Las Vegas Travelog: Sahara, Stratosphere


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Sahara hotel-casino. Judging by its decor, the name must refer to Sahara the desert , which lies on the northern side of Africa, largest in the world. The tower in the background is the Stratosphere hotel-casino.
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O! Geomtry, my love.
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Ostensibly noticeable about Sahara is this rail track coming out of a circular hole in the building.

Apparently a roller-coaster. After coming out of the building hole, it immediately dips into the ground thru a subway-entrance like hole, coming up to encounter a loop, then culminates in reaching a vertical pinnacle, where its kinetic energy decreases and potential energy increases till it is motionless, then gravity takes its toll and the whole scenario falls back into a reverse. Common sense says that it couldn't ride gravity all the way back to its starting hole. Somewhere along the way, humans must have pushed it.

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Stratosphere belvedere, located at the northen end of Las Vegas boulevard, signifying the end of The Strip. Reportedly per its advertisement, this is the highest tower in America, with the qualification of being freestanding and observational.

Its website [ ] bills: “At 1,149 feet [350.2 meters], the Stratosphere Tower is the tallest freestanding observation tower in the United States and the tallest building west of the Mississippi River”.

Atop this tech belvedere is a rotating restaurant, so that, as you engage in the pleasurable activity of subsistence, you can also enjoy a view of those beneath you. This belvedere also hosts a roller coaster, the highest roller coaster in the world, bound to safely fright.

Also of interest in the photo is that it uses a bunch of fake flags to give a air of internationality. Suppose one of its fakes looks similar to the flag of country X, then country X can sue Stratosphere's ass off in America.