Monte Carlo

mc mc2

Next to New York New York and across MGM Grand is [ Monte Carlo hotel casino ] [ ] (named after the tourist city Monte Carlo of Monaco (near France), famous for its gambling casinos.). Monte Carlo is not superlatively spectacular on the outside except its leading main gate (above right photo) on The Strip and two identical Renaissance cascading fountain gates (above left photo) flanking it. However, the eroticism of these fountains are impinging with taste.

mc3 ladies mc ladies wet
Wet fountain lasses. Above them are naked children i think.
mc sc1 2 mc sc4
There are 4 sculptures behind the cascading fountain. The outer two shows a girl in different poses. On the left, she frolics with the drape that uncovers one of her breast, and kicking her bare foot in a caper. On the right, the proper word to describe her body is voluptuousness.
mc sc2 1 mc sc2 2 mc sc3
The inner two sculptures show a man and a girl rollicking. The first and second photos above show two views of the same sculpture, of a boy carrying a girl. Note the delineation of her breasts and dangling legs, and the man's powerful thigh and upper torso. She is teetering with joy, and he a stride of determined gentleness. It's all in the body language. On the right, the man gives the girl a air-ride. What grace and ease. Note the shadow casted by them.

The eroticism of these entrances are not deniable.

mc street

From across the street, we get a overview of Monte Carlo edifice. Featured in this photo is a array of ugly local paper distribution boxes, filled with sex service sleazy advertisements. Such boxes are ubiquitous in Vegas. They appear on every couple or triple blocks, and the ads are all rather tasteless. (the guy in the photo is a tourist fidgeting with his camera.)