Second Life Combat: Chthonic Syndicate

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thorium 001
“Triton Supply Bridge -- transport and supply structure for a plasma mine located on the moon of Antrillo, orbiting the planet of Thorium.”. Home of Chthonic Syndicate. A military role playing region. Built by RoudyRaccoon Hand.

For videos of this bridge, see: Second Life Hamster Ball Roller Coaster.

furry soldiers 024
RoudyRaccoon, raccoon soldier, a general of Chthonic Syndicate. (girl in background, wearing a tutu Leader Mayra Roffo)
furry soldiers xah lee 006
Xah Lee, member of Chthonic Syndicate. background is a soldier from Second Life Combat: Military 2042
Second Life military group Chthonic Syndicate's memebers in casuals, at the new sim Hydros. 2010 Aug. Mayra is the admiral. Arvid is the vice admiral. Want hot chicks? join CS.
Second Life Military air combat, CS vs Ordo. 2010-07-22. This bridge is Triton Bridge, it's Chthonic Syndicate's home base. For another video of this bridge, see: Second Life Hamster Ball Roller Coaster []
Chthonic Syndicate poster 201004
A poster artwork made by Mayra Roffo, leader of the Chthonic Syndicate military.

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