High-tech Architectures in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date: .
city skyline 52
A city filled with modern high-rise architectures. This sim is Miramare.
cliff apartments
The Cliff Apartments. These buildings are based on the geometry of Rhombic Dodecahedron, set along a precipitous cliff. Below them you can see the suspension bridge, modeled after San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. Builder is Seifert Surface.
Geo dome
Geo-dome and various towers. Built by Seifert Surface.
TIM Stadium
This dome is part of a build in a 4-sims island, that seems to be a SL presence of Telecom Italia. Built by Cadroe Murphy. (screenshot 2007-07)
NMC Campus
A museum with modern architecture. The architect is Endira Udal. She has a blog at http://blogs.electricsheepcompany.com/primdig/

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