Animal Love in Second Life

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Note: The following contains computer generated images of humans and quadrupeds having sex.

furry bukkaki
Furry Bukkaki.

“Furry” means a quadruped in human animal form; anthropomorphized creatures. (see: Furries in Second Life (gallery)). Bukkaki is from Japanese, meaning what's known as “facials” in the context of sex, i.e. shooting cum onto women's face.

The fancies of human animals, and the creativities of Second Life players, can be quite wild.

cat fuck bear fuck
Animal love, or Zoophilia.

Such a activity is illegal in many parts of the world. It is not a wonder, majority of players in Second Life remains anonymous, and tells you in their profiles in no gentle terms that their Real Life is none of your business. The company that runs Second Life take pains to protect anonymity, and in fact measures are worked into the legal document Terms of Service. (Section 4.1, clause “iv”. Local Copy second_life_terms_of_service.txt )

Paradoxically, people ultimately have a need to disclose and discourse their emotions, states, happenings, issues, problems, desires, yearnings, of their real life. The role playing are often lead by real life desires. Sometimes it gets too deep in all sort of ways, both positively and negatively, that directly affects real life, from virtual-world induced involuntary drama, to addiction, to depression, to complaints filed to Linden Lab, to real life marriages.

When yours truely first played Second Life while still rather inexperienced, have been quite pissed by a incident where a player forcefully pushed me. (rather due to a misunderstanding, or even part of the role-play act.) This incident has made me indignant and unhappy in my real life for several days, but months later i thought i took it too seriously. (in fact, now i think i was way too silly. Explicit, intentional, aggression and virtual assault (griefing) happens round the clock in Second Life.)

In Second Life, it is quite common to see or hear real life emotional and relational problems and issues that arose from the interactions in the virtual world.

(I also have met more than one girl in Second Life, who had sex with animals (RL), also a girl who were a (RL) porn model, and people running serious (RL) BDSM scenes. Virtual worlds such as SL are a conductive channel to underground (RL) communities that would otherwise be hard to get into in RL.)

horse love
Horse love.

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Sex in Second Life

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