Pretty Girls in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date: .

In Second Life, perhaps more than 60% of players are female. They are all beautiful, and, sexily dressed. They do shoppings all day and night. Shopping, and dancing. Shopping, and dancing. Shoooppings and daaaancings. Day, and Night.

carnival girl
My friend Janessa dressed up as a Brazilian carnival girl.
Tata Witte and Xah Toll
A girl doing 3D construction, and another watches on.
A very beautiful girl in a plain T-shirt. A rare sight. Normally, beautiful girls in Second Life are dressed like princesses, queens, exotic dancers, designer clothings, or otherwise elaborate and fancy.

Hair and skin created by Jennifer Teatime.

pretty girl
A cutie pie.
preggy 60
A pregnant girl i ran into while i was passing a fashion body-shop.
redhead cutie 73 redhead cutie 66
A redhead cutie, with nose-ring jewelry. Hair by Sinnocent Mirabeau
ballet boots red heels
BDSM ballet boots, and red heels with sculpted toes.

If my job is to photo every attractive girls in Second Life i see, i'd die of no break.

Girls in Second Life