Excalibur (hotel and casino), located on the lower left corner of The Strip and Tropicana ave. Its neighbors are Luxor and New York New York.

excalibur n
Excalibur, where, you can't tell what's real, what's fake.

Excalibur is the name of a sword of the mythological King Arthur. Fashioned in medieval castle, of knights and dragons. Though, much of it is toy-like. Las Vegas of 2003 has imitations from New York to Paris to Venice to Greeks to Rome, but all of it skin-deep; show-biz at its best.

excalibur hall
Excalibur hall
excalibur int
Interior of Excalibur

Of the handful of hotels of extraordinary facades in Vegas, Excalibur has the cheapest affectation. Their theme is armor and knights and castles and dragons, but the degree of genuineness or grandiosity here seems to stop at the level of a child's wonder, with fake plants and plastic-looking or cheap-copper decors. The castle outlook and theme indeed makes Excalibur a place of frequency among those who are lugging kids.

The other prominent beckoner of kids is Circus Circus.

Note that in Las Vegas, by USA law, you cannot have a kid near a gambling table; slot machines excepted.

excalibur light excalibur light2

Two chandeliers at Excalibur. In conformance to the theme, they are look-alike to candle technology of kingdom's time. Excalibur's tawdriness will be apparent when you see the lighting contrivances of other outstanding hotels in Las Vegas.

Note that the medieval Excalibur and Egyptic Luxor are opened up by Circus Circus Enterprises of the Circus Circus hotel-casino fame, in 1990 and 1993 respectively. Circus Circus itself is opened in 1948, right after The One that started it all: Flamingo.