Second Life Combat Videos

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Some great and not so great videos of Second Life combat and military.

Second Life Military air combat, CS vs Ordo. 2010-07-22. This bridge is Triton Bridge, it's Chthonic Syndicate's home base. For another video of this bridge, see: Second Life Hamster Ball Roller Coaster []

See also: Second Life Combat: Chthonic Syndicate.

“The Ordo Imperialis: Litany”. Ordo is one of the biggest military in Second Life. This vid is rather professionally done, with much editing, and is not untouched recording of the game. The bluish glow building in the video is the base of another military, the Chthonic Syndicate.
“Merczateers MAC-10 '08”. Merczateers is one of the biggest military in Second Life. This one is funny. The red flag in the vid is another military, Chaos Decretum.
“Mercz vs Chtonic Syndicate”. This one shows a actual military battle in Second Life.

Some websites of SL militaries:

If you are interested in joining military, visit a military role playing region. See a list here: Second Life Militaries List.

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