Sword Fighting in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date: .
Various blades. These are built by Madlax Stygian.
Some Chinese swords (劍 Jian) at the top, and Ninja-styled swords (bottom). These are built by Naeko Michinaga.
light sabers
Fancily designed Light-sabers of Star Wars fame. Note the superfluously ornamental beautifully crafted guards, at the expense of realism. These are built by Madlax Stygian.
samurai sword fight
Sword fighting.
duel chasing 58
Sword fighting. Although the guy seems to be chasing the girl, but the guy was no match.

Here's a brief explanation of various words for different types swords. Different swords may have different names due to their different class, style, or function, but mostly, different words came about more due to cultural aspects, i.e. the sword's origin, region, and history.