Periodic Dosage Archive 2007-01

Emacs's Key Notations Explained (/r, ^M, C-m, RET, <return>, M-, meta) (computing)

Wikipedia readings:

Chinese medicine highly value the plant Ginseng (人蔘), which is reputed as a panacea. Apparetnly, there is little scientific basis. I was thinking that the English name is Mandrake (plant); apparently i was mistaken. Mandrake, in the Western culture, is associated with magic spells, and the plant itself is poisonous. I learned, that ginseng is classificed as a Adaptogen.

Fun song: White and Nerdy. From the article, i learned what's a dental Grill (jewelry), and what it means when a Action Figure is said to be “cherry”, among other things.

Some learnings about Manchu, Kawashima Yoshiko↗ (川島芳子, Han Chinese, Manchukuo,…, 儒家 (Confucianism), 道家 (Taoism), 法家 (Legalism), 墨家 (Mohism), is Lu3 Xun4 魯迅… See: china.html.

Second Life animals (virtual world screenshots)

hyperboloid metal sculpture
Hyperboloid of One Sheet (math exposition)

Why Learn Lisp When There Are Perl and Python (essay; computer language)

How Lisp's Purely Parenthesized Functional Notation Limits The Language's Utility (essay; computing)

Ignorance And Intolerance In Online Computing Communities (essay)

The Hack of bitmask used as Predicate Parameters (computing: computer language design)

Mac OS X Resource Fork Tips.

Linden Scripting Language Problems (What does high-level computing language mean?).

Annotated Gulliver's Travels, part 4 chapter 1. This is where, the word Yahoo originated.

From Wikipedia news: «Thirteen detainees at Guantanamo Bay are conducting a hunger strike to protest against harsher conditions in a new prison unit and are being force fed. (AP via CNN

3-ball Juggling Trick: Horse Stance

If you are a chick and not a looker, there are good ways to compensate. And, the primary thing is to be a loving, caring, feminine chick. (which is a natural quality to most women, anyway) You may not effectively realize, but every man gets extremely turned on if you are simply a nubile female. (this isn't true if you reverse the sexes) However, even if a women is below average in appearance, she can excude incredible amount of alluring attraction by just being feminine. (think of French women, or, a aggressive alternative, Latin American women)

On the other hand, even a beauty queen, can be extremely aversive and a big turn off. (just picture such a bitch often depicted in American movies.) A beautiful bitch, may get her fill when it comes to sex, but in general does not have a happy or loved life.

I, of course, dig hot (and young) chicks, but not necessarily needs to be all that beautiful or slim, or buxomness. What in particular turns me on about women, is intelligence, and maternal love. (I will die for blue eyes and blonde hair)

O! I need a hug from a woman. (i can just imagine the soft tissues and warmth pressed against my chest)

Geometry: Requirements for a Visualization System for 2020 (computing, technical)

Some wikipedia readings:

Art of Gustave Moreau.

In the past 3 or so weeks, added perhaps 50 more screenshots of Second Life to the gallery since last update. The following pages are completely new or has new photos:

Sex related: Copulation, Strippers and Slaves, Forced Play, Animal Love, sadomasochism.

Others: Leisure Activities, Medieval play, Fairies and Warrior Girls, cutlasses and blunderbusses, Airplanes and Cybercat, Misc.

LSL with Emacs tips (computing tutorial)

Ox Horns Hairdo Babes (photo gallery)

Centering Using CSS (Computing; CSS Tutorial)

ImageMagick Tutorial by Example

Introduction to Symmetry.

Many more new screenshots to the page Second Life Screenshot Gallery. In particular: Math, Sleeves and Xah in Second Life , Art in Second Life.

Many more new screenshots to the page Second Life Screenshot Gallery. In particular: Mecha in Sector 13, Ganster, [ Samurai Island]

Added a few more screenshots to: The Art of Torture: a Photographic Tour.

Added a photo to: American's Obsession with Little Girls.

Many more new screenshots to the page Second Life Screenshot Gallery. In particular: Pony Girls (BDSM), Air Planes.

Two little essays related to English language: The Meddling Of The English Plurality On Meaning, The Meddling of English Article with Meaning.

Added some 30 more Second Life screenshots: BDSM Scenes, [ Svarga Island and a Pyramid], There Be Dragons in Second Life, Star Spangled Second Life.

More Second Life screenshots: Bathsheba. (incredible creativity. Sea-creature rides)

Added some 30 more images to the Second Life gallery with annotations: [ Sadomasochism in Second Life 4], Second Life Furries

Introduction to 3D-Construction in Second Life is coming of shape.

Rewrote my Second Life Introduction, to contain a description of what i want in mathematical modeling.

Added some 30 more images to the Second Life gallery. The bulk are in: Second Life Furries, also Architecture and cleaned up few other pages.

Created the page [ A Fairy Land In Second Life]. About 15 images.

Added some 30 images to A Tour of Second Life.A lot more to come.

Second Life Screenshot Gallery. About 20 images of selected scenes. A lot more will be added in the coming weeks.

Second Life.

Probably old news, but look:, beautifully done math sculptures!

ISO 639 is code for language names. ISO 3166-1 is country codes.

Taiwan under Dutch rule… See china.html.

Map of the World's Corruption and Bribery

Pole dance amazing wikipedia and the progress of society.

Pole dancing video! . Slightly repeatitive, but she does show some basic techniques.

Some more: pole dancing tricks video

Chinese Poles a spectacular Chinese circus act. One of the most spectacular trick is a guy who “falls” from the top of the pole and in a fashion of flip-flop flip-flop.

I started to add Coconut cream in my coffee. Delicious, and wonderfully healthy. And, i just realized, it is what makes Pina Colada, my favorite bar drink. Pineapple juice is one of my favorite juice.

Spend goddamn 5 hours on this set of pages today: Vexillology of World Cup 2006 (photo gallery).

De Wallen, Prostitution in the Netherlands. Hurrah to the Nether-Lands!

Some excerpts:

Prostitution has long been tolerated in the Netherlands under the gedoogbeleid (policy of tolerance) with the reasoning that the worlds 'oldest profession' has proven impossible to ban by any government. Indeed in where it is banned it is usually the prostitute who is the victim and, as the easiest target, the one who suffers criminal prosecution instead of the client or pimp.

The prostitutes are usually self-employed, though not always. Health and social services are readily available, but the women are not required to undergo regular health checks. A recent study found that despite health rules, about 7 percent of Dutch prostitutes have HIV/AIDS.

Dutch attitudes regarding prostitution support legalization and normalization. Public opinion polls conducted in the late 1990s show that the Dutch public overwhelmingly rejects the notion that prostitution is unacceptable, deviant behavior. In a 1997 survey, 73 percent of Dutch citizens favored legalization of brothels, 74 percent said that prostitution was an “acceptable job,” and in a 1999 poll 78 percent felt that prostitution is a job like any other job (polls cited in Weitzer 2000, p. 178)

Annotated Gulliver's Travels, part 3 chapter 11.

Juggler's Shifty Legs and Snaky Torso.

In the past few days, created more POV-Ray tutorials. (all work in progress) POV-Ray: Transparent and Metalic Spheres, POV-Ray Advanced Shapes, POV-Ray Surfaces.

Annotated Gulliver's Travels, part 3 chapter 10.