Paris Las Vegas

paris nicte2 paris nicte3
Two photos of [ Paris Las Vegas ] [ ] taken across the street over the park-sized fountain of Bellagio hotel casino.
paris nicte paris donri
The “Paris Las Vegas” hotel-casino is the northern neighbor of Aladdin and opposite of Bellagio.

The thing that makes this “Paris Las Vegas” Paris is the miniature replica of the [ Eiffel Tower ] [ ], the esartz [ Arc de Triomphe ] [ ], the “fountain de mers” replica, and the [ Palais Garnier ] [ ] (Paris Opéra, photo) duplicate (home to “the Phantom of the Opera”). These are the tourist attracting effigies of Paris, French.

paris tower2 paris balloon paris arc

The [ hot air balloon ] [ ] signifies the first human flight such that it took place in the French's Paris in 1783. On the right is the ersatz “Arc De Triomphe” arc of triumph.

Let us take a moment to check what's with this Eiffel Tower and this “Arc de Triomphe”. Encyclopedias tell us that the Eiffel Tower is a iron tower in Paris. Designed and built by Gustave Alexandre Eiffel for the World Fair of 1889 at Paris. It is 300 m high, weights 6300 metric tons. It was the world's tallest structure at the time.

And the “Arc de Triomphe” is a “Arc of Triumph” commissioned by French emperor Napoleon I in 1806 as a memorial of his armies. It was left unfinished when Napoleon lost power in 1814. It was completed in 1836. The arc is fashioned after the Arch of Constantine in Rome. It measures 49.5 m high and 45 m wide, the largest triumphal arc in the world. The arc is decorated with relief sculpture of heroic types.

This Arc de Triomphe, is a landmark of Europe, and of course, a French national monument. Whenever national pride or military sentiment is involved, it will be the place or the thing.

As it turned out, [ Triumphal arch ] [ ] is quite a thing of the occidental world. There are a number of them including: “Arc del Triomf, Barcelona; Arch of Septimius Severus, Rome; Roman Arch, Reims; Washington Arch, NY city”. These constructions serve as a memorial for the victory of one collective of human animal over neighboring human animals over a event, usually a conflict resolved by force. They are pride boosting monuments.

paris arc r paris arc r2 paris arc l paris arc l2

There are four huge relief sculptures at the bases of the four pillars. These commemorate The Triumph of 1810 (Cortot); Resistance , and Peace (both by Etex); and The Departure of the Volunteers of 1792 (aka La Marseillaise) 1833 to 1836 (Francois Rude, 1784 to 1855), showing the figure of Liberty leading the revolutionaries on to battle.

Photoed above are two of the reliefs of the replica (it didn't occur to me to go around the arc, but perhaps i did and it's the same as the front two, i don't recall.). I don't really understand why a war depiction has naked women, and rather erotic on the whole. Perhaps naked women represent love and beauty, as with freedom goddesses.

paris arc cor paris arcin1 paris arcin2 paris arc names
Angel on the outer corner and inner ceilings. The names on the wall are dead soldiers, and under the real Arc de Triomphe the graves of French World War I soldiers lies.
paris lalxu
paris mermaid paris mermaid2 paris merman paris merman2
This is the replica of La Fontaine des Mers (Fountain of Seas) at [ Place de la Concorde ] [ ]. This miniature isn't complete. Some mermaid sculpture on the skirts of the fountain are not replicated here.

Here we have mermaids and mermen. This is not the only mermaid in Las Vegas. The Mirage also has them (photo), and probably Treasure Island and others. Peruse the mermaid in the second photo… tits and all wet, a choosy photography. Also note the face of the mermaid in the third photo. Kinda a sorry face, indicating a second class sculpture work, and the pipe sticking out the fish's mouth. Although i must say, these designs are splendid; the beautiful mermaids, powerful mermen, and the way they hold the fishes of two types. The females take a holding and embracing bearing, while the males take a grasping action.

When i look at the mermaid, i find her sexy, which means i think of sex. I wonder, when a lady looks at a power symbol, if she would get all wet. I think so, but to a lesser degree. (imagine, a powerful man can provide you food and shelter for good, and buy whatever you wanted, protect you and your offspring, swipe away hostilities, and swipe you off your feet. Wouldn't it be heaven if he pursues you?)

Notice that we say mer-man, and not mer-girl or mer-woman but mer-maid. As English turns out, there are lots of epithets for female, but few for male. When it comes to pussies, we human animals are in general so ever playful and cuddling, to wit: lass, lassie, maid, maiden, miss, wench, lady, milady, dame, damsel, femme, chit, colleen, demoiselle, hussy, broad, bint, coquette, slut, minx, vixen, bitch, beaver, cunt, twat, sweetie, sweetheart, babe, and jailbait. To name but a few.

paris wall1 paris wall2 paris wall3 paris w1 paris w2
Some sculptures on the building. See the penultimate photo, the sorry fella lying on the ground and stepped on. I do not think it's Thai massage. I wonder who they are.

As it turned out, this “Paris Las Vegas” is owned as of 2003 by Park Place Entainment Inc, who also owns Caesars, Ballys, Flamingo, Hilton. Here's the company profile from [ ]

Park Place Entertainment Corporation is a casino/hotel operator in Nevada, New Jersey and Mississippi. The Company operates 27 properties with approximately 29,000 guest rooms and more than two million square feet of casino space. Park Place's properties are operated under brands including Caesars, Paris, Bally's, Flamingo, Hilton, Grand Casinos and Conrad. In December 1998, the Company became a separate and independent company when Hilton Hotels Corporation divested its gaming operations through a tax-free distribution of Park Place common shares to Hilton's stockholders. At the same time, Park Place acquired the Mississippi gaming operations of Grand Casinos, Inc. (Grand) through a merger. In December 1999, the Company acquired all of the outstanding stock of Caesars World, Inc. and interests in several other gaming entities (Caesars) from Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

The wonders of American capital system is at work here. Depending on your desire and ability, you can immediately own parts or all of the company. Its stock symbol is PPE.