A Close Encounter with a Prostitute in Las Vegas

By Xah Lee. Date:

Nevada is infamous for legalized prostitution. One of a kind in respect to the entire country USA. While at Vegas, i thought of hooking up with a hooker. I want to get a blowjob, and want to carry a girl, and other less speakable things. Along The Strip at night, little cards are handed out to pedestrians. These cards have star-nippled girls and phone numbers printed on them. They seem to be advertisement for prostitutes. After some research, it seems that the ladies and phone numbers on the card only offer erotic dances sort of thing, and that prostitution is actually not legal in Clark County, where Las Vegas is in. This is a dubious fact, and probably not strictly enforced. I mean c'mon, people came from all over the world to Vegas for the sin, and fornication is a grandest sin. It is not likely that magnates or vacationers staying in lush Vegas hotels surrounded by skin shows couldn't get a commercial lay. Though, it is true that one don't see pimps or harlots soliciting tourists along The Strip, nor brothels to be seen in the city. It makes sense. Tourists offended by prostitution won't spoil their vacation by harlots strutting their stuff on the street, while sex seekers can easily find their trading partner unobstructed by rules of conduct of the community. A optimal strategy to suck the blood of tourists on this issue.

My research found these invaluable guide:

I've also found these young things on vegasadultdirectory.com. Life is good.

While doing “research” on prostitution, one phenomenon stands out. That there are lots of advertisements from all medias, so many ladies, so many lines of peddling, so many styles… i thought of the economics of competition. I imagine being a successful prostitute ain't as easy even if you are a looker. One has to find a channel. On one hand, agencies suck huge amount off your bodily work, perhaps 50%, on the other hand, a independent prostitute faces a plethora of problems, among which is advertisement, safety, competition, and so on. I guess life is hard among all professions.

At the end, i called up about 3 numbers. One of them is from a porn ad mag. On her ad, she said she is a “Western doll” who speaks Chinese. From the photo, she might be a Eurasian. I thought Eurasians are sexy and exotic and that since she had interest in Chinese that might make me feel welcome as a first timer, so i called her. She is really friendly, told me that it is $185 for 1 hour dance stuff, and she also does few “other things”. I tried to ask what things exactly, she asked me how much i'm willing to spend. Based on my research and infinite general knowledge, i think that it can go from anywhere $200 to $400 and up, depending on the negotiation. Wanting to sound confident and savvy and not cheap, i blurted out “…about $300 to $400”, and she said easily “yes”, implying that is sufficient to “do it” without being explicit. I thanked her and told her i will call her back, wanting to sample the situation a bit.

paper boxes
Squalid boxes filled with sex ads are littered all over Las Vegas's street corners.
paper boxes2
vegas sex cards2 DSCN0747 m
Sex ads printed on little cards are handed out by mostly Latinos and some blacks to tourist pedestrians on the main street after dark. If one accepts every card handed out on every block, one can collect up to 40 unique cards in a day.
vegas booklet ad2
A page from one of the sex mag.

Another i called is from the card handed out from the street. I don't recall the details, but she plainly told me she only does dance. (I don't think this is true for all card ladies. In this type of business, “negotiation” is a big thing.)

Another i called is a brunette Jane i found in vegasadultdirectory.com. I've always wanted to fuck a blonde, but somehow blondes can be intimidating to me. At the end it is Jane who knocked my hotel door. I called her at 8 pm. Told her to come at 9 pm. Because of nervousness, i went downstairs to a nearby casino Boulders and gambled a hundred or so, and had a drink of the delicious Pina Colada. In some 30 minutes of wandering i won 2 hundred or so. That emboldened me. I called Jane and told her to come at 9:30 pm instead because i might be late.

Jane's web site image of herself as of 2003-10-25: • 275×367275×366

And here's her image from her website around 2003-11, which is how she actually looked when she came to my room: • 275×367275×367

Jane knocked my door on time. Indeed, she is a college girl. She's been doing this for 8 months. She is a brunette, brown eyes. About perhaps 160 cm. Sweet. Non-imposing, and quite friendly. Basically more or less like a girl you would meet in college. She is getting a degree for accounting or education. She is studying thru online programs. She told me DeVrie. She said she'll be 21 tomorrow. We talked a bit, for perhaps 5 minutes, then went to my hotel bedroom. She got totally naked, i had my shorts on in the beginning. We talked a bit more. She has a tummy, seems like pregnancy, but i don't want to be rude and ask. She is sweet and honest. Told me she sleeps with about 5 persons a week. (might be exaggerated) Has some regular clients.

Her cell phone rang at least 3 times in the beginning, and she had picked up twice, but it always interrupted us. Once it was her bodyguard or such, calling to make sure this outing is alright as a routine process i guess.

