Under the searing sun in the desert of Nevada, you can make out a pyramid, and that is the 30-stories (106 meters) Luxor Hotel, modeled after the Great Pyramid of Giza (138 m).
luxor n
After dark, the tip of the pyramid shoots out a beam of light into the sky. This pillar of light can be seen from anywhere in Las Vegas.
luxor tram
A tram transports tourists to and fro from Luxor's flanking neighbors Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. (which is about 5 min walking distance.).
The Great Sphinx of Giza and a array of minor sphinxes, perched docilely awaiting for your devotion.

Note that the Egyptian Sphinx is not the Greek Sphinx. Greek Sphinx is a creature with lion body and woman head. A demon of death and destruction and bad luck, who strangles passerby who could not answer her riddle. The name “sphinx” is derived from the Greek “sphingo”, which means “to strangle”. As you'll see with my depicted photogenic writings, Las Vegas is full of sphinxes and gargoyles of all shapes and sizes, lying in front at the gates of various mega casinos. (a sexualized sculpture of Greek sphinx (photo) can be seen at Caesars Palace.)

luxor spinx luxor goat
luxor obelisk
The Luxor obelisk.
luxor obelisk2
luxor wall

One wonders the genuineness or significance of the hieroglyph inscriptions. If it disparages tourists, you wouldn't know. (they are probably just replicas of existing relics, so one wouldn't need to worry about tourism disparagement as a modern add-on.).

luxor wall2 luxor pillar
luxor dog
The main entrance has a canine deity.
luxor light
Lighting contrivances, my fascination.
luxor lobby
Luxor lobby
luxor ceiling
Roof of the interior atrium
luxor king luxor woman
Explanationless sculptures of kings and nondescript, makes one want to study egyptology.

The term “Luxor” is actually the city Luxor ,located on the eastern bank of the Nile River.

luxor mf1

Midnight Fantasy, a mainstay of Luxor, one of the bigger carnal show that goes by various beautiful names. The ad says “topless dance revue”. What is a revue? Dictionarily, a revue is: “A musical show consisting of skits, songs, and dances, often satirizing current events, trends, and personalities. Also called review.”. More to the point, it's a show of naked female human animals. Similar things are called cabaret, burlesque. Without the naked female animal part, none of these words stand.

luxor mf2 luxor mf3

Other mega-advertised, internationally known, glitzy carnal shows include: La Femme at MGM Grand and Jubilee at Ballys. Of course, there are also countless smaller-time strip joints and you-name-it sprawling in the city.

luxor ra
RA thing, is a night-club

The above photo, the RA thing, is a night-club. The two chic chicks, hand-in-hand, is just so alluring. Of course, there's lots other night clubs too. There's Coyote Ugly at New York New York , and Studio 54 at MGM Grand , and others. In Las Vegas, there's no shortage of nightly things, possibly surplus.

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