Las Vegas Travelog: the Mirage, Treasure Island

the Mirage


[ The Mirage ] [ ] mega-resort. It sits next to Caesars Palace and across Venetian.

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Bellagio features a million-dollar water-shooting fountain called the Water Show, the Mirage features a million-dollar fire-spitting fountain called the Volcano Show. Essentially, it is a large fountain with a larger-than-life molehill, where water continuously overflows from the top like a waterfall. Periodically after dusk, water and fire alternatively and simultaneously burst from the top of this molehill as if a volcano is erupting, with spotlights of color red shining upon the waterfall and hidden loud-speakers thunder in sync with the burst. It is pretty crass.

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2011-08-26: If you are interested in the sensual stage performances of Cirque du Soleil, check out The Beatles LOVE. (see Wikipedia here: [ The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil ] [ ].)

A ostensible feature of Mirage is the [ Siegfried and Roy ] [ ] magicians with their albino tigers show. On one side of the long hallway leading to the hotel lobby is a plexi glass, as if you are walking in a undersea tunnel of some marine park. On the other side of the glass is luxurious landscape adorned by tigers. (although i didn't see any at the time. This is just 3 weeks after Roy was bitten by one of his tiger in 2003 during his show. There is a little corner on the street outside of Mirage where people are piling up flowers for Roy.).

This beautiful lighting and draft-generating fixture is lined up along the entrance hall. There are about 20 of them, gratuously so.
Mirage features a man-made tropical forest inside the hotel lobby atrium. Not exactly in size, but otherwise is a tropical forest as far as tourists can tell, with exotic plants that says we're in a jungle.
golden mermaid

Near the lobby's counter we find this beautiful golden mermaid. Postured exuberantly with arched back, protruding her feminine chest and exposing her throat, exhibiting no American qualm. And also note her firm round smooth butt as if with half-way-pulled panties. This tells us, that human buttocks are sexier than fish's. Look at this maid's golden tresses. Beautiful. Also of interest is that her golden tress is swept to the side, making room for the view of her hind-quarters.

A seahorse at Mirage's garden.
It is rather un-amazing that one can find ducks swiming in Mirage's fountain that spits fire.

Treasure Island

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The northern neighbor of the Mirage is the Treasure Island. As of 2003-10, it is going thru a transition from being a children's heaven to adult heaven, by de-emphasizing pirates and emphasizing sirens, and abbreviating its name to simply β€œti”. It has a big exotic fjord facade waterfront with several pirate-looking ships, but at the time was sealed and covered with tarpaulin. Photo on the right shows a ad of ti in a local mag Las Vegas Weekly. Across from Treasure Island is the venerable classical beauty Venetian.

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This is what the exotic fjord facade waterfront looks like. (photo from the web. Author unknown.)