I've also asked her if she is afraid of venereal deceases, and she said she always use a condom and has a check up every month and now twice a month. She said she doesn't do anal regardless of pay. She is not an athletic type. I asked her to sit on me and later stand on the table for my photographing, and she didn't do them. She also doesn't do pissing, even by herself.

In the beginning i gave her $300 as we agreed. Later i asked if i can take photos of her and she declined at first. After some cajoling with $50 offer, she agreed. Near the end, i thought i ran out of time and i wanted to extend some 10 or 15 minutes, and offered her another $50. Then i only have $100 bills, so i gave her that and she kinda wanted to take it all but just returned me $20. All in all, she got $430 out of barely 1 hour's time.

This encounter was a happy encounter. It was a eye-opener for me, and she got much more money than normally would with little service. From this experience, i learned that normal prostitution is really a mundane affair, nothing like one'd thought from watching movies. Basically, it's just a college girl or otherwise female who don't mind fucking for a living, and she just does. The way to do it depends, just like how one'd find jobs in other fields. Prostitution isn't a god-send or money-tree or a wondrous speciality nor is it particularly abused or victimized. Sure, few hundred dollars for one hour is quite good for a non-professional, but quite a few things offset it. On one hand, agencies suck money out of you, just like anything in real world. Being independent faces lots of problems, among which is advertising and security. And, i learned that there are serious competition, which ultimately drives income down. (she has told me that there are people on the street who would fuck for $100 bucks.) The “clients” most likely are the most abominable type of guys that one would find aversive. My wild guess is that the majority of prostitute visitors are first timers or so, and many of these guys may not treat the prostitute very well due to ignorance.

Some movies picture high-priced call girls who are well educated, smart, doing the most pleasurable activity in life and makes a lot money. I suppose such exists, but rare. Like in other areas, it takes a smart woman who can be high-up in other walks of life just as well.

(Note: Names are not actual, for privacy reasons.)


Addendum: The above essay is the impression of a first-time prostitute visitor. As such, the reported perceptions may be silly or off from a frequent prostitute visitor or those who work in the sex field. For the ladies out there, I ♥ thee. For more about prostitution, see: Prostitution, Prostitution in Nevada.

A Glimpse Of High-Class Call-Girl Thru Emperor Club Outbreak

High-class prostitute has always been intriguing to me. Indeed, Wikipedia reports now: Emperors Club VIP. Starting from $1k USD per hour to $3k. I wonder how much percentage the prostitutes themselves get. I'm guessing it varies depends on how the prostitute stroke a deal with their employer, and probably in general a bit less than half.

Their age, is of course young; for example, some are 19. Usually, 19 years-old persons are crass and dumb, how is it then, that these young things manage to maintain a conversation among the power elite, the politicians and businessmen clients?

My guess is that, there are not necessarily that much conversation, or, the Hollywood movies have deluded me in thinking such conversation are necessarily sophisticated or eloquent. A 19 years old girl, by her tender age along, is pure charm by itself to men. Uninformed speech or thoughts add to their character. Also, female are mentally mature very early on. Often, these girls instinctively knew how to lure the opposite sex, and not to talk stupid talk.

addendum: after reading the court documents [ http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/nyregion/20080310spitzer-complaint.pdf ] (local copy: 20080310spitzer-complaint.pdf), here are the interesting bits:

The prostitution ring is operated by 4 persons. One boss, who recruit and manage potential problems between prostitutes and clients, and make final decisions. One day operation handler. Seems 2 accountant or travel-arranger that talk to potential clients and the girls. The operations is advertised thru website EmperorsClubvip.com. There are about 50 girls working for them. These girls become prostitutes by applying for the job. The prostitution is done in about 7 major cities in US and Europe (e.g. NY, LA, Miami, Chicago, SF, London). The girls may also travel to client's destination. The girls are rated from 3 diamonds to 7 diamonds. The rates are between $1.1k per hour to $3k per hour or higher. In one case, it is indicated that the girl gets 50%. The rate also include a day rate, and a “buy out”, meaning that the client gets direct contact to the girl without going thru the company. One 3-day rate disclosed in the document goes $50k and $35k for 2 girls.

emperor club vip 01
Emperors Club website screenshots. [ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/03/10/emperors-club-all-about-_n_90768.html ]
emperor club vip 02 emperor club vip 03 emperor club vip 04 emperor club vip 05 emperor club vip 06 emperor club vip 07 emperor club vip 08 emperor club vip 09 emperor club vip 10 emperor club vip 11 emperor club vip 12 emperor club vip 13 emperor club vip 14 emperor club vip 15 emperor club vip 16 emperor club vip 17

The gross income for the site is said to be more than 1 giga USD from 2004-12 to 2008-01. That's about 333 mega USD annually, or 913 kilo USD per day.