Tinies in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date:

There's a class of avatars in Second Life called tinies (pulral of tiny). They are anthropomorphic animal avatars that are tiny, typically no taller than a man's knee. There's a whole world dedicated to tinies, including all sort of shapes based on different animals or even anime mechas, and many whole sims, dedicated to tines, and attires, animation overides, postures, all specifically designed for tinies.

hedgehog n squirrel Lego Stormtrooper
A hedgehog and a squirrel (by Wynx Whiplash), and a Lego Star Wars figure.
monster tinies
Some toonish tinies.
Skeleton Boy
“Skeleton Boy” by Karshr Demonia.
sl comp dragon
CAD styled dragon and a dragon tiny.
sl party6
A dragon lady, a kitty furry, and a dragon tiny.