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You are looking at the delicate mimicry of [ Venice ] [ ] at [ The Venetian Hotel-Casino ] [ ].

If you cannot afford to vacation at Venice, Italy, you can find a condensed virtual version at Las Vegas, USA, complete with a gondola ride and Americanized milieu.

The stodgy white facade is a double of [ Doge's Palace ] ['s_Palace ], a gothic palace built around 12th century. Doge means: “The elected chief magistrate of the former republics of Venice and Genoa.” The last doge was in 1789.

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The clock tower is a double of the “El paron de casa” Bell tower. The higher-arched bridge in the photo on the above left, is a double after the [ Rialto Bridge ] [ ] in Venice.
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Across Venetian we see the brick-colored high-rise of Treasure Island.

Although a virtual Venice may seem cheap, but the money went into this place ain't meager. Look at the Gothic sculptures on the buildings.

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Of the mega-resorts with a facade lined up left and right on Las Vegas boulevard, they are all made with meticulousness, not cheap imitations. (the possible exception is Excalibur (which might be excusable since it attracts the young or the young attracts it.))

When you take a close up of these elaborate building decors, you'll find that you can examine with care and they are still fine.

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One may think that the reliefs on the top of pillar are all identical, as to facilitate reproduction, or reduce the work necessary on replicas, but no. To my surprise, the sculptures on the pillars have 2 or 3 varieties. I'm certain Las Vegas mega corporations don't give a shit about art, but they certainly haven't been cheap, we talking about tourist's money.

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This is rather a odd and unpleasant sign, found right in front of Venetian property on the street walkway, probably aimed at street-walkers.