Circus Circus

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[ Circus Circus ] [ ] — the heaven of children. This clown effigy, with its gesture, recapitulates the style of Circus Circus to a T.

Circus Circus started in 1948, right after the very first Flamingo. With respect to Vegas's themed resorts, Circus Circus is probably the first one. And in 1990 and 1993, Circus Circus Enterprises (now [ Mandalay Resort Group ] [ ] octopus) built the themed King Authur Excalibur and Egyptic Luxor, respectively.

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A figurative lass walking on a ball that rolls on a plate held up by two [ Strongmen ] [ ] — the epitome of American circus. And this beautiful 3-stories high neon-animation of Circus Circus is marvelously beckoning. Note that lollipop, it spins in multiple ways.

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The tent you see of Circus Circus, is a permanent one made of concrete.
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The lighting-fixture at the entrance of Circus-Circus.

Circus-Circus Las Vegas is low-key in comparison to other mega-resorts built in the 1990s. But as a Las Vegas oldie, its circus theme is impeccable. This lighting fixture, designed with cluster of light-emitting balls, is very well done. Geometric beauty comes to life.