Airplanes in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date:

World War 2 Planes

The Nazi's Stuka dive-bomber. Made by Karl Reisman. Behind the plane, the green car is the Jaguar SS100.
spitfire 53
The British Spitfire and the Japanese Zero Fighter, both used in WW 2. These are build by Karl Reisman.
p38 lightening 95
The US's P-38 Lightening warplane.
p38 lightening 67


red fox 126
The British Red Arrows (BAE Hawk). This Second Life plane is not precisely built to be what it claim to be. The air-intake shape is quite off.

The white plane on the right is the Armstrong Whitworth Argosy Both are built by Fox Tweak.

pan am
Boeing 717. Ran by PAN AM -- The uncollapsible empire that collapsed by the force of the market.

The smaller jet to its right is Learjet 45. The 4-person-ish-seater jet is Maverick LEADER 317. The big green propeller one is C-47 Skytrain. The smaller green twin boom is P-38 Lightening. The thin long-wing white one is a glider.

These are built by Konigmann Lippmann. This photo is taken at junk yard:

space museum
The International Spaceflight Museum, at

This museum contains models of rockets and space crafts used by human animals today and in the past, along with tags that give info about each. This place is founded by Kat Lemieux et al.