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Aladdin Hotel Casino

Aladdin, a boy character in One Thousand and One Nights, is the name of a hotel resort on The Strip. ([ Aladdin, Las Vegas ] [ ]) Located across Monte Carlo , and southern neighbor of Paris, Las Vegas. It is rather inconspicuous despite its Islamic facade. The whole establishment, inside out, fashioned itself to the Middle East decor per the tale (actually, the tale's setting is China). Here we see lots of beautiful intricate and elaborate geometry patterns of Islamic feel, but again skin deep.

The Arabian Nights (or, One Thousand and One Nights) is a collection of tales from the year of our lord 800s onwards to about 1500s. It is also a ageless tale, encompassing Middle East culture and their ways of life, including Allah The One and Only All Mighty God. It includes the well-known stories of Ali Baba, Alaeddin, and Sinbad the Sailor, subjects to countless commercialization and cultural rape by Disney. [see Hollywood and Disney's Rape of Culture](full text of Alaeddin at Alaeddin; Or, The Wonderful Lamp.)

There are several English versions of Arabian Nights. Sir Richard Burton's (1821 to 1890) English translation is one of the most scholarly and rich. Recommended. It is in this version you'll read unbowdlerized in a written communication protocol you understand about harems, servants, slaves (both sexual and non-sexual), Allah, caste, poetry… intricacies and messages and realities that make up what's termed tales that we human animals tell, apart from the story's skeleton of fantasy. (For the selection of the full text, see: Arabian Nights.)

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Casino entrance at Aladdin

Note the ubiquitous Islamic star patterns, and the unique and beautiful star lamp. On the rightmost photo, winged horses break out the wall inside the Aladdin casino. (Note: There is a winged-horse in Greek mythology named [ Pegasus ] [ ]. Winged horse also appears at least in The Third Kalandar's Tale in Arabian Nights. With respect to mythology, i'm not sure which might have borrowed from which. (the Greek's must came first, since it precedes by a thousand years or more))

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Desert Passage shopping mall

The Desert Passage is a giant indoor shopping mall. Here we also see [ Sephora ] [ ] , it with its nether slit logo. I've seen at least two Sephora on the strip, there are probably more lurking inside the many shopping malls. Sephora with its nether slit logo is quite a big time; i've seen it in [ San Francisco International Airport ] [ ] and [ Chiang Kai-shek International Airport ] [ ] at Taipei, catering to the females in heat.

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Various looks on the interior of Aladdin.
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Here, we see [ Victoria's Secret ] ['s_Secret ] define Sexy, and a newcomer gallantly named [ Fcuk ] [ ].
ovation ald curve

Aladdin offers a [ variety show ] [ ] called Ovation, which features renowned jugglers, acrobats, magicians and motley performers. Its poster features two little white chicks cooing side by side on a trapeze, whose derrieres are exquisitely delineated. (The two little birdies are supposed to be aerialists Cee and Kathy, as i did web research.) Another main attraction of Aladdin is the “Curve” lounge. I suppose that's a night club. The girl in the poster on the right photo wears a black body-clinging dress with a round opening in the middle of the chest area, a design that accentuates the display of the meat groove formed by female's breasts. Very lovely. Also note the nether slit symbol used in the logo. I wonder if it is inspired by Sephora.