MGM Grand

MGM Grand. The hotel casino with the cinema giant's name, located right across NY NY and Excalibur

mgm back

It features a green building, and a huge golden lion with Art Deco style with subtle sex slavery theme.

mgm lion
mgm facade

If you take a close up look at the wall of the facade, you'll see many little light-emitting devices embedded in it, forming a grid covering the entire wall.

mgm nicte

At night, they lit up and change color slowly so the entire facade at one moment is blue and few secs later green or red or in between -- a effect that is very different from the dazzling neon-lights of Vegas we have in our heads.


Note the giant lit-up MGM logo at night. It is actually a video display. (i.e. giant TV in the shape of the letters MGM). Chances are, most of the rectangular looking billboards you see in these photos are all video displays. There are lots of them on The Strip. It's hard to discern from still photos. The left rectangle above the “THE CITY OF ENTERTAINMENT” is also a giant TV screen, so is the bright square inside the green grid, and another one on the right side of the big golden lion statue. These displays shows ads, from established attractions to visiting stars, such as La Femme (carnal show), Studio 54 (bar), various shows of Cirque du Soleil, then Celine Dion at Caesars Palace, Cher at MGM Grand, Coyote Ugly (bar) at NY NY, Rita Rudner (comedian) at NY NY … etc. Each screen rotates about 4 ad programs each lasts about half a minute. At first, one is bedazzled by them. After a few days, their non-stop repetitiveness and flash-in-your-face gets annoying.

mgm big slave
The big muscled Atlas , downcast and bearing a burden for your pleasure, as part of MGM Grand facade.
mgm lady pane1 mgm lady pane2
The second floor entrance from the stree bridge, we see the roaring logo of MGM lion, and this delicate panel of naked white women.
mgm lady kneel2 mgm lady kneel1 mgm lite slave in
A series of beautiful lighting-fixture slavery, comprises the theme of interior deco.
mgm lite lady mgm lite lady3 mgm lite lady2

Inside MGM Grand, they have lighting fixtures in the shape of sex slaves. Arms apart and bearing, chest protruded, head tilted demurely sideway back, tiptoed on a dais, their bodies calling out for you. I wish one day there will be real slave services, where paying patrons can rent them and walk them in total nudity with a leash, and expensive places (called high-roller areas) will be furnished with naked sexual slaves as human furniture free of charge.

The “Lion Habitat” you see in the above photo behind the male slave, is one of MGM Grand's main attraction. Basically, it's a fancy glass cage right inside the building alongside cafés and casinos. It allows one to pull a slot machine, sip a drink, puff a cigar, and watch lions all at the same time.

mgm s54
Nightclub Dancing -- a sexual ritual performed predominantly by the female, sometimes outrageously on top of tables. This ad of Studio 54 is one of heavily advertised attraction at MGM Grand. Studio 54 is a bar.