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[ Stardust ] [ ], another Las Vegas oldie. Its classic neon-lights animation show is very alluring; photographs cannot do it justice. Being a Las Vegas oldie, its history is filled with crime and gangsters.
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The word stardust is symptomatically a American coinage, as there are American song “Stardust” (1929) and American film “Stardust Memory” (1980). American Heritage dictionary says it mean: “A dreamlike, romantic, or uncritical sense of well-being.”. I dearly wish to have a stardust life.

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In front of Stardust is this curious fountain. Unlike normal fountains where there are still water, there are no water pooling here. All of a sudden out of nowhere, a coherent pillar of water sprang up arching and disappears into the other fountain, as if a tubular animal just jumped from the ground into another. Seeing this magic, one wonders how they get the water pillar to aim so precisely into the hole at the other fountain, as we see no splash or spatter of any kind. What if it's windy? Upon closer inspection, the sky blue ground where the water disappeared into is actually a holy plastic-fiber mesh. One can pour a bucket and it wouldn't splash. This fountain is ingenious, much more entertaining than the crass million-dollar water shows at the Mirage or Bellagio.