that way. Ok. I think, he's the extreme case, of a programer type. As opposed to, philosopher, mathematician, logician, inventor. Or architech. He is, the extreme case, of machine instruction diddler. A bit pusher.

as a programer, i started to hear John carmack since y2k, but never got interested about him and never really listened to any of his talk or work.

never ever played doom. no like quake. my best game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

i think the above is my judgement of John Carmack.

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