Shopping in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date: .
shopping mall
This is a corner of a shopping mall. In Second Life, there are literally tens of thousands of shopping malls. A majority of them sell women's apparel and are visited by women. Shopping constitutes the primary activity in Second Life. (The second activity is probably sex.) Shopping is also a primary economic activity of Second Life, both in the virtual sense as well as how Linden Lab makes money, and how some people is making a (real life) living by selling virtual things in Second Life.

In terms of real monetary flow, the first activity is probably real estate. Prostitution/Escort probably comes as 3rd.

hair shop
A hair shop.
bare rose shop
A famous sl shop BAREROSE, selling diverse things. Barerose is run and created by June Dion.
SLNEWS (Second Life News) BAREROSE Interview with June Dion.

Barerose blog:

GingerDead items, from a shop called Nocturnal Threads, run by Kaia Ennui, 2008-09.
tattoo shop
Body arts thrive in Second Life.
novelty rings
Novelty rings.
Little Heaven shoes
Shoes and dresses, by “Little Heaven”, created by Chiko Duell.
flag shoes
Stars and Stripes heels. Created by Elven Dreamscap.

Shopping in Second Life

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