Bellagio hotel artificial lake Bellagio hotel Bellagio hotel at night

You are seeing the serenity of a park-sized fountain on earth in a geographic area that is destitute of water. This fountain is a selling point of Bellagio hotel and casino of Las Vegas. Every 30 minutes or so, water shoot out from reportedly 1200 nozzles, parts of which reach up to supposedly 73 meters high, in a choreographed synchronization with music coming from loud speakers for about 5 to 10 minutes. It's called a fountain-show.

The Bellagio hotel-casino is located right across Paris Las Vegas. The following are a couple official aerial photos for a better glance of Bellagio's artificial lake.

Bellagio hotel bird-view Bellagio hotel lake bird-view

The fountain has a semi-arc shape, with the base being some 280 meters long or a 6 minutes stroll. Impressive for a certainty. What does it really do? Well, these nozzles have precision variable strength squirts, so the tip of squirts can form patterns like a domino effect or undulating sinusoid. The nozzles can also change pitch and rotate like a rotunda gun, so we see arrays of water pillars swaying by. The big nozzles in the large circles are those high shooters, which at the middle and end of every show shoot water almost as high as the Bellagio edifice behind it. The Bellagio building have about 16 stories by eyeball counting, and if we give each floor 4 meters, it's 64 meters. So i eyestimate the water go as high as that, which is quite different from the reported 73 meters from other web sites. (possibly a matter of aging). Besides all these shootings, colored lights are shine upon them with variegation. The whole shebang lasts about a song's worth, which i think is 5 minutes. So, during this length of time, the water shoots up and down, changes direction smoothly, colored and domino effects, and shoots bluntly sky high, all in somewhat sync with the music that came from several loud speakers aligned around the fountain.

The design is rather not ingenious. The artistry basically consists of brute force the American way. The novelty wears out after about 3 watches. This is supposedly a $40 million dollar fountain. (and one figures that maintenance and operation costs are not trifling neither) I think a fascinating fountain show can be had for a fraction of the price if it had better artistry, employing natural illusion, and designs based on geometric curiosities.

Bellagio hotel Water Show Bellagio hotel Water Show Bellagio hotel Water Show
Water snaking and fighting for their survival, symbolically and metaphorically and anthropomorphically as a manner of speaking.
Bellagio hotel Water Show Bellagio hotel Water Show Bellagio hotel Water Show
Playing hard-to-get and cascade, then with a final outburst, ejaculating to the sky.
Bellagio hotel ceiling Bellagio hotel ceiling
Look at this fantastically beautiful lighting set with the sunflower spiral with a matching floor deco. The ceiling spirals is base on the Equiangular Spiral, frequently found in nature.

The hotel's name “bellagio” came from the Bellagio resort town of the Lake of Como in Italy.

Like Paris Las Vegas hotel resort, Bellagio is owned by a corporation that operates several casinos. tells us:

MGM MIRAGE owns casino resorts, including Bellagio, a European-style luxury resort located at the center of the Las Vegas Strip; MGM Grand Las Vegas, a multi-themed destination resort that includes Mansion, a collection of 30 suites and a private dining room catering to its premium gaming customers; The Mirage, a luxurious, tropically themed destination resort; the Treasure Island, a Caribbean-themed hotel-casino resort located next to The Mirage, and New York-New York, a themed destination resort on the Las Vegas Strip, with an architecture that replicates many of New York City's landmark buildings and icons, including the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge and a Coney Island-style roller coaster. The Company also offers an online gaming site, called

Looks like most of the giga shots on The Strip are owned and operated by a few literally heartless and meatless entities that are immune to pain when bloody bankruptcies come when things went south. I find the Corporation idea fascinating. A virtual entity, that can venture forth for entrepreneurship without needing to worry about his physical well-being or loved ones. These virtual corps, can sue each other's ass and compete to the death, all for the good of humanity but without hurting any human animals. It's almost like a system that runs by itself making wealth out of void. Fascinating. MGM Mirage's stock symbol is MGG